Is Fouad WhatsApp Safe? Everything About Fouad WhatsApp

Operating more than one WhatsApp on Android Devices is an easy task. In today’s time, you can easily find various MOD APKs for download on the Android Device.

Fouad WhatsApp APK is a high-quality MOD APK. This is a very recent addition to the WhatsApp Mod family. Many users wonder if Fouad Whatsapp is safe. Let’s go on reading about it.

Fouad WhatsApp comes with some great features and functions. It provides many unique features that are not available on the original WhatsApp. If you wish to use WhatsApp with extra features, then try using Fouad WhatsApp.

Download Fouad WhatsApp MOD version 7.99 APK to avail of some incredible features. If you wish to know more about Fouad WhatsApp, then do not skip this article.

We have prepared this article to acquaint you with the excellent features of Fouad WhatsApp as well as other aspects related to it.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Part 1: What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe? Actually, there are a few people who are unaware of the latest WhatsApp Mod by Fouad Mokdad. Fouad WhatsApp has been created to operate 2 WhatsApp on a device easily.

Most of the users use GBWhatsAPP as it is the most well-known Mod. It has incredible features compared to the original WhatsApp application. However, It has also excelled in the race of becoming the most efficient WhatsApp Mod. It has almost similar features to GBWhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp has a striking material design, along with no lag while using it. You can enjoy various stunning functions as well as depth customization, privacy settings, chat lock, and many other functions.

Note: The users that have banned the account.
  • Create a backup of the chats
  • Uninstall the Fouad WhatsApp application
  • Install the latest Anti-ban version 7.99 and then verify the mobile number once more

You can also download the old versions of Fouad WhatsApp. We have provided a list for the same.

We hope that you are clear with the usage of Fouad WhatsApp.

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Part 2: Characteristics of Fouad WhatsApp

Now that you are aware of the Fouad WhatsApp. Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe? Let us talk about the features of the same. Fouad WhatsApp has some really cool features to give you a wonderful experience.

High-Definition (HD) Quality Picture Sharing

You can send images to anyone without losing quality. In the original WhatsApp application, the image quality is lost while sharing the images with anyone. But, Fouad WhatsApp allows image sharing in HD quality.

Pin the Conversations

This is a very good feature provided by Fouad WhatsApp. In this feature, you can pin more than 1000 conversations. This will help you in finding urgent conversations rapidly.

Send any Kind of Files

You can share any kind of file, such as APK, JPG, EXE, PNG, and zip with anyone. This incredible feature is not available in the official WhatsApp application.

Talk to Anyone

You can talk to anyone around the world with the help of Fouad WhatsApp. It helps in one-time texting, along with quick texting situations.

Themes Store

With a wide variety of themes offered by Fouad WhatsApp, you can select the best theme according to your wish. Head to the theme store to witness a bunch of cool themes and choose the one that you like.

Block Calls

With the wonderful call blocking feature in the Fouad WhatsApp Mod, you can fully control which person is capable of calling you. It allows the customization of every part of the call blocking feature.

Group Text Settings

This feature in the Fouad WhatsApp allows the admin of the group to invite people to the group with the help of group invite links.

Other than this, you can completely control who can text in the WhatsApp groups. There is a setting in the group where the admin can only send messages in the group.

There are additional cool features, such as application launcher icons and tick styles. It filters videos and images as well as material User Interface (UI) along with a unique calling user interface is quite useful.

Fouad WhatsApp makes changes in the font styles along with the font preview by Fouad Mokdad. You can also install some outside themes from the file manager.

New additional characteristics of the Fouad WhatsApp Version 7.99 APK

  • Enhanced Anti-Ban feature
  • Searches the removed status (besides the message time)
  • Customize toast online for the specific contacts (within the Contact profile)
  • Multiple choices to hide/show the recent chats and other contacts
  • New setting that allows you to enable the internet for just WhatsApp
  • Pin the group description inside the chats
  • Variety of colors for status circle
  • Add some custom stickers from the Google Store
  • Download home wallpaper and themes from the themes store
  • Anti-Delete story or status
  • Turn on vibration for the hidden conversation texts
  • View videos from YouTube on WhatsApp with the PiP feature
  • Fixed the reported bugs
  • Addition of new enhanced features
  • Bugs fixed in the Conversation lock
  • Improvement in the performance YoTheme store
  • Reply personally in the groups by selecting the messages

The list of characteristics is quite long, which is an indication that it is worth using. In case you are worried about the safety of data while using Fouad WhatsApp, then we assure you that the data is 100% safe.

Part 3: Fouad WhatsApp Free Download

Now, we don’t need to worry about the question of ‘Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe’. Here are the steps for downloading the latest 7.99 version.

Steps for Fouad WhatsApp Free Download:

  • 1. Firstly, enable the ‘Unknown Sources‘ option on the Android Device.
  • 2. To do it, head to the ‘Settings‘ option and choose the ‘Privacy or Security‘ option. Enable the ‘Unknown Resources‘ option.
  • 3. Install the most recent version of the Fouad WhatsApp by clicking on this link.
  • 4. Select the link to install Mod APK.
  • 5. You just have to follow the steps, and it will be installed on your device.

Aren’t these steps for Fouad WhatsApp Free Download too easy? You just have to follow the steps in a proper sequence, and you will be able to download Fouad WhatsApp easily.

Part 4: Learn to Update the Fouad WA to the Newest Version

If you wish to download the most recent Fouad WhatsApp APK, then download from the link that has been provided above.

There is a constant need to update Fouad WhatsApp as it becomes obsolete after some time. If you don’t update, it will stop working very soon.

Therefore, we advise you to update Fouad WhatsApp as soon as you get the update notification. If you have to update Fouad WhatsApp in the future, follow these steps to do so.

Steps to Update

  • 1. Download the recent version of Fouad Whatsapp APK from HackTricks. Do not install that right away.
  • 2. Launch Fouad WhatsApp. Head to the menu and choose Fouad Mods. From Fouad Mods, select the ‘Other Mods‘ option.
  • 3. You will notice a list of various options, tap on the ‘Backup WhatsApp Data.’ This will enable the backup procedure to begin quickly and finish in some time.
  • 4. After creating a victorious backup, remove Fouad WhatsApp.
  • 5. Head to the file manager. Search the downloaded APK and install that.
  • 6. As soon as the installation process is complete, launch it. Then, you will notice a ‘Restore‘ option. Hit on that option to restore the chat backup.

You will be taken to the home screen of WhatsApp without verification.

Well, now you will be able to update the Fouad WA without the data loss easily. These steps are easy and effective. So, go ahead and try updating Fouad WhatsApp to the most up-to-date version.

Part 5: How Can I Install the Fouad WhatsApp APK on My PC?

The installation process of Fouad WhatsApp on the PC takes a while. To operate the Fouad WhatsApp APK on PC, you need an emulator, such as Memu or Bluestacks.

Steps to Download on PC

  • 1. Firstly, download the emulator through this link.
  • 2. After downloading, install the emulator on the PC.
  • 3. Let the installation process complete and then launch the emulator on the PC.
  • 4. Install the Fouad WA APK from the application installation menu in the Bluestacks emulator. Other than this, you can drag and drop Fouad WA APK to Bluestacks. The installation procedure will begin shortly.
  • 5. Fouad WhatsApp will be installed shortly, open Fouad WA after installation. Now, tap on the ‘Agree and Continue‘ option and head to the further step.
  • 6. Enter the mobile number for verification and confirm it. You will get an OTP message. Write the OTP to get your number verified. As soon as your number gets verified, you can begin texting.
  • 7. You can easily enjoy using Fouad WA APK on the PC.

These steps are very simple to follow. You can quickly download Fouad WhatsApp on the PC if you remember these steps. Just follow the sequence, and you are good to go. Try using this guide to download WhatsApp Mod APK on the PC.

Part 6: Can I Download the RC Fouad WA along with the iOS theme?

Yes, you can easily download RC Fouad WA along with the IOS theme. We offer RC Fouad WA created by the RC Mods. They have iOS 12 icon packs and entry styles that are in-built. Therefore, download the APK right now.

The latest update is the 7.81 version. Click here for acquiring the newest version of the RC-FOUAD.

Part 7: FAQs with Reference to Fouad WhatsApp

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Fouad WhatsApp.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Safe to Use?

Fouad WhatsApp Mod is entirely safe to operate, and it is 100% malware-free. It has Anti-Ban quality. The functioning of Fouad WhatsApp is similar to the original WhatsApp. Therefore, you don’t need to be bothered regarding the safety of Fouad WhatsApp.

Is It Possible to Use WhatsApp Along with Fouad Whatsapp?

Yes, it is definitely possible to use Fouad WhatsApp along with WhatsApp. You can operate Fouad WhatsApp through the 2nd number with the original WhatsApp. It is useful for those people who have two numbers and wish to operate dual WhatsApp.

Is It Necessary to Root a Device to Operate Fouad WA?

No, there is no need to have any rooted device. Any Android device is compatible with Fouad WhatsApp.

Can You Tell the Distinction Between Fouad WhatsApp and WhatsApp?

If we speak in regards to the functions of both these applications, then there are no such differences. But, if you compare the features, then the Fouad WhatsApp is better than the original WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp has various exciting features. There are a few features on it that are unavailable on WhatsApp.

Overall, Fouad WhatsApp has striking features and smooth functionality. It has very good customization features as well as zero lag. You can use multiple accounts at one time, and it is quite safe to use.

Other than the question of ‘Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe’, if you have some queries or doubts about Fouad WhatsApp Free Download, feel free to share them in the comment section. We will try to reply to your query as soon as possible.

Other than that, we hope that you are very well acquainted with Fouad WhatsApp and its characteristics. Try downloading this app and let us know your experience. We will be glad to hear from you. Thanks for reading the article.


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