How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Effortlessly

Recovery Mode can be useful for iPhone users, but it’s not something that we use every day. This mode proves to be handy when various iOS or iPhone problems occur, but if you leave your iPhone in Recovery Mode, then it could eventually be unusable. Of course, this is the worst that can happen and usually, it’ll only result in a few unusable features. Nonetheless, if your iPhone stuck in recovery mode then fixing it should be a priority.

Don’t worry though – if you aren’t sure how to exit Recovery Mode; we’ve got some solutions that will help you out.

Solution #1 – Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode with No Data Loss Using dr.fone

Preferably, you’ll want to use a solution that results in no data loss. Any personal data that you have on your iPhone should be safe when fixing an iOS issue, which is why our suggestion is to use dr.fone – System Repair (iOS).

  • Can fix any iOS problems such as iPhone screen not responding to touch, iPhone red screen of death issue, iPhone stuck on the loading screen, iPhone camera not working or stuck in recovery mode.
  • Compatible with any iOS device including iPods, iPhones, and iPads.
  • It Fixes iOS and iTunes errors too.
  • Consistent with the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and the latest iOS version.
  • All of your personal data will be safe.

This should definitely be the first thing that you try. iPhones are great for a lot of different tasks – taking photos, editing documents, messaging friends or business contacts – and preserving this data is often important.

Steps for Using dr.fone – iOS System Repair

Have you chosen to use Dr.Fone – System Repair? Fantastic; to make sure that you use this program properly, follow our guide below.

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#1 – Download Dr.Fone and install it on your computer.

Download dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

#2 – Once the installation is complete, launch the program and connect your iPhone.


#3 – Click on the “System Repair” option from the main menu and click “Start” to begin.

#4 – The following display will prompt you to enter DFU Mode. Choose the relevant tab at the top of the program to view clear steps on entering DFU Mode.

#5 – After following these steps successfully, Dr.Fone – Repair will detect DFU Mode and display some information about your iPhone.

#6 – If any of the details are incorrect, correct them before clicking on the “Download” button.

#7 – After the firmware downloads, check the “Retain native data” box and finally click on “Fix Now“.

Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode Using dr.fone Repair

With all hope, this resolves the problem and won’t have to deal with iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode anymore. Downloading firmware may take a while, but it’ll all be worth it if it fixes your iPhone, including iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo issue!

Solution #2 – Hard Reset Your iPhone to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

If Dr.Fone – Repair didn’t help, or you don’t have access to a computer, try a hard reset. Doing this will reboot the iOS system completely and is more effective than a regular iPhone restart. For those people who aren’t certain on how to do this, use the relevant guide from below.

iPhone 8 and Newer

#1 – Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.

#2 – Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.

#3 – Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo appear.

Hard Reset iPhone to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

#1 – Press and hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons.

#2 – When the Apple logo appears, release the buttons.

iPhone 6S and Older

#1 – Press and hold the Power button and Home button simultaneously.

#2 – Continue holding the buttons for about 10 seconds.

#3 – When you see the Apple logo appear, release both buttons.

This simple yet effective solution can help with a lot of different iPhone problems. Doing this won’t affect your personal data, and it’s a great way to quickly resolve any irritating iOS issues.

Solution #3 – Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Using iTunes

In most cases, you can fix iPhone problems without the aide of iTunes. This problem is no different, but if your iPhone is still in Recovery Mode, it’s worth giving iTunes a shot.

#1 – Download and install iTunes on your computer if you don’t already have it available.

#2 – Launch iTunes and connect your problematic iPhone to the computer.

#3 – Once iTunes detects the connection, a notification will appear telling you that iTunes detects your iPhone in Recovery Mode.

#4 – Click on “Restore iPhone” and select one of the backups that are available.

Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode Using iTunes

#5 – Within a matter of minutes your iPhone will be reset, and it will no longer be in Recovery Mode.

Understand that this process will wipe all of your iPhone’s data so if there are any important files on there, back them up beforehand. Luckily iTunes is the most common iOS data management program, so you don’t have an excuse for not backing up data!

Solution #4 – Try Using TinyUmbrella to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

For this final solution, we are going to focus on a program known as TinyUmbrella. It is similar to Dr.Fone and iMyFone, although has different developers and different uses. TinyUmbrella receives regular updates, and while it doesn’t offer as much as other solutions, it can swiftly fix various iPhone issues.

#1 – Install TinyUmbrella on your computer. You can download this program from the official website.

#2 – After connecting the broken iPhone, launch TinyUmbrella.

#3 – The program will quickly detect your iPhone and when it does, click the “Exit Recovery” button at the top-right.

Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode with TinyUmbrella

#4 – Wait a few minutes. Once your device has been forced to exit Recovery Mode, you can close TinyUmbrella and disconnect your iPhone.

You might not get the best results from this program, but perhaps this is the solution that you were looking for. Unfortunately, when you use TinyUmbrella, it may wipe out your personal data.

Bonus: Did You Lose Data While Exiting Recovery Mode? Here are the best iPhone Data Recovery

After overcoming the problem that is iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, you’ll be in the clear! But wait, you might run into another issue. Some iPhone users will experience data loss, and this can be miserable to deal with, especially after just fixing another problem.

A. Dr.fone – Data Recovery

Don’t let this get you down though; we have the perfect tool that can retrieve any lost data. This tool is dr.fone – iPhone Data Recovery, and it is without a doubt the most effective program for recovering data.

  • Selectively recover data from an iTunes or iCloud backup, recover Snapchat photos on iPhoneRecover Lost Snapchat Messages.
  • Recover data regardless of how it was lost.
  • Preview data before you restore it to prevent wasting time or storage.
  • Extract data directly from your iPhone’s storage.
  • Easy to use and offers a 7-day free trial.
  • Compatible with data types such as texts, notes, photos, contact information, and more.

Download dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)

Whatever data was lost when fixing your iPhone, Dr.Fone – iPhone Data Recovery can help you to get it back.

Restore Your Data Using Dr.Fone – Recover (iPhone Data Recovery)

Using the steps that we detail below, recovering data will be easy. Install Dr.Fone – Recover on your computer and when you’re ready, jump right in.

#1 – Open Dr.Fone and connect your iPhone via lightning cable.

#2 – After Dr.Fone is open, click on “Data Recovery” from the main menu.


#3 – Select “Recover from iOS Device” from the sidebar. Take a minute to select the data types that you want the program to detect for recovery.

#4 – Click “Start Scan” and wait while Dr.Fone conducts the scan.

#5 – A breakdown of the data which was found during the scan will be shown. Browse through the different data types and check the box next to anything that you want to recover.

Note: to recover the entire backup, check the box next to your device’s name at the top-left.

#6 – Finally, click on either “Restore to Device” or “Recover to Computer“. If you select the latter, you must choose a file location to save the data to.

Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode with dr.fone Recover

Now that you’ve been able to recover your iPhone data you’ll understand the importance of taking a backup. The crucial thing about data loss is that it isn’t something you can predict. If you don’t already do so, then start taking weekly iPhone backups. Furthermore, whenever you update iOS or attempt to fix glitches, take a backup as a precaution.

B. iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

Next up is iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery. With this program users are able to easily exit Recovery Mode. Furthermore, you can also use iMyFone D-Back to fix plenty of other iOS issues that you encounter. You can find some key features below.

  • Fix iOS issues without wiping personal data.
  • Recover and extract data from your iOS device.
  • Restore data that you didn’t mean to delete.
  • Preview data prior to choosing to recover it.

With this fantastic piece of software, you can have a unique and useful set of iPhone tools in one place. On top of fixing iOS problems, iMyFone D-Back can recover data from numerous sources. So, as you can see, it’s the perfect tool to fix iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode.

Download iMyFone D-Back

How to Use iMyFone D-Back to Repair iPhone

After choosing to use iMyFone D-Back to repair your iPhone, you can start immediately. Install the program on your computer; then you can follow this quick and easy guide.

#1 – Launch iMyFone D-Back and connect your iPhone using a lightning cable.

#2 – Click “Fix iOS System” from the sidebar menu.

#3 – Select “Standard Mode” and on the next screen, click the appropriate iPhone model at the top.

#4 – Follow the instructions that you see on-screen to put your iPhone into DFU Mode.

Note: entering DFU Mode varies depending on the device that you have. If you aren’t able to enter DFU Mode, make sure that the correct device is chosen.

#5 – iMyFone D-Back will then detect some basic information about your iPhone. Make sure that all of the details are correct before pressing the “Download” button.

#6 – The firmware will download, and it will then install on your iPhone. Afterwards, check if your iPhone is still in Recovery Mode.

Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode with D-Back

If this doesn’t help with iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode then consider using Advanced Mode instead. Be aware that if you do use this mode, then all of your personal data will be lost, but it will likely fix the problem.

Still Experiencing Problems?

After trying out each of these solutions, if you are stilling having trouble with iPhone stuck in recovery mode, then you’ll have to head to an Apple Store. This can be irritating for many iPhone users, especially if you don’t have a warranty, as if there is a hardware fault then you have to pay for the repair.

Nonetheless, if none of the fixes that we explained above has helped repair your iPhone, it’s probably your only option.

It’s worth taking note that if an Apple technician has to fix your iPhone, the chances are that your personal data will be lost. If possible, you should take a backup before you go to the Apple Store.

To Conclude

Hopefully, after going through each of the fixes in this article, you’ll be able to fix the iPhone Recovery Mode issue that you’ve been struggling with. As we said at the beginning, Recovery Mode isn’t something that you should use regularly. Most iPhone users will only use this when they encounter an iOS issue so if you can, avoid it.

That being said, if you do need to fix iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, this is everything that you need to know.