Do you have this kind of habit of listening to the songs on your Android phone? It is really common to see and enjoying music on the phone & it is quite convenient and comfortable. And what you always do is to search the Internet first and then find the songs you prefer. Next the songs are downloaded and moved to the Android phone's SD Card. Some people think it is a little difficult and most of people agree with them.

Here we have a very useful way to solve this problem and add color to our Android phone's employ. Wondershare MobileGo for Android , an Android phone manager, is a suitable tool for you to free download music to your Android phone and without hesitation, try to use it as soon as possible. This program has a very unique function, that is, Online Resources. Songs can be downloaded firstly with the help of the built-in Wontube MP3 Download from Online Resources and moved to the cell phone. Not the favorite songs can be downloaded from it but also the music websites you prefer can be added to the Online Resources, as well.

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Ways to free download songs on Android

In this article, we are talking about the detailed measures to free download music to the Android phone carefully and if you are interested in it or have a necessity, please download this program and have a try according to the following measures:

Step 1: Set up this Android music manager

Firstly, this Android music manager should be downloaded on your PC and then set it up. Next, you link the phone with your PC under the Wi-Fi condition or using a USB cable. After the steps above, the Android phone will be examined by this Android music manager.

download music to android
Note: MobileGo for Android for over 6000 Android phones is suitable and you do not need to worry about your cell phone. If you but the newly-launched product, this program is available either.

Step 2: Free download music to Android cell phone now

In the Online Resource, you can find the websites where there is the “MP3 Download” and then you click it if you want to download the songs without any trouble. Another thing you can do is to find your favorite music websites and add them to the Online Resource with “+”. But you must enter the URLs and website name. The rest measures are almost the same. Songs are downloaded to the phone and you look for the songs you prefer in the right column. Once the songs are the right ones, please choose the “download” and then the process is finished.

Free music download to android
The whole Android music download process can be seen if you choose the “Downloads” in the left bottom. But you must pay attention to that you can not plug out your cell phone during the download process. After this, you can see the songs are stored not only in the Android phone but also in the PC's music folder. This program brings us great benefit and you can feel the installment process is not difficult either. Try to abandon the old method and attempt to use this new program to improve efficiency of your cell phone's life.

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