How You Can Fix iPhone Won’t Make Calls or Receive Calls

The main difference between an iPhone and an iPod is that iPhones are capable of making and receiving calls. This means that when you aren’t able to make phone calls with your iPhone, there really isn’t any point in using it.

The error that we’re specifically referring to is when an iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls, iPhone not showing up on PC, or Apple music App crashing, and while there are plenty of fixes available on the internet, not all of them work efficiently.

For that reason, we are going to be focussing on some of the fixes that we have used and which we found to be most effective that not only fix this issue but prevent it from arising in the future.

Fix #1 – SIM Card Problems

In some cases, the reason that your iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls will be because of the SIM card not being inserted properly or your iPhone not recognizing it. Fixing this is relatively simple. Simply use the pin that you received with the iPhone to remove the SIM card slot, take out the SIM card and wipe it with a clean rag (this will remove any dust), and reinsert it.


After a few seconds, your iPhone should detect the SIM card, connect to your network carrier, and the problem should be gone.

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Fix #2 – Updating Your Carrier Settings

The next thing that you should check is your iPhone’s carrier settings. Even if you fixed the problem by simply removing and reinserting your SIM card, you should reset these settings afterward to ensure that your SIM card is working accordingly fully.


To check your carrier settings, simply go to the Settings app, then follow the path “General > About > Carrier“. Take a look at your carrier’s website and check whether or not your carrier version is up to date. If not, make sure that when you go to “Settings > Carrier” that the “Carrier” slider has been enabled (this will automatically download any updates that there are).

Fix #3 – Checking the iPhone’s Settings

If your iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls, it’s worth taking the time to weed out all of the possible reasons for this happening – this includes going through your settings and making sure that everything is set how it should be.

iOS features including Do Not Disturb mode can cause these types of problems to arise and by simply checking to make sure that nothing like this is the problem, take into account the pointers we have listed below.

  • Tap on “Do Not Disturb” and if the “Do Not Disturb” slider is enabled, tap it to disable it.
  • Enable “Airplane Mode” by tapping on the slider, before disabling it a few seconds later.
  • Go to “Phone“, “Call Forwarding“, and make sure that you have this feature is enabled.
  • Swipe down and tap on “Phone” and then “Call Blocking & Identification“. If the number that you aren’t able to call is listed, tap on “Edit” and remove the number from the list.

By just taking the time to check some of your settings, you can quickly determine whether or not you’ve mistakenly changed something that you shouldn’t have.

Fix #4 – Reset iOS Network Settings

This is a crucial thing to check as your network settings must be set precisely otherwise your iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls. One way to check if there is a problem with the network is to ask your friends if they have been experiencing any issues – if they’re on the same network as you are and have had problems, it’s likely not a problem you can fix.

If not, follow our steps below to reset your network settings and revert any changes that you may have made to them.


#1 – Tap on the “Settings” app and select “General“.
#2 – Swipe to the bottom of the list and tap on the “Reset” option.
#3 – From here you’ll be given several different reset options. Tap on “Reset Network Settings” and enter your iPhone passcode.
#4 – Your iPhone’s network settings will now be reset to their original state.
One of the downsides to doing this is that all of your Wi-Fi networks will be disconnected from your iPhone and you’ll have to reconnect. However, it’ll help most of the time.

Fix #5 – Fix it with iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery

Ideally, if you’ve been struggling when your iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls, you should consider using a program called iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery. Some of the main features of this program are:

Download iMyFone Fixppo Free

In this case, we’re going to be using iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery.

Before you follow our guide, make sure that you have the program installed on your computer.

#1 – Launch iMyFone Fixppo and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB lightning cable.


#2 – From the main menu click on the “Standard Mode” option.

#3 – iMyFone Fixppo will ask you to put your device into DFU Mode. Simply follow the steps that are shown on your monitor now (there are two guides depending on your iPhone).


#4 – Next, you have to enter some basic information about your device. None of this information is complicated and after you have entered it, click on “Download“.


#5 – Once the firmware has been downloaded, click “Start” and after a few minutes, the iOS system will be reinstalled on your iPhone, and the issue should be fixed.


Does your iPhone still have the iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls problem? If so, return to the main menu and select “Advanced Mode” instead. The only downside to this mode is that your personal data will be removed and can’t be recovered.


Fix #6 – Visit an Apple Store

Lastly, if absolutely none of the fixes that we have detailed in this article have fixed your iPhone’s ability to make and receive phone calls, get in touch with an Apple store.
It’s very rare that this type of iPhone glitch would result in a visit to an Apple store as most of the time it can be fixed with a quick Google search. Nonetheless, if there’s a hardware problem, then the Apple staff will be able to fix it for you.

To Conclude

Now that you know how to fix your iPhone when iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls, just go ahead and fix your iPhone on your own without having to pay an expensive fee to have Apple fix it for you. By taking advantage of the professional tool that iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery is, you can fix the problem, make and receive phone calls again, and use your iPhone for what it was intended to be used for.

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