Top Facebook Auto Followers to Get More Followers

Facebook followers work the same way as Twitter followers. Whenever you post statuses or photos on your Facebook profile, your followers can see them. Similarly, they’ll also see the pages that you share and whatever else you post on your Facebook timeline.

The similarities between Facebook and Twitter followers don’t stop there: there are just as many people looking for Facebook auto followers as there are on Twitter.

Now, while Facebook is doing what it can to prevent bots from effectively boosting followers, there are plenty of tools out there that work perfectly.

So, to make your life easier, here are the top Facebook follower-boosting solutions.

#1 – KidsGuard Pro (One-Stop Facebook Hacker)

Indisputably, KidsGuard is the best way to boost your Facebook followers. KidsGuard is a hacking tool that can be used for various platforms, but our focus here is Facebook. You can use this Facebook hack tool – KidsGuard to access other people’s Facebook accounts and use them to follow your own. Key features include:

  • View the target’s Facebook messages from the online dashboard.
  • A built-in keylogger will grab their Facebook password for you.
  • There are versions available for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • All data that KidsGuard collects is in real-time.
  • Quick and easy installation process.
  • Track when your target is using Facebook and for how long.
  • Ultimately monitor all of their smartphone activity.

It goes without saying that KidsGuard is useful for more than Facebook auto followers. Using KidsGuard to increase your followers will ensure that all of the accounts are genuine and genuine accounts won’t receive a ban, whereas bot accounts will.

How to Use KidsGuard

Before we go ahead and look at some other options, here’s how to use KidsGuard for hacking Facebook. This guide will take a matter of minutes, and afterward, you’ll be on the right path to increasing your Facebook followers.

#1 – Create an account on the KidsGuard website and verify your account. Consider purchasing a paid subscription for full access to KidsGuard’s features.

Sign up KidsGuard Account

#2 – Fill out the form on the next page and use accurate details to do so.

#3 – At the end of the form you must choose either Android or iOS. Each type of device has a different installation process so be sure to select the right one.

Note: for iOS, all you have to do is sign in to their iCloud account. For the remainder of this guide, we will be using Android as an example.

#4 – Receive the target device and open the “Settings” app.

#5 – Locate and tap on “Security” and then enable the “Unknown Sources” setting.

#6 – Next, open a browser app and download the KidsGuard APK. After the download is complete simply tap on the APK to start installing it.

#7 – Sign into your KidsGuard account and tap on “Grant > Allow”, and then on the window which appears tap “Active this device administrator”.

#8 – Tap on “Start Monitoring” and you can then delete the app’s shortcut.

#9 – Lastly, head over to the KidsGuard dashboard and click “Social Apps > Facebook” to start tracking your target’s activity.

Although doing this to multiple devices might take a lot of time, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Assuming that whoever’s Facebook you have is a regular user then they won’t get a ban.

#2 – Buyfok Facebook Auto Followers


Following on from KidsGuard is Buyfok, a different type of website. Buyfok gives you the opportunity to buy Facebook auto followers. You can also buy page likes, ratings, and similarly, you can get YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers.

Buyfok facebook auto followers

After a quick skim of the Buyfok website, you’ll see a lot of different products on offer. Of course, if you want to gain a lot of followers on Facebook, then you’ll end up paying a substantial amount. That being said, if you’re desperate and can spare the cash, it’s one of the options that you have.


  • Buy followers at a reasonable price of $5 per 1,000 followers.
  • All you need is your Facebook profile link to start boosting.
  • Buyfok also offers Facebook likes, views, and followers for other social media sites.
  • Money-back guarantee if your followers don’t increase as promised.


  • Purchasing Facebook followers may lead to your account being banned.
  • You must pay Buyfok, and over time you will spend a lot of money.

#3 – Auto Reactions Facebook Auto Followers


Next up is Auto Reactions, a site that specializes in automated Facebook growth. Not too long ago Facebook chose to add more “like” options. This meant that likes were instead known as “reactions”, allowing people to react to Facebook posts in different ways. Auto Reactions’ main service is adding reactions to a Facebook post, but Facebook auto followers are also available.

Auto Reactions  facebook auto followers

All you need to start boosting your followers with this website is your Facebook account and a few spare minutes. After signing in with your account, you’ll be given instructions on how to continue.


  • Auto Reactions is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Geo-target your followers so that the accounts are from reasonable locations.
  • Free to use (seriously, no costs!).
  • If users have any problems then support is available.


  • You must give them your Facebook login information.
  • A lack of reviews suggests Auto Reactions isn’t entirely reliable.

#4 – CyberLikes Facebook Auto Followers


CyberLikes has a strong reputation for being a reliable Facebook growth tool. With this website, you can increase your Facebook followers, add more friends, increase a post’s likes, and even have automatic comments on a post. Within minutes you can start to see results from using CyberLikes’ different services.

Cyberlikes  facebook auto followers

Similar to Buyfok, CyberLikes isn’t only for Facebook auto followers. In fact, there are Instagram and Twitter tools that are just as easy to use on their website too. An alternative way to boost your Facebook followers using CyberLikes is to buy them. While buying them at $10 per 1,250 followers will speed things up, not everyone can afford to pay. Thus, the free solution is just as effective.


  • Users can use CyberLikes for boosting followers, likes, comments, and reactions.
  • Free and easy to start using to boost account followers.
  • Instructions are shown to streamline the process.


  • Users have to provide their Facebook account’s login information.
  • Purchasing followers is risky and may cause Facebook to ban you.

To Conclude for Facebook Auto Followers

Most people who want to grow their Facebook accounts will look into how they can speed up the process. This is the reason for so many people looking into Facebook auto followers.

Facebook has over 1 billion users and as such, standing out from the crowd and growing organically takes a very long time. So, if you find yourself considering a third-party tool, one of the tools above can help you out.

Our recommendation is to use KidsGuard. Even though it will take a little extra time to increase your followers, it guarantees that none of your followers will get a ban.


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