Not everyone is fond of having an iPhone that plays their ringtone every time that they receive a notification, and because of that, most people put their iPhone on silent and rely on the vibrating feature to tell them when they get a text or a phone call. With this in mind, if iPhone not vibrating then you won’t be able to find out when you’re getting a phone call and as a result, you’ll miss a lot of texts and phone calls. In this article, we are going to be digging into this problem, and we will be showing you some of the most effective fixes for iPhone not vibrating.

Fix #1 – Force Restarting Your iPhone

The first thing that you should try is force restarting your iPhone. This is a fairly simple fix that will fix most minor issues with your iPhone.

In order to force restart your iPhone:

  • iPhone 6S and Older. Hold down both the “Home” button as well as the “Lock” button for approximately 10 seconds. Once the Apple logo appears on your screen, release the buttons.
  • iPhone 7 and Newer. Hold down both the “Volume Down” button as well as the “Lock” button for approximately 10 seconds. When the Apple logo appears on your screen, release the buttons.

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Fix #2 – Making Sure that Vibrating is Enabled for Silent Mode

If you’ve been messing around with your iPhone’s settings, then there is a chance that you’ve accidentally disabled vibrating while your iPhone is in silent mode. To check if this is the case, follow the steps below.

  • Step #1 – Unlock your iPhone and launch the “Settings” application.
  • Step #2 – Swipe down and tap on the “Sounds” setting.
  • Step #3 – From here, make sure that under the “Vibrating” heading, the “Vibrate on Silent” option is enabled. If it isn’t, tap on it to enable it.

Fix #3 – Turning Off DND (Do Not Disturb)

With the Do Not Disturb feature, you can stop notifications from bothering you while you try to get to sleep or during important meetings. This feature prevents your iPhone from vibrating or from playing your ringtone.

To make sure that Do Not Disturb is not enabled, follow the steps below.

  • Step #1 – Take your iPhone and head over to the “Settings” application.
  • Step #2 – From here, swipe down and tap on “Do Not Disturb”. This will allow you to set a scheduled DND period.
  • Step #3 – If you don’t want DND mode to be enabled, simply disable it.

If you’re not sure whether the problem is that Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, simply look at the top of your iPhone’s display and look for a small crescent-shaped icon.

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Fix #4 – Updating iOS

In some cases, if something doesn’t work with your iPhone then it could be a bug with the iOS version that is installed on your device. If this is the issue, then Apple will most likely have fixed it in the most recent iOS version, so you are able to fix it by quickly updating iOS.

Follow the steps below to update your iPhone’s iOS system.

  • Step #1 – Unlock your iPhone and open the “Settings” application.
  • Step #2 – Swipe down and tap on “General”, followed by tapping on “Software Update”.
  • Step #3 – On the following display you will either see a message that tells you that your iOS is already up to date or that an update is available.
  • Step #4 – If there is an update available, tap on “Install Now” and follow the instructions which are shown.

Because of situations like this where there are problems with the iOS which you have installed, it’s important to keep your iPhone up to date with the most recent iOS update. There are also frequent security updates made to the iOS system, which is another important reason for staying up to date.

Fix #5 – Resetting All iPhone Settings

Resetting your iPhone’s setting will effectively factory reset your iPhone, but with the exception that none of your data will be removed. By doing this, any settings that you’ve changed (accidentally or on purpose) will be reverted and will hopefully fix iPhone not vibrating.

  • Step #1 – Head over to the “Settings” application and select the “General” option.
  • Step #2 – Swipe to the bottom of this menu and tap on “Reset”.
  • Step #3 – This display will show you all of the different reset options that are available. For this method, tap on “Reset All Settings”.
  • Step #4 – On the display which appears, enter your passcode.
  • Step #5 – Next, confirm that you want to reset your settings and within a few minutes, your device will be restarted, and your settings will be reverted.

When we customize our phones, we can sometimes change settings that we don’t mean to, and if that’s the case, this can revert those changes.

Fix #6 – Using iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery to Fix iPhone Not Vibrating

The next fix that we’ll be showing you is with iMyFone Fixppo (iOS System Recovery). With this program, you are able to fix a lot of different iOS issues (For example: if your device is stuck on the loading screen or if you can’t get out of recovery mode).

By following the steps below, you can use iMyFone iOS System Recovery to Fix iPhone not vibrating. Make sure that before you follow the steps below, iMyFone Fixppo is installed on your computer.

Get iMyFone Fixppo

Step #1 – Start by connecting your iPhone to the computer with the appropriate USB cable and launching iMyFone Fixppo.

Step #2 – From the main menu, you will be shown the three different options that you can choose from. Click on “Standard Mode“.

Step #3 – On the following display, you will be prompted to connect your iOS device to your computer if you haven’t already done so. Click on “Start” to begin.

Step #4 – You will then be asked to enter some information about your iPhone (such as the device model and the iOS version which is currently installed). Enter the required information and click on “Download“.

Step #5 – The appropriate firmware will then be downloaded, and once the download is complete, it will be used to repair your iOS system; hopefully fixing iPhone not vibrating.

If using standard mode doesn’t help to fix iPhone not vibrating, you can either click “Try Again” to start the process from the beginning, or go back to the main menu and try “Advanced Mode” instead. Please be aware that when using advanced mode, your data will be lost.

Fix #7 – Taking Your iPhone to the Apple Store

If none of the fixes that we’ve shown you so far has helped to fix iPhone not vibrating, your best bet is to visit an Apple store.

The only thing that you must remember when visiting an Apple store to get your device fixed is that the chances are, you’ll lose all of the data that you have stored on it. With that in mind, we highly recommend that you use iMyFone iTransor Lite (formerly name:D-Port) to back up your iPhone before you visit an Apple store.

Using iMyFone iTransor Lite iPhone Data Exporter to Back Up Your iPhone

As we mentioned above, before you go to an Apple store to fix iPhone not vibrating, you should take a backup of your data.

Step #1 – First, download iMyFone iTransor Lite and install it on your computer.

Get iMyFone iTransor Lite

Step #2 – Once the program is installed, connect your iPhone and launch the program.

Step #3 – From the left panel, click on “Export from iOS Device“. On the display which appears, click on “Start” to begin.

Step #4 – On the following menu, you will be given the option to selectively backup your device’s data. Either select only the data types that you want to be backed up, or check the “Select All” box at the bottom of the program. Click “Next” to proceed.

Step #5 – Your iPhone will then be scanned, and once the scan is complete, you will be able to see a detailed breakdown of the data which is stored on your device.

Step #6 – Using the menu on the left, browse your data and select the specific data that you want to have backed up.

Step #7 – After you’ve taken a few minutes to select the data, click on “Export” to have it backed up to your computer.

You should always take regular backups of your iPhone so that if an issue like this arises in the future, you don’t have to worry about data loss. You can simply wipe your iPhone, and if all goes well, your problem will be fixed, and you can easily restore the backup that you had taken.

To Conclude

To wrap up this article, fixing your iPhone doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Sure, it’s frustrating and can be time-consuming if the issue that you’re running into is problematic. But, when it comes to iPhone not vibrating, simply try the fixes that we’ve listed above. Whether it’s iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery that fixes the problem or a force restart – one of the fixes that we’ve shown you today will help you out.

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