Galaxy S5 Backup & Restore: How to Backup and Restore Samsung S5

You are always confronted with a problem that one day you purchase a new Android phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, and you want to retain the contents of the old Android phone. What should we do to make a backup and restore of the desired things including contacts, messages, music, videos, call history and other programs from the old android device to the new Android device? I would like to introduce a new way for you to solve this problem – Samsung Galaxy S5 backup and restore.

You can have a try a Wondershare MobileGo for Android to do the Galaxy S5 (Mini)/S6 (Edge)/S7 (Edge) data backup and data restore. These two Android managers are quite useful and please download the suitable version. Here is the detailed guide you should follow.

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1. Set up this Samsung Galaxy S5 (S6) manager to make data backup & restore

Note: You can see the very detailed guidance below to show you how to make Samsung Galaxy S5 backup and restore. And in this article, I prepare to use Windows version as model and if you are the Mac users, you should notice that the steps are almost the same and you can imitate it.

First, you should set this Android Galaxy S5, Samsung S6 manager on your PC and operate it. Then you use a USB cable or WiFi connection to link your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your PC. Here the Mac users should pay attention to the fact that you can only use a USB cable not WiFi.

2. Make a backup and restore of Samsung Galaxy S5 contacts, apps and SMS

So you can see the main window of Samsung S5 backup tool and then in the left, you can make a backup copy of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s SMS, app, songs, movies and contacts by clicking the corresponding tabs. And if you want to move all of them, you can choose the “One-Click Backup” in the primary window to make a backup of all of them one time.


Then you should choose the “Browse” to find a place to put the SMS, application, contacts, calendar, call log, apps and playlist information once they are examined. Next you click the “Back Up” and the whole Samsung Galaxy S5 backup process is completed.

Backup Samsung S5

And if you want to make a restoration of all of them to Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6, you can just to choose the “Toolkit” in the left and then the “Restore” can help you to recover them.

Galaxy S5 Data Restore

3. Backup & restore Samsung Galaxy S5 songs, videos and pictures

Here I would like to introduce the way to back-up and restore your Samsung Galaxy S5’s songs, videos and pictures. First, you should click the “Music“,” Movies” and “Photo” respectively, and then choose “Export“. Following the measures are the effective way to make a backup of the things to your PC. Then if you want to add the above things, you can choose the “Add” to move them on your Android phone.

Luckily, with this powerful Samsung Galaxy data manager, you are able to fulfill the backup issue with ease. In addition, it also can send the message from your computer to Samsung Galaxy S5, move your contacts from Outlook to Samsung Galaxy S5 and play the movies of FLV on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Have a try and there will be more surprising news for you.

The teaching video here tells to the detailed ways to backup & restore Samsung S5/S6/S7 data for you. After watching it, you will achieve a lot and be familiar with the process.

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