How to Erase Spotlight Search History on Your iPhone

It happens a lot that when users try to search for some wanted information with the spotlight on their iPhone, the results turn out to be the same. Some can even locate the deleted text messages in the spotlight search bar. So it becomes quite a mystery that these deleted files keep coming to your eyes. That makes users start to ask questions: How to erase spotlight search history on my iPhone permanently?

If you want to get rid of the spotlight search history for good, you have to delete & erase the unwanted spotlight displayed information out of your iPhone completely. The question is how? You are highly suggested using dr.fone – iOS Erase to help you manage the deleting problem. You only have to take four easy steps. The spotlight history on your iPhone will be gone once and for all.

Sounds quite attempting, right? Follow us in the instructions below about:

How to Delete & Erase iPhone Spotlight Search History permanently:

Step 1. Deleted the files you don’t want to keep on your iPhone

First of all, you have to delete the files you don’t want them to appear on your computer ever again. After you take the first step, you may still be able to cover the deleted files in the spotlight search history. But be patient, this is just the beginning.


Step 2. Get dr.fone downloaded and installed on your computer.

The desktop tool – dr.fone has two versions for you to choose from: Windows version or Mac version. Then use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. After you run the program, the device will be recognized by the program automatically.

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Step 3. Delete the data you don’t want to keep.

In the left side of the program, click the button “Erase Private Data“. After that, the program will start to scan your iPhone automatically.

Step 4. Erase Spotlight Search History on iPhone permanently

When the scanning result shows in the main page, you have to check the option “Deleted Data” and “Keyboard Cache“. Then hit the button Erase Now to get rid of the unwanted data. It only takes you a few seconds. At this moment, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer and scroll down in the home screen and try to enable spotlight search. Then you can check if the method works out. Type in the same keywords in the spotlight search, you will find the result different from the former result.

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Question: why do the deleted data such as text messages can still be found in spotlight search result?

Answer: when you think you have deleted the data on your iPhone, the truth is not what you think it is. The file is still hiding somewhere on your device. That is the reason you can still locate the deleted file in the spotlight. So you need to turn to a professional tool for help.
Note: the whole process of deleting spotlight search history is based on the simple principle: delete useless keyboard cache and the information showing in spotlight search result you don’t want to keep. And then you will find the searching results updated with new information.


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