Fix Your iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working Problem Easily

iPhones provide the feature of visual voicemail for their users. It is basically a free service on which you could listen to the voicemails that you get in no particular order. This also allows you to manage the voicemails in an efficient manner. You could listen to specific messages, make callbacks, or even manage other features.

One major drawback of this feature that some users are facing is of the visual voicemail not working. A lot of people who have updated their phones to the latest version 11 or 11.1 of iOS said that they couldn’t find the feature of visual voicemail to be working, which means that for a lot of users, the iPhone goes straight to voicemail & iPhone visual voicemail not working is a certain problem that they are facing. This can be a problem especially for those who use this app on a regular basis. If you are also facing this problem or know someone else who is, then don’t worry. We have some security solutions that should solve the problem in no time.

Part 1. Two Professional Tools You May Need When iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working

1. FoneTrans – Best iPhone Data Transfer

This is an iOS compatible app through which you can transfer data and store it in the right place on your iPhone. You should definitely test it out for yourself once you have fixed the iPhone visual voicemail not working problem.


If you have changed your phones recently or plan on doing so shortly, then you should be wondering how all the data is going to be transferred. We have important data stored on our devices like contacts, photos, videos, apps, messages, notes and many other things that we do not want to lose.

2. FoneLab iOS System Recovery – Fix Any iOS System Problems

There is another app that you could use to recover the iOS system of your Apple’s device in an easy yet professional manner. You could use this app to recover your device from any mode like the recovery mode, DFU mode, headphone mode, etc. It is also compatible with all the latest Apple handsets which make it so very convenient and up to date. This is very safe to use, and no data will be lost. It should also solve the problem of visual voicemail not working for you.


FoneLab – iOS System Recovery lets you repair many different kinds of issues and helps to bring your phone back to how it normally was, such as iPhone Error 4013Cellular Data Not Working,  iTunes not openingiPhone stuck on Apple logo or iPhone is stuck in the recovery mode. It will take 10 minutes at most, and you could do it in the comfort of your home. The best part about it is that you don’t have to fear losing any important data from your phone.

Part 2. Tips on How to Fix iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working

The function of the voicemail transcription is to let us read it easily. This is a very convenient feature in scenarios where we can’t listen to the voicemail, which is why the iPhone visual voicemail not working is a genuine problem people face.

There are a lot of the times when it is not convenient for us to use our phones even if it is for listening to voicemails like in meetings and even movies. Being able to read the transcript helps us know whether our immediate attention is needed in the matter or not. In cases where visual voicemail not working was an issue for users, it could cause them to miss out on important voicemails just because they couldn’t listen to it.

If you recently updated your iPhone 6s or 7 to iOS 11 or 11.1, then you must have noticed how the visual voicemail is not available. This can be very confusing for the users. Although it is unusual, it is still a fairly common problem. To help with your problem of visual voicemail not working, we have come up with a list of tips that should help to eliminate the problem altogether.

1. Checking your network connection

One of the common reasons why you might be having the problem of visual voicemail not working is because of poor network connection. So, it is important that you check how strong or weak your device’s network connection is. But, if you have already tried this method then don’t worry as we have more.

2. Turning the airplane mode on/off

Many users have successfully been able to fix their iPhone visual voicemail not working problem by trying out this method. All you have to do is to go to the Settings, click on the Airplane logo to turn it on and then click on it again after 30 seconds to turn it off.


3. Resetting the network settings

Contrary to popular belief, resetting your iPhone to factory reset won’t erase any of your precious data. What it does is that it changes any of the settings back to the way it was before someone manually changed it. Just remember the password to your Wi-Fi connection that is all you will need to fix the problem of iPhone visual voicemail not working problem anyway. Go to Settings, General, press on Reset Network Settings to initiate the process.


4. Listening to a voicemail

Some people complained that when they listened to a single voicemail and then hung up, all the voicemail appeared. You could give this method a try and see if it fixes the problem of iPhone visual voicemail not working for you.

By the way, let’s learn more about how to leave a voicemail without calling easily.

5. Rebooting your Phone

You should try to restart your iPhone and then reboot it if restarting doesn’t work. If you have an iPhone 6s, then hold down and keep pressing the power button along with the home button until you can see the Apple logo on your screen.

If you use an iPhone 7, you will press the volume down and home button until you can see the Apple logo. For users of iPhone 8 or X press the volume up key and then release it quickly. After that, press the volume down key and release it in the same manner until you can see the Apple logo appear on the screen. This should solve the problem of iPhone visual voicemail not working effectively.

6. Updating your iOS Carrier/Version

The new versions are so much better than the old ones because they usually come out with bug fixes. In order to update the iOS Settings, go to General, Software Update, and then Update Carrier. In order to check if any new updates have been launched, you could go to Settings, General, see if you have an update available. A pop-up window will appear informing you about it.

All of these solutions have helped a lot of people in solving the visual voicemail not working issue, and it should definitely help you out as well.