How to Fix Failed to Obtain IP Address Effortlessly

On Android devices, you come across lots of issues. These issues could be troublesome in several situations. One of the common issues that users face is the device Failed to Obtain IP Address.

As this error is pretty common, there are chances that you might have faced this too. The issue can occur because of various reasons. Before you begin with how to resolve this error, you should know about these reasons.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Weak signal
  • Problems related to router
  • Software glitches on the Android phone
  • Wireless interference

After knowing about the common reasons, it is time to know about the solutions to fix this problem. Here, we are going to talk about seven effective ways to resolve the issue ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address.’

Using these effective methods, Android users can fix the problem at home without having to visit a repair shop. So, let’s know about these effective ways to solve this frustrating issue.

Method 1: Reconnect Wi-Fi After Forgetting the Network

For fixing the ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ error, you can take the help of this effective method. It does not take much time to resolve the problem using this method. Plus, it is very simple to follow.

Here, you just have to forget the current network that your device is connected with. After a while, you just need to reconnect. Although it sounds so simple, this method really works to fix this annoying issue.

Steps to Fix the ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ Error:

To resolve this problem, go through the following instructions.

Step 1: Visit Wi-Fi Settings

Initially, Android users have to forget the current Wi-Fi network, to which their devices are connected to. For this, they need to navigate to the Wi-Fi settings.

Step 2: Connect to the Wi-Fi Network

Now, they have to click on a stable Wi-Fi connection. After putting in the Wi-Fi password, connect to the network.

So, this method is very simple and takes no time to eliminate this frustrating Android issue. As settings remain the same for every Android device, one can navigate to the Wi-Fi settings by dragging down the screen.

Method 2: Modify the Name of Your Android Device to Fix ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’

This is another effective way to eliminate the issue ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address.’ It is also very simple and just takes a few minutes to resolve the error.

Here, users need to visit the settings of Wi-Fi direct firstly. After that, they have to assign a diverse name to the Android phone that they use. Most of the time, the device’s name will be several alphabet and numbers. So, you have to change the name to something unique and simple.

Rename Android Device to Fix Failed to Obtain IP Address

This method helps when your Wi-Fi does not identify the router. Thus, when you change the device’s name, it assists in recognizing the device.

Method 3: Restart Your Device and the Router

As you know, the Wi-Fi network does not work alone but with a router that spreads the Wi-Fi signals to more devices. Hence, it acts as a powerhouse of the network connection.

In case you are facing the ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ error on your Android devices, then you can try restarting the router and even your device.

Steps to Resolve the Issue ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’:

For restarting your router, take the help of the simple steps listed below.

Step 1: On the back of the router, people will come across lots of buttons present there.

Step 2: Look for the power tab on your router. Once found, users need to switch it off, and after a while, they can power it on.

Restart Wifi Router to Fix Failed to Obtain IP Address

So, this is the process for restarting the router. Once done, users can even try to restart their Android phones.

If you believe that the error ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ on Android devices is occurring due to some problem linked with the operating system of your Android device, then keep on reading.

To fix the issues related to Android OS, you need a reliable, effective repair tool such as Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the ideal solution to repair OS-related problems. It fixes all the Android issues very effectively and efficiently. One can take various advantages by using this application. So, let’s know about some advantages of using this incredible tool.

Some Advantages of Using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android:

  • One can repair Android devices without visiting a repair store.
  • Users enjoy a 100% success rate while fixing the Android OS-related problems.
  • The application is very easy to use due to its user-friendly interface.
  • You enjoy full control over your Android device. Moreover, your mobile data won’t be compromised.
  • The best part is that one can employ this application more than one time.

Steps to Eliminate the ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ Error:

Using the following three simple steps, you can easily fix this problem via Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer and launch ReiBoot for Android.

2. Click on One-Click to Clear System Cache.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

3. Wait while it clears the cache from your phone.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

4. Click on Done when the cache is cleared.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

In this way, you can easily fix any issue related to Android OS. For repairing ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address,’ you should go with Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. This is so because it is a complete solution for each and every Android OS problem. Also, most websites recommend this issue for the same.

Method 5: Switch on & off Flight Mode to Fix ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’

Another simple way to resolve the error ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ is this one. Here, you have to switch on the mode ‘Airplane‘ on your Android device. So, switch on this mode, and after a while, switch it on to check if the problem still persists on your Android device.

For doing so, you have to navigate to the phone settings by swiping down the screen top. Next, you have to tap on the option ‘Airplane Mode‘. So, switch this option on and then, off after a few seconds.

Method 6: Modify Static IP Address on Android

However, this is not a complete fix to the ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ problem. But, users can try it out once. In order to provide a static IP address, they need to follow certain steps. So, let’s begin with our step-wise guide!

Step 1: Visit the Settings and then tap on ‘Connections‘. From there, open the tab ‘Wi-Fi‘ and next, switch on the Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Keep on pressing the name of your Wi-Fi connection. After a while, tap on the option ‘Modify Network Configuration‘.

Step 3: Check the box for showing up the advanced options and then scroll down the same.

Step 4: Under the IP settings, select the option ‘Static‘. In the address field, you can modify its ending octet. For instance, you can put in by replacing the current address. Once done, choose the ‘Save‘ tab.

By doing so, users will modify a static IP to their Android device. Plus, they can use the connection without facing any issues. However, please remember that this solution is not a permanent one to resolve Android issues.

Method 7: Switch Off Network Notification

It is the last method that you can use to resolve the issue ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address‘ on your Android device. It is another efficient and simple method for fixing this issue. For switching off the network notification, users need to visit the phone settings.

After this, they have to look for the tab ‘Connections‘. From there, select the tab ‘Wi-Fi Settings‘ and then choose the Advanced settings. Now, you can switch off the Network notification from here.

Turn off Network notification

So, these are some effective ways to fix the error ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address‘ on Android devices.

Out of all methods, the most effective way to resolve the issue is through Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. So, download this repair tool and repair the device in a few seconds.


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