How To Fix iPhone Messages Disappeared And Get Speedier Recovery

Many iPhone users would have felt frustration when they find their iPhone app disappearediPhone text messages out of order or text messages disappeared from iPhone (iPhone messages disappeared). The messages that are removed may be difficult to retrieve for common people, and they may find many methods of troubleshooting not being able to give the desired result. There would be users who have felt that they had lost data after the phone was switched off. There have been minor cases when data has been lost due to the bad internet. In the majority of cases, the data or iPhone messages disappeared. In some cases, the software upgrade has led to losing text messages from the phone.

There would be situations in which contacts, WhatsApp messages; phone numbers would have disappeared from iPhone without the user knowing. The first question would be – how did it happen and how to recover data. There would be cases, in which storage of messages would have expired, and messages would have deleted.

Moreover, there would be cases, in which, important information like passwords or account numbers that have been stored as text messages, and they have disappeared. The data that is missing from the phone would not be vanishing forever, and they would be placed in a separate place inside the phone. There are high chances that users would not remove these data manually, and these would help in getting back messages. This article would concentrate on tips on retrieving lost messages, data recovery when the backup is available, and how to retrieve data when the user has not taken the backup.

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First Part: Get ready for “text messages disappeared from iPhone (iPhone messages disappeared)” troubleshooting

Follow the below steps to assess the problem – text messages disappeared from iPhone (iPhone messages disappeared).

Step 1: Get Ready for Mobile Resetting

  • In iPhone 7 plus and seven models, this should be done by pressing down and holding the button for reduction of volume or wake button. This should be done together. This pressing should be done for ten seconds or till the logo of the phone disappears.
  • If the users are using a phone with an earlier version below seven like iPhone 6 and other versions, then they should make sure that home and sleep button are pressed at the same time for ten seconds until the logo of apple is displayed.
  • Check whether the issue of messages disappearing happens even after this. Then the second step should be taken if an issue is still there.

Step 2: Message Turned Off

In the case of the issue is not resolved, make sure that messages would be turned off. This feature should be turned on after some minutes or an hour.

Second Part: This option would work when text messages are backed up to iTunes or cloud option

Extracting messages send by text from backup files of iPhone

The users, who have the habit of backing up their iPhone regularly, would be lucky to know that their messages would be on iCloud and iTunes backup. The iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery tool would be extracting messages that have texted efficiently. The backup software recovery would be there for windows and a separate backup for Mac users. This software should be used first to find out whether messages are there in the backup folder and then steps should be taken to extract it.

The user can recover photos, contacts, and notes using this message. Even Whatsapp messages would be recovered from phones as well. This can be achieved by downloading iMyFone D-Back, an iPhone recovery tool for Mac and Windows.

The users of a phone should always take measures to backup messages and other things before going for the upgrading of software as this would reduce the hassles even if text messages get deleted.

Download the application iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery and install on your computer to fix text messages disappeared from iPhone (iPhone messages disappeared) issue, as well as iPhone Notes disappeared, contacts disappeared from iPhone & iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll after update issue. Follow the below easy steps to recover backup files and missing text messages.

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Extracting messages from backup file of iTunes

Step 1: The iTunes backup recovery button should be chosen from the window that is shown as main by launching the program. The start button should be pressed and then select the type of file that one should need to recover and messages function should be chosen.

Step 2: The file that contains a backup of iTunes and that includes missing text messages should be chosen and then click on scanning.

Step 3: The process of scanning should be finished, and then one should select the messages that have been missed from the display results and should click on recover button.

How to recover messages from your iCloud backup

The messages that were backed into the iCloud file can be recovered by following these steps.

Step 1: The tab that is showing the recovery option would be clicked from the main window, and the start button should be pressed. There would be an opening of a new window that would allow the users to choose the file type that they want to recover and messages should be chosen, and the next button should be taken.

Step 2: Log into the account that has been created under iCloud. The messages that been found missing would be under the recovery or backup under the section of iCloud. The button of next would be clicked, and the backup of a file would take place.

Step 3: There would be an option for preview, and this would show the messages that have been deleted. There would be pressing of recovery option, and this would help in retrieving back messages.

Restore iPhone With an Important Backup Files

The messages that have been lost and that would be restored using a backup of iTunes. There is always a hitch that erasing of data can take place. This method may not work if you have to take the backup from iOS version 10 or below and current iOS version is 11.

Third Part: What to do if messages have not been backed up earlier.

There would be a small chance for recovery when the phone from which the messages have been lost has not been backed up. There would be a use of iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery method that would be used for windows phone, and there would be data recovery method that would be used for Mac phones.

The user should ensure that phone usage should be stopped the moment in which the missing of a message has been found. There would be a bigger chance of getting back messages that have been lost because there would be no scope of overwriting of messages.

Steps to take that forward

Step 1: The user should launch the program first, and click on the option of recovery in iOS. The new window would come, and then select the start option. After this, the option of choosing lost messages will be displayed in the message log. The user should choose this option. This should be the file that the user wants to recover and there would be a message that would say to get connected with a computer. USB cables are the best method for linking up.

Step 2: The program would detect the messages that have not been found or lost and then scan option in the anyone would be used to scan for finding the lost messages. The messages would be shown on the recovery file, and this should be restored by clicking on a button.

In Nutshell

The users should take the back up of their phone regularly. It may help to restore the data when iPhone messages disappeared (text messages disappeared from iPhone).

Normally every phone user first reaction would be to get panicked when they find that their text messages disappeared from iPhone. It is better to follow the tips mentioned in this article, and that would help the users to get back their data. The disappeared messages would not be lost permanently, and users can restore them. The two different methods are available for Windows and Mac users to retrieve their lost data.

There would be a different method to retrieve voicemail messages as this article deals with restoring text messages only. There can be trying of restarting mobile after taking the Sim card out and reinserting it. Data loss should not pose a problem to users and hope the tips used in this article would help users to get back lost data when text messages disappeared from iPhone (iPhone messages disappeared).

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