How to Fix Contacts Disappeared from iPhone Issue (Solved)

There are lots of reasons for contacts disappeared from iPhone, iPhone app disappeared, iPhone Notes disappeared, text messages disappeared from iPhone and iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll after update. Maybe you accidentally deleted the contact, or perhaps you lost the contact information after updating the iOS version, but fortunately, regardless of how you lost the contact information, we can help you to recover any contacts that you’ve lost.

Our focus in this article will be to look at some of the different options that are available for anyone who has had contacts disappeared from iPhone – so let’s get right into it.

Fix #1 – Toggle iCloud Contacts

The first fix that we’re going to be showing you is toggling your iCloud contacts. Some iOS users have their contact information synced with their iCloud account and as a result, if iCloud doesn’t sync properly then some contact information may not appear.

Step #1 – Start by unlocking your iPhone and opening up the “Settings” application.

Step #2 – Swipe down and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

Step #3 – Under the “Accounts” heading, tap on your iCloud account and from here, you’ll be able to see all of the apps which are synced with your iCloud account.

Step #4 – If “Contacts” is enabled, tap on it to disable it.

Note: after disabling iCloud contacts you’ll see the message “Delete from My iPhone”. This doesn’t mean that your contacts will be deleted, they will still be available on your iCloud account.

Step #5 – After a few minutes, tap on the “Contacts” option to re-enable it and within a few minutes, your contacts will all be synced with your iPhone once again.

If you, like many iOS users, have their contact information linked with their iCloud account then this will most likely fix the problem. However, if it doesn’t help fix the contacts disappeared from iPhone problem, try one of the other methods below.

Fix #2 – Force Restart iPhone

Next on our list of fixes is force restarting your iPhone. The majority of iPhone users aren’t aware that this fix is available but believe it or not, force restarting your iPhone can do a lot more than help when contacts disappeared from iPhone. In fact, if you ever experience a minor problem with your iPhone then always try doing this first.

Regardless of whether your device is on or off, hold down the Power and Home buttons until the display goes completely back, and when the Apple logo appears to release the buttons.

This will do what is called a “force restart” which completely closes down the firmware and opens up back up. When you do a normal restart, the firmware is minimized, so to say, and thus isn’t as effective as a force restart.

Fix #3 – Check “Contacts” Application Settings

The next thing for you to check is your contacts settings, specifically the group settings. You might find that the contacts are on your iPhone, but because of your settings, they aren’t being shown.

Step #1 – Unlock your iPhone and open up the “Contacts” application.

Step #2 – At the top of the app, tap on “Groups”.

Step #3 – From here, make sure that the “All on My iPhone” option is selected rather than the “All iCloud” option.

Step #4 – Navigate back to the contacts application and check whether or not your missing contacts have shown up.

Unfortunately, it’s not very often that this will help to fix contacts disappeared from iPhone, but it’s always a good idea to try everything that you can.

Fix #4 – Reset iPhone Network Settings

After checking your contact settings for contacts disappeared from iPhone, the next thing to investigate is your network settings. Below we are going to be showing you how to reset the network settings on your iPhone completely.

Step #1 – On your iPhone, launch the “Settings” application and tap on “General”.

Step #2 – From here, swipe down and tap on “Reset”, followed by tapping on “Reset Network Settings”.

Step #3 – You will then be prompted to enter your iPhone’s password, as a precaution to make sure that you aren’t doing this accidentally.

Step #4 – After entering your password you will be asked to confirm once more time, simply tap on “Reset Network Settings” and your network settings will now be reset.

The only problem is that once you’ve reset your iPhone network settings, even though this may fix your contacts disappeared from iPhone, you will have to re-enter all of the network connection information afterward. For example, you will have to reconnect to your Wi-Fi networks.

Fix #5 – Restore Contacts Information

It should be obvious that situations like this really prove how useful taking regular iOS backups can be. If you haven’t been taking regular backups (or don’t have a backup available), then you can’t use this method.

Step #1 – Connect your iPhone and launch iTunes on your computer.

Step #2 – Click on the iPhone icon at the top of iTunes followed by clicking on the “Summary”.

Step #3 – From this menu, click on the “Restore Backup” button on the right side. This will show you the backups which are available.

Step #4 – Select the most recent backup for your device and click on the “Restore” button.

Step #5 – After a few minutes, the backup will be restored, and your contact data that was once lost will now be available on your iPhone again.

Because of cases like this, make sure that you’re taking regular backups of your iPhone. If you take backups, it becomes a lot easier to recover lost data when contacts disappeared from iPhone.

Fix #6 – Using iMyFone D-Back for iPhone Contact Recovery

The final method that we’ll be showing you is with iMyfone D-Back and with this method, you are able to recover data that has been accidentally deleted or has been lost after an iOS update.

Before following the steps below, make sure that you have installed the iMyFone D-Back program on your computer.

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

Step #1 – Start off by launching iMyFone D-Back and connecting your iPhone to the computer with the appropriate USB cable.

Step #2 – Using the left panel of the program, click on the “Recover from iOS Device” option.

Step #3 – This will show you a menu that allows you to select specific data types that will be recovered. Select “Contact” and click on the “Next” button.

Note: if you want to recover all of the data that may have been lost, check the “Select All” box at the top of the display.

Step #4 – On the display which appears next, click “Scan” to begin.

Step #5 – The scan should only take a few minutes, and once it has done, you will be able to view all of the data that has disappeared from your device.

Step #6 – Using the left navigation panel, click on “Contact“. From here, you’ll be shown all of the contacts which the program found to be stored on your device. Take a minute to browse these contacts and select any that were affected by the “contacts disappeared from iPhone” issue.

Step #7 – After selecting all of the contacts which you want to have recovered, click on the “Recover” button at the bottom right of the program.

Step #8 – In just a few minutes, all of your contacts will once again be on your iPhone.

Just like with Tenorshare UltData – iPhone Data Recovery, using iMyFone D-Back will help you to fix contacts disappeared from iPhone very quickly. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

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To Conclude

There’s no denying that if you’ve experienced contacts disappeared from iPhone or iCloud Notes Not Syncing, there are a lot of different options that you have for getting that contact information back. Whether it be using Tenorshare UltData iPhone Data Recovery or you’ve chosen to use iMyFone D-Back instead – any of the methods that we’ve shown you today will get the job done and will help to get your contact information back onto your iPhone.