Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa – Full Comparison in 2022 For You

Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, both Fitbit blaze and Fitbit Versa, offer a lot to the table compared to other smartwatches available today.

They both have a unique feature that makes them a much better option with a simple user interface to easily get into the device without doing any research at all.

But what makes them so different? And how is Fitbit Versa compare to the older model of Fitbit blaze?

All this question requires an in-depth look into both devices to get to the conclusion of which one of these fitbits is the best for you to have?

We are living in the age of the smart world, the newest technologies and the addition of new inventions have made the world what we see now today.

In recent years a brand-new invention has taken over the smart world by storm by bringing everything people loved about the phone on a tiny device that some might refer to as a watch. In a technological sense, this is the future we have been dreaming about.

If you look at the past, we wanted to see the computer in the palm of our hands; then the world offered us a smartphone.

But now the question of the 21st century is, can all the function of a phone fit inside of a watch? The answer is yes! It can. Fitbit blaze is one of the revolution watches to hit the market in a long time. But what makes them so special?

When Fitbit blaze hit the market back in 2018, it soon garnered the eyes of reviewers and users alike. Unlike other smartwatches in the market, Fitbit has something extra on its product that made the user choose them over any other brand.

But what makes them so special? The real beauty of anything in this world lies in simplicity, Fitbit, is a good example of following the tradition. When the Fitbit blaze hit the market, people praised the watch for its looks and design of the exterior.

The watch was sleeker compared to other sports watches on the market, which were bulky. And Fitbit had a minimalistic design; nothing was added to give away a sleek look. This design wins many people over to their side.

At that time, watches were bulkier, especially sports smartwatches, the companies would add something extra to the outer design to make them appeal to a specific group of people. But Fitbit stayed true to its design and value.

While the Fitbit blaze may not have everything to call itself a smartwatch but it had enough to carry the name of the title.

After the success of the Fitbit blaze, the company decided to release another one to get more people to go for their product. One that has value, and performance and should have everything that people loved about the first product. In comes Fitbit Versa. The new Fitbit Versa was something different compared to the Fitbit blaze.

In this article, we are going to go through Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa. If you are planning to buy one this holiday season, you will know all the information regarding the product. So, you would make a better decision.


Both watches feature a square-shaped form, but the blaze features slanted edges, on the other side, Versa features more of a rounded edge. Versa just blends in with the strap; wearing a Versa on the hand would give the look of a normal wristwatch.

No longer the screen gives away the look of not belonging on the strap. In Fitbit Versa, they went for a wristwatch look more than the fitness tracker specialty.

By doing that, they made the Versa a much friendlier device for the people who like the design of the wristwatch on their arm. In this specific area, of the ongoing battle between Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa. Versa wins as being a much friendlier version to the common people. As a fitness accessory, blaze finishes first.

Display Size

When you are making a proper sequel out of the original. Then the sequel has to be bigger than the predecessor to truly earn the name ‘a sequel.’ In Fitbit blaze, the display size the watch offered was 1.2 inches. This was a lot in the year when it dropped, but now in Fitbit Versa, you will get a 1.3-inch screen.

This is a proper sequel that also applies to the resolution this watch offers. Back in the Fitbit blaze, you had 240×180 resolution as your optimal resolution. But with Fitbit Versa, you will get 300×300.

With the higher resolution, you would get to experience the color of the screen more. When it comes to interacting with the screen via touch, the touchscreen is intuitive thanks to the Fitbit Operating System 2.0.

If the battle is between Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, Versa gets a clear winner in the display arena.


When it comes to the protection of the glass, Fitbit blaze offers gorilla glass display Ver 3. Having a gorilla glass display makes the blaze a much stronger contender than Fitbit Versa, which has no sort of protection.

This means you might see scratches on the surface after a few months depending on the use of the watch. Fitbit blaze, on the other hand, features stronger protection to keep the display surface clean for years to come. This is where Fitbit Versa loses to Fitbit blaze.


Without a good connection option, a smartwatch is a rather worthless thing to own. The signal might break any minute, and all the hard work you did that day won’t get recorded at all because of a low connection to the phone.

In Fitbit blaze, you had the option of getting only Bluetooth 4.0 as your only connectivity option. Which was not that bad, even at the current time. But with Fitbit Versa, you will get not only Bluetooth as your connectivity options, but you will also get to have NFC as well.

As long as we are on the page of connectivity, what about GPS? Sadly, none of them offer GPS on their system, which is a big letdown, especially in this day and age, where every bit of technology is interconnected with another device.

GPS has become one of the expected functions in every smartphone. Here, both of the devices are lacking this feature. Maybe in the future, we might get to see a GPS system enabled in the future versions of the fitness band.

In the battle of Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, Versa gets to be the winner here by including NFC as another form of connectivity.


They have certainly added a lot of functions in the newest variation of the watch, but they have also taken out a few of the functions. In the notification section, with Fitbit blaze, you will get notifications about your text messages, incoming call, and colander reminder. The user will be notified with this information all the time if it’s connected to the phone.

But with Fitbit Versa, you will only get notifications from text messages. Notifications from calendar reminders and incoming calls have been taken out. The incoming call is one of the crucial components of a smartwatch.

Some people solely buy the watch to get a notification of the incoming call. In the battle between Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, Fitbit Versa loses to blaze by taking out a lot of functions from the watch and by being a successor to the old one, which had all these functions.

You can’t control your music through the watch with the newer version of the watch. In Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, blazes get to be the winner by having smartphone remote features.

Depth & Weight

One of the main concerns about any electronic product is the weight and the depth of the product, there is a reason why people opt out of thinner laptops and phones. Some are even willing to pay extra money just to hold on to them.

Compared to the old Fitbit Blaze, which had a weight of 44 grams and a depth of 8mm. The newer model offers a weight of 38 grams, and a depth of 11.2 mm. In this scenario of Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, Versa is the winner here.

Other Functions

Let’s get to what else does Versa provides that blaze couldn’t or what do they have in common? Let’s discuss what they share with each other. In both Fitbit blaze and Versa, you will get an interchangeable strap, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, altimeter, ambient light sensor, optical heart rate, and SmartTrack. Both of these smart devices have a lot more in common than one might think.

Let’s get into what they don’t have in common, aside from not having GPS in any one of them, the newer Fitbit model, Fitbit Versa features waterproofing if you are one of those people who want to track their heart rate monitor while swimming, taking a dive in the ocean to see how many calories you burned.

Then the newer version is just made for you. It even has a dedicated swim exercise mode to let you know all the valuable information regarding your health and laps in the pool.

In the case of waterproofing, Versa completely knocks the blaze out of the pool for featuring waterproofing. With the Blaze, you had to leave the watch at the locker, or the water would damage the display, although there is a limitation on the Versa, where it is only waterproof up to 50 meters.

The screen is a touchscreen in both variations of the product. For the people who want to keep the brightness of the device down or up depending upon the situation or location. You can do that; these watches offer easily adjust brightness options.

Battery Life

One of the major parts of any handheld device is the life of the battery inside. With Fitbit Versa, you will get slightly less battery power with less durability compared to the blaze. In Fitbit blaze, the battery life indicator would get to the color red after five days of usage without putting the plug in the socket.

But on the opposite, the battery life would go four days straight. This is undoubted a downgrade from the previous version, but once you take in all the function these watches offers to the table, you will know why the battery power went down a day. Packing in a bigger display with more pixels is a feat on its own.

With blaze, you might go a day without any charging, but with Versa, you have to after every four days. The blaze is the winner here, but from a technical standpoint, Versa out functions as the predecessor.


Proving simplicity to both the interior and exterior of the watch can make the product one of a kind. Fitbit blaze offers a much more simple, easy-to-use, UI-friendly interface than compared to the complex UI design that is offered by Versa.

Many full features of smartwatches tend to go for the cluttered look to appeal to the people, who want all the functions to fit on the small screen. In this case, Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, The blaze takes the cake.

Sports Mode

In Fitbit blaze workout mode, there is a limitation to the options it has to offer compared to the functions available in Fitbit Versa. With Versa, you will get swimming, kickboxing, tennis, Pilates, golf, hiking, yoga, boot camp, weights, interval workouts, spinning, martial art, and many more to track your activities.

All this falls under the Fitbit workout mode, as the mode has just gotten better in the Versa than it was in the blaze. So, if you are one of the people who focuses more on fitness from a smartwatch than the other functions. The newer model is just for you.

When it comes to Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, putting the older model against the newer improved may seem a little unfair to compare because the newer one will always have some more functionality compared to the older one.

But in Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa, In some sections, Versa takes the cup of being a great new addition to the blaze. And we also saw in many cases; the newer model felt a little downgraded. Pick the one that is more suitable to your standard than just getting the better model.

Fitbit Blaze vs. Versa vs. Versa 2 Chart

  • Display Type – LCD
  • Screen Protection -Gorilla Glass V3
  • Screen Size – 1.66inch
  • Connectivities – Bluetooth
  • Sensors – Light, Accelerometer, Gyro
  • Activity Tracker – Distance, Sleep Quality, Active Time, Heart Rate, Steps, Hours Slept
  • USB Compatibility – No
  • Notifications – Text Messages, Call, Calander Reminder
  • Waterproof – No
  • Battery Life – 5 days. 2hours Charging Time
  • Operating System – Fitbit Os
  • Display Type – LCD
  • Screen Protection – None
  • Screen Size – 1.32inch
  • Connectivities – Bluetooth, NFC
  • Sensors – Light, Accelerometer, Gyro
  • Activity Tracker – Distance, Sleep Quality, Active Time, Heart Rate, Steps, Hours Slept
  • USB Compatibility – No
  • Notifications – Text Messages
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Battery Life – 4 days, 2hours Charging Time
  • Operating System – Fitbit Os
  • Display Type – AMOLED
  • Screen Protection – Gorilla Glass V3
  • Screen Size – 1.44inch
  • Connectivities – Bluetooth, NFC, GPS/ GLONASS
  • Sensors – Light, Accelerometer
  • Activity Tracker – Distance, Sleep Quality, Active Time, Heart Rate, Steps, Hours Slep
  • USB Compatibility – No
  • Notifications – Text Messages, Call, Calander Reminder
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Battery Life – 5 days, 2hours Charging Time
  • Operating System – Fitbit Os


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