How to Fix the Problem of iPhone X Black Screen of Death

iPhone X black screen of death is a prominent issue. This is a very big issue, and it becomes really hard to get access to an iPhone when the screen is black. You can hear the phone ringing, but you cannot pick up the call as the screen remains black.

There can be a number of reasons behind your iPhone screen going black. One of the reasons can be water damage or hardware damage because of dropping the Smartphone. iPhone X black screen of death can also happen due to software problems, which happens because of firmware modification. Mentioned below are some of the ways through which you can fix this issue, and these ways can be tried even if your device runs on iOS 11.3.

Before talking about the various ways to pass through a black screen on your iPhone or fix Bluetooth not working on iPhone X, iPhone camera won’t focus, or App freezing, let us talk about the latest versions of iPhone, which are iPhone 8 and X. iPhone 8 comes in 3 different colors whereas iPhone X comes in 2 colors.

Part 1: Hard reset your iPhone X device

The first thing that you are required to do in order to solve the issue of iPhone X black screen of death is to hard reset your device. Below mentioned are the steps that you must follow to solve this problem.

Step 1: Find button of home as well as sleep on your iOS Smartphone.

Step 2: hold the button of sleep and home simultaneously until the logo of Apple appears on the screen.

Step 3: Now, release both the buttons and wait for your device to reboot again.

If this option does not work, then the only option left is to use iTunes to restore your device.

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Part 2: Restore your device to solve the problem of iPhone X black screen of death

Another way through which you can get rid of your iPhone’s black screen is through the use of iTunes. Follow these steps to restore your device.

Step 1: Download the most updated version of iTunes on your PC.

Step 2: Link your iOS Smartphone to your system by using a USB wire.

Step 3: After that, iTunes will begin to detect your device. Now, go to the tab of summary and then select the option of “Restore iPhone”.

Step 4: Now, go to the option of “restore” for the confirmation of the action.

Step 5: Once that is done, iTunes will begin to delete your iPhone. After that, you are required to install the latest iOS software.

Step 6: After all this is completed, your iOS device will begin to reboot.
Data loss is the major drawback in using this method. If you are looking forward to using a better solution, then you should use the next method.

Part 3: Fix “iPhone X black screen of death” without any loss of data

If you are irritated with the problem of iPhone black screen, then you should use the software of iMyFone D-back. This software has a wonderful feature of fixing the iOS system that can solve the issue of the black or white screen on your iPad, fixes the touch of your iPod. Additionally, it can fix your iPhone. It has a very simple interface that enables the user to mend the Smartphone within a few seconds.

Key features of iMyFone D-Back

  • This iBackup viewer tool has four different methods of recovery that are from iCloud, iTunes, iOS, and smart recovery for recovering deleted information from iPhone.
  • It recovers the information that gets deleted due to virus threats, factory reset, accidental deletion, jailbreak failure, upgrade failure, and data lost due to any other reason.
  • It provides support to various data types such as contacts, WhatsApp, Kik, messages, photos, and other types of data. Know more about How to recover deleted WhatsApp messagesrestore and backup Viber messages.
  • This software is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
  • It can successfully remove iPhone X black screen of death.

Download iMyFone D-Back Free

Steps required to be followed to get rid of the black screen using iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back is a great way to solve this issue. Install this best alternative of Enigma Recovery software on your PC and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Start the software and select the option of “Fix iOS System”.

Launch iMyFone D-Back program on your personal computer and go to the option of “Fix iOS System” that is mentioned on the left side. Link your iOS device to a computer system through USB wire and then go to the standard mode. Adhere to the instructions given on the screen and keep your iPhone in recovery or DFU mode.

Step 2: Firmware download to remove iPhone X black screen of death

When the software locates your iOS device, it shows the latest firmware of iOS for your Smartphone. Now, go to the button of download and take the firmware, which matches. Now, wait for it to get downloaded.

Step 3: Fix iOS device

After the firmware download is complete, you are required to go to the option of “Start to fix”, and this program will begin to fix your device. The procedure for repairing the iPhone is not very long. After the procedure gets completed, iPhone X black screen of death will get removed.

Whenever you are not able to access your iPhone because of black screen use iMyFone D-Back for windows or Mac.

Tip: Put your iPhone X in the mode of recovery without using the button of home

The power button on your iPhone is very important. Before iPhone 7 was released, there was nothing much that an iPhone user could do without using the button of home. Hence, we all are aware of the significance of the home button. In case your device gets damaged, or you drop your phone accidentally. Then, the home button will be of no use. Therefore, you have to find a way through which you can put your device in the mode of recovery without the use of the home button.

There are various ways through which you can do this, but the best one is to make use of a third-party app called Reiboot – iOS System Repair. Initiate the process by downloading and installing this app on your computer. By following these simple steps, you can come to know how to put your iPhone in the mode of recovery by making use of Reiboot.

Get Reiboot – iOS System Repair

Step 1: Start Reiboot on your computer system or Mac and then link it to your iPhone.

Step 2: Now, in the next step enter the mode of recovery and then your device will be kept in the mode of recovery.

If you don’t use a tool of the third party, then the only option that you are left with is to fix the button of the home prior to going into the mode of recovery.

So, above mentioned were a few ways through which you can solve the problem of iPhone X black screen of death. The best method through which you can get rid of a black screen is through the use of iMyFone D-Back. This tool is amazing as it offers four different ways of recovery that are through iOS, iTunes, iCloud, and smart recovery.

It recovers the data that gets deleted accidentally or due to factory reset, jailbreak failure, upgrade failure, and information lost because of any other reason. Additionally, this program is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It offers support for different types of information like messages, Skype, WhatsApp, photos, and Kik.

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