Methods to Erase Facebook Messenger Messages on iOS Device

Facebook is a very popular social media app through which you can connect with your friends by sending and receiving messages. Thus you can review these messages even after a long time. However, due to various kinds of reasons, for example, you just want to free up more space, you may want to delete some Facebook Messenger Messages on your iOS device. Also, you may want to delete these messages since you don’t need them anymore. In fact, you have many alternatives to delete messages such as delete the messages you don’t need anymore or just delete the whole Facebook Messenger application. You can choose either alternative according to your condition.

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Is it possible to unsend Facebook messages from iOS device when they are sent out already?

Through the iOS devices, you can set privacy control via Facebook Messenger to complete the task. It is quite possible to miss out on unintended communications via Facebook with proper privacy controls. You can choose either method from the below methods to arrange the default level of privacy.

Method 1: The first method is done through Privacy Configurations. In your iOS device, you can find a particular option that is called “Who can see my Posts” under the Privacy settings. You can then see some options along with selections, such as Public and Friends. Visit and choose – Only Me – because of this number together with selections. By choosing the program, you can make your messages invisible to everyone. With the setting, you can choose the post discussing community when needed.

Method 2: If the messages are actual personal emails, you cannot delete them after that the recipient has acquired them. Thus please be cautious to send personal emails. If you are directed by accident information, you may want to unsent it. The good news is that there are many apps now to direct you in the right way since they are featured in an Information Recognition function.

Method 3: Here is to tell you a particular while an effortless method to unsent messages after sending them. The method is conducted by turning on Air Mode on your iOS to cut down Internet connection to the messages. Since different iOS versions deliver swift toggles with the Control center, you can cease your message right now. Since your information is not directed, you can delete your messages prior to transform Air Mode off.

Methods to delete Facebook conversations and messages on iOS Device

For many people, the Facebook Messenger app becomes a necessary and important social media app so that they can keep the connection with families, friends, and even businesses. For various occasions, you may want to delete some messages and conversations, maybe that you just don’t need them anymore. However, you should be aware that the deletion of email doesn’t get rid of the communication from your recipient’s Facebook address. That’s to say when you delete some messages and conversations, only your own duplication on your iOS device is deleted through your Facebook address. Here I will show you how to delete one and multiple Facebook Messenger messages in two methods. Since the two methods have different meanings, please choose the one you needed with caution. For Snapchat users, you may also like to know How to Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat effortlessly.

1) Steps to delete Facebook Messenger message on iOS Device

Step 1: To start with, please turn to your iOS device and click to launch the Facebook Messenger app.

Step 2: Now you can see all recent messages through the Facebook Messenger app. You can choose either send or received messages that you want to delete. You can also find the messages you want to delete through the searching bar of the app.

Step 3: After finding the messages you don’t need, you can now delete them by pressing and holding the messages by hand. You can then see two options of Copy and Delete respectively, please select the one “Delete” to erase the message. You can then find the message disappear in your app.

2) Steps to delete Facebook Messenger messages permanently on iOS

Step 1: Firstly, please tap on your Facebook Messenger app and choose the Messages tab.

Step 2: Now please find the messages you want to erase by pressing and holding on the message. You can then see a new screen displayed with two options Copy and Delete.

Step 3: Please just choose the tab Delete to delete messages permanently. After the steps, you cannot recover these deleted messages anymore.

3) Steps to delete Facebook Messenger conversation on iOS permanently

In addition to single messages, you can also delete the entire conversation. The task is quite easy-going by just moving a certain conversation from right to left. You can then find the conversation disappear on the screen. Here are detailed steps for you:

Step 1: Firstly, please launch the Facebook Messenger app and scroll the list of conversations to find the conversation that you don’t need anymore. There is no need to open the conversation, and you just need to move from right to left side.

Step 2: You can now see two options with “Delete” and “Archive” on the right side of the conversation. There is a big difference between the two options: through “Delete”, your conversation will be removed from your device completely; by clicking on “Archive”, your conversation is only removed from the list but you can still find it in the app. Please choose “Delete” here to erase the conversation permanently.

4) Steps to delete Facebook Messenger conversation on iOS

After bringing up the two options with “Delete” and “Archive” on the left side of the conversation as you did in the third method, please click on the “Archive” one. Thus you can still search for the deleted conversation under Facebook Messenger even after you deleted it in the future.

As you can find the two options of “Delete” and “Archive” have a big difference, you’d better think over to make a choice according to your condition. If you do want to delete messages or conversations permanently, you can choose the “Delete” option to finish the task. On the other side, you’d better choose the “Archive” option if you are not sure whether you will need the messages in the future. After choosing Archive, you can still find deleted files inside your Facebook account after erasing them.