Detailed Instruction on Files Transfer from PC to Android Device

For you, are the management of various files a big problem? Indeed, it bothers a lot of people among us. We know the management of documents, photos and music always take up plenty of our precious time, a waste of time we think, and for those who are not good at tech, the management of various files is hard and complex enough that they do not know what to do. I wonder you must expect some easy and convenient ways to help you finish the files transfer between PC & Android phone. I can ensure you that you are able to have a good time finishing your transfer files between PC to Android phones with the help of these four tools: the Wi-Fi Network, Bluetooth, ES File Explorer, and Phone Transfer. Here come the detailed instructions as follows:

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On Transferring Files from PC to Android Devices

Part 1. Do your transfer files through using the Wi-Fi Network

A shared network and an app are necessary for you to finish your Transfer Files from PC to Android. What’s more, we shall experience the use of Filedrop app in the section. Come on, you will find it quite easy if you give it a try following step provided:

First, you are required to fix the application on the android device first, and next the download of the companion software for your PC should be followed. In addition, you should do the installation and launch of the program on both the Android device and on the computer. Finally, you just need to click the “Scan” buttons.

Second, you will encounter a situation that the computer shows you which kind of device you want to connect. Choose the correct one, and then it will help you to enter a device code.

Third, those options icon in the device application will enable you to locate the device code. So input the code to finish the association between the PC with the Android device.

Forth, to drag and drop your target files on your PC.

Fifth, the transfer will start as soon as you choose the files transfer on the Android device.

Part 2. Accomplish Transfer Files from PC to Android with Bluetooth

In this situation, you will use Bluetooth to accomplish your transfer target. And here is some detailed guidance for you to refer to:

Fist step. Opening the Bluetooth is the first thing for you.

Second step. You are ought to click add a device when you are in the devices and printers interface. Then the computer will be in contact with your Android device. After finishing your hit, just choose your right device.

Third step. The same code will show both on the PC and the Android device, and that is for your right connection to the device. You merely need to check the shown code and go on the wizard.

Fourth step. Now the computer will match with the Android phone well, and you can carry on your files transfer between these two types of equipment.

Part 3. On transferring Files from PC to Android on the strength of ES File Explorer

When it comes to the question about how to do the transfer of files from PC to android device and the management of the files, ES File explorer is a great helper. In order to enable you to execute this task in a much faster and wireless way, the following tips are for your reference.

Step 1. You can search for ES File Explorer from the Google play store. Then finish the installation after you find it.

Step 2. First, you should establish a document folder and set it with limits of authority. Next just hit your target folder, the properties option as well. After that, you are expected to click on the sharing option and share button upon your discovering of the shown properties box.

Step 3. Input the user you are to share files. As far as I am concerned, click every user field and then add button will be a nicer choice for you. Now please hit the list and set them as Read/Write and click share then done and close. Yes, you have realized your connection with the PC.

Step 4. In the ES File Explorer, you should finish the following operations: paying attention to the left-hand corner to find out the globe icon and hitting it, navigating to network and choosing the LAN option, clicking on the new button to fill in all the essential information. You should know that your domain name is the first field, and the second one is for you to enter the IP address of the PC.

Step 5. I can tell you that via a quick click on the folder, you have access to the desktop folders on the android device. Thus you have the ability to achieve the transfer files between your computer and Android device, including to Copy and paste any file.

Part 4. Via using Phone Transfer to transfer Files from Android Phone to PC

Apart from the wireless means, using dr.fone – Android Transfer which is used to transfer photos, calendars, videos, music, applications, text messages, contacts & call logs, will be a faster way for you to fulfill transfer files from PC to Android phone, or even from phone to phone. This kind of transfer phone is off so special traits as follows:

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

First, Compared to the first three methods, this kind of way, dr.fone Transfer, can provide you more convenience. You will see that it is of much more powerful and comprehensive functions, as well as greater applicability because of the fact that more than 3,500 phones and networks are available in this way.

Second, dr.fone Transfer enables you to clear away the content of the phone forever, which is what the first three traditional methods can not achieve.

Third, the backup copy of mobile phone data can be done easily via using Phone Transfer, which means you can save a lot of time and energy. You will find it a greater helper after using it.

Last but not least, dr.fone can restore the backup data directly, which endows you with more freedom, easy operation, and high efficiency.

Personally speaking, the last method is a better choice for you owing to its convenience and efficient advantage. You deserve an immediate try, Come on!

Tips On transferring Files from Android Phone to PC

In regard to transferring Files from Android Phone to PC, there are three things you need to know.

First, you should equip yourself with a computer and dr.fone.

Second, it requires high speed to do it quickly.

Last, it is really fairly easy to operate, so do not afraid of it.

Maybe, the following steps can help you.

Step 1. You should launch the dr.fone.

Launch the phone transfer after the connection between Android mobile phone and the PC has been done.

Step 2. Initiating Transfer mode will be the next operation

Your Android phone information will be shown after you turn to the “Transfer” interface.

Step 3. Eventually you are ought to transfer files from Android to PC

Upon choosing your target content and hitting “Export“, you are allowed to transfer files from Android phone to PC.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

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