How many times have you been disappointed and felt the frustration of using your smartphone? With smartphones being mere devices, it is only expected that they are far from being flawless. So, don’t be surprised if you encounter the much annoying error that says “Unfortunately the Has Stopped“.

No matter how much you try to avoid it, there is nothing more irritating, frustrating, and mind-boggling than having an error interrupting your seamless use of your Android device. Things can get worse when it suddenly stops working for no reason.

Sadly, there is definitely nothing worse than the error of “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”. Surely, you understand how this error can bring you to your wit’s end. If it has happened to you in the past, you probably felt worried and confused that your broken was broken beyond fix. But, you can sort things out with simple instructions.

If there was ever a time that you’ve seen the message “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” on your device, there is no need to worry because you are definitely not alone. The good news is that there are easy and surefire solutions which could help you easily and quickly get rid of this problem before it puts you on edge. Yes, you have read that right. There are methods you can follow to finally get rid of this much-dreaded message in a matter of minutes so that you will be able to use your Android device to its normal condition all over again. That’s a relief, right?

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Part 1: Why Do You Get the Unfortunately the Has Stopped Message, Anyway?

To put things in a simple form, this particular error has been triggered by the SIM toolkit or phone application. In the event that this error has recently popped up on your Android device, your first question is why it is happening to you. Well, to put an end to your queries, there are actually several usual reasons why explains its occurrence.

These reasons include the following:

  • You have installed a brand new ROM not too long ago.
  • You have just restored some data.
  • Or you made several modifications to your data.
  • The firmware update you made was a failure.
  • You’ve upgraded your Android software to its latest version.

Part 2: Before You Fix ‘Unfortunately the Has Stopped’, Backup Your Important Android Data

If you can no longer bear with this “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” error, remember that the step that you have to do is making sure that each of your important data has been properly and carefully backed up. The good news is that the dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore is available as it is the simplest way to backup and restore all the pertinent information you might have on your device.

In just a matter of a click, users can already be sure that almost every kind of data, ranging from your photos, call history, calendar, SMS messages, audio files, contacts, applications, as well as the application data if you are using a rooted device, will remain secure and safe. Unlike programs of a similar category, Dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore lets you view all the things in the backup files then choose some or each of the things that you would like to restore in your Android device.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Steps to Back Up Your Android Device

Below are the steps you need to follow to make sure that all of your data on Android are securely and safely backed up.

1. First, start by connecting your Android device to your PC using your USB cord. Then, you can proceed to launch the Dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore then choose the option stating Data Backup and Restore from among the different toolkits. In case the Android version you are using is 4.2 or above, there will be a popup window which will appear that will ask you to enable the USB Debugging. Here, you just need to click on OK. If you have already used the program before, this is the best point for you to review your past backups.

2. Choose the files, which you like to back up after you are connected. Dr.fone app will choose all the types of files by defaults. Choose the Backup option, to begin with, the entire process. It could take several minutes, yet never disconnect or utilize your Android device during this process. When done, you may view the button for backup for you to see the included things in your file.

Steps to Restore Data to Android Device

Below are the different steps that will assist you in restoring data from the backup to your device or any Android device you prefer:

1. Consider connecting your Android device to a PC through the use of USB cable. After this, run dr.fone toolkit for Android on your PC and just choose the option Data Backup and Restore from this wonderful toolkit. Choose Restore to continue the process.

2. Choose the backup file that you’d wish to retrieve. Clicking Restore to Device button, you’ll see data from your backup that will popup by default. When you select a different file for backup, click toolkit’s drop-down menu as well as pick the one that you like to utilize.

3. Restore and preview the backup file to the Android device. If you like to check the file that you wish to use as well as restore, you can spend a few minutes to preview the files. Just do not disconnect or utilize your device in this process to avoid any problems in the end.

Now that you have read the basics, it is the best time to move to the other step in fixing the error that says “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” on your device.

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Part 3: Steps to Resolve “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” Immediately

Since you already know how to back up your device and ways to restore backup files, you’re now ready to the steps on how to resolve this irritating error. Below are some of the solutions that will aid you in getting rid of the error not just for temporarily, but for good:

1st Method: Fix ‘Unfortunately the Has Stopped’ issue with simple clicks

For people who would like to find an easy way to fix ‘Unfortunately the Has Stopped’ with few minutes, you should try this professional tool – iMyFone Fixppo for Android, which is specially designed for all Android system related issues. It’s easy to use and with a 100% success rate.

Key features of Fixppo for Android:

  • Utilize the most advanced technology to fix any complicated Android issues with 100% success rate
  • Not only fix ‘Unfortunately the Has Stopped,’ but only solve errors like Won’t turn on/off, a device that will not update, a device stuck in the black/white screen or a device that keeps restarting, and so on
  • It’s simple to use with a pleasant user interface; everybody can use it without technology requirement
  • Support for almost all Android smartphones and tablets with any Android OS versions

Simple steps to fix ‘Unfortunately the Has Stopped’ error

Step 1. Download and install Fixppo for Android on your PC. Launch it and click the ‘Start’ button.
iMyFone Fixppo for Android
Step 2. Now, please enter the detailed, correct information about your Android phone per request and click the ‘Download Firmware’ option. Fixppo will start downloading & extracting firmware for your Android device.
iMyfone Fixppo for Android
Step 3. Connect Android phone to your computer and put your phone in Download mode by following up on the instructions so that Fixppo can detect your phone.
Enter Download Mode on Android
Step 4. Fixppo for Android will start to fix all system errors automatically after it recognizes your phone. Keep your phone connected until the job completed.
Fix App not Install on Android
That’s all; your smartphone will restart & be free of ‘Unfortunately the Has Stopped’ error as well as other issues. Try it now.

Get iMyfone Fixppo (Android)

2nd Method: Clear Caches on Any Android

If your Android device runs Android version 4.2 and up, this kind of method will surely work for your case. However, if your device runs an older Android version, you might need to clear caches on every app individually.

To start with this method, you have to go to the Settings of your Android device and choose the Storage on the menu. Then, pick Cached Data. Once you have chosen this option, there will be a popup that would appear, which confirms that you like to clear caches. Select the “OK” button, and the issue must be solved immediately.

4th Method: Clear Data and Cache on the Apps of Your Android Device

Another effective method that will help you solve this error “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” is clearing data and caches on the apps of your Android device.

To do this, you need to go to the Settings of your device and choose All Apps. Then, scroll below and pick the option Phone. Choose this and consider clearing caches through tapping on the button “Clear Cache”. If it does not work, consider repeating the procedure and include the option Clear Data. Once you are done, you will be required to restart your Android phone, and the error will be resolved in no time.

3rd Method to Fix Unfortunately the Has Stopped: Clear Data and Caches on Your SIM Toolkit

In this method, you have to follow the detailed steps provided by the second method. However, you have to choose the SIM Toolkit this time from the given options. You have to pick this option as well as clear the cache.

5th Method: Consider Hard Reset or Factory Reset

If all of the methods above failed to give you results on getting rid of the error “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”, you have to consider a complete factory reset. Once it’s the case, you have to take note that you backed up your data properly using the Dr.fone Toolkit to avoid losing some of your important files. With this, you can be assured that you will be able to resolve the problem while keeping your important data safe from loss due to factory reset.

Those abovementioned solutions will help you eliminate the error that always popped up on your device, enabling you to enjoy using your Android any time you want to without worrying about any error or dealing how to eliminate it. You don’t have to suffer from the error “Unfortunately the Has Stopped“, there is always a way on how to fix it. All you have to do is to rely on dr.fone Toolkit for Android when backing up and restoring your files.

Get dr.fone Now

6th Method. Disable automatic time and date

This easy setting change is able to remove the error messages easily. To do this, please navigate to the Settings on the Home screen, then tick on the Date & Time. Uncheck the ‘Automatic Date & Time,’ and then it will be disabled.

7th Method to Fix Unfortunately the Has Stopped: Fix it via AROMA file manager

With the custom recovery tool, you can fix this issue as well. Please download AROMA manager from XDA website. And then you can clear Phone app temporary folders and SIM toolkit with it, also, please delete the cache. Just have a try.

8th Method. Boot your phone into the Safe mode

If the issue is caused by a faulty app, you should boot your Android device into the Safe mode, and then all 3rd-party apps will be disabled automatically, and if everything works fine, it means that the app is to blame for the error message. Then you can either do a factory data reset or uninstall recently downloaded apps.

9th Method to Fix Unfortunately the Has Stopped: Uninstall all recently downloaded apps

To find out which app has the problem, we can’t count on the Safe mode. So you may need to uninstall all recently downloaded apps. Please go to the Settings > the App Manager, tap the Downloaded and then remove the apps installed in the last few days. Finally, click on the app and tap Uninstall.

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