Top 10 GarageBand for Android Apps in 2020

Do you love making music? If so, then you must know the history of music-making. In the earlier times, The Beatles used to record their songs with the help of twin-track vacuum-tube equipment at Abbey Road of the EMI. At that time, there was a little chance for overdubbing. Meanwhile, the recording sessions were similar to live performances. In the same way, The Fab Four used to record their songs perfectly in a single shot. However, one mistake would charge them money and time as they had to go over everything from scratch.

Now, the time has changed for good. Today, kids can duplicate these recording sessions on their smartphones. There is no requirement of musical instruments. The best part is that you can take as many retakes and takes as you like. You can enjoy a recording session with unlimited tracks virtually in your pocket in the shape of mobile applications. Hence, this age is certainly the golden era for musicians.

When it comes to music-making applications, GarageBand is the best one out there. This application remains unconquered until today. However, there is no application like GarageBand for Android users. It is available only for iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. If you are an Android user but a great musician, do not worry as we have come up with some great alternatives to GarageBand for Android devices. So, let’s know about these alternatives right below!

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10 Best GarageBand for Android

#1 GarageBand for Android. n-Track Studio Music DAW

This application helps in transforming your Android smartphone into an inclusive recording studio. N-Track Studio Music DAW lets you playback and record both MIDI and audio tracks. It even enables you to merge these tracks and add audio effects so as to improve the overall recording quality.

n-Track Studio Music DAW

n-Track offers its support to both stereo and memo recording with countless tracks, whereas it is restricted to 11 music tracks in the free version. The application features in-built MIDI synth that produces about 128 MIDI instrumental sounds. There are other features available like spectrum analyzer, step sequencer, piano roll MIDI editor, etc.

When we talk about the special effects, it supports various music effects like echo, tremolo, reverb, phaser, Pitch Shift, flanger, chorus, and others. The application features a 64-bit floating-point audio engine, which is generally not available on various Android DAW applications. Hence, n-Track makes a great alternative to GarageBand for Android users.

Price: Free

Download on Google Play

#2 GarageBand for Android. Magix Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam enables you to produce music by adjoining loops like short musical portions that can be played over and over again in loops. Here, you will find a mixer over eight channels and 100 music modes. It gives you enough room to direct your creativity.

Magix Music Maker Jam

The application even allows users to record outer voice. Hence, they can employ this feature to record their rapping, singing, or other types of sounds. Once recorded, use them for creating your song. After users have successfully finished recording their songs, it is time to share the same with the entire world with the help of its sharing feature.

In the community of Music Maker, you will discover numerous new songs posted by other Music Maker users. So, what are you waiting for? Try out this amazing alternative to GarageBand for Android now.

Price: Free

Download on Google Play

#3 GarageBand for Android. uFXloops Music Studio

It is another versatile alternative to GarageBand for Android. This music studio application is for music creators who belong to genres like techno, electro, trance, and hip-hop. It comes with countless features like a sampler, free loop sequencer, mixer, soundboards, beatmaker, etc.

uFXloops Music Studio

However, uFXloops Music Studio is not as robust as GarageBand. But, it is incredibly awesome at creating music for the targeted genres. It features over 200 sample music projects that are sufficient for novices to get started. Once ready, they can record their own songs using their own synthesizer, drum beats, or other instruments of their choice.

The application offers support to audio effects like bitcrusher, distorter, flanger, chorus, and lots of others. With this application, you can even add final touches if you have successfully recorded the music. For this, you have to import your music file and start working on it. Here, you can export files in all popular audio formats like MP3, AIF, OGG, WAV, etc. These formats are available for both stereo and mono. uFXloops feature a music community that helps newcomers a lot. So, do check it out once.

Price: Free

Download on Google Play

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4. Stagelight

Another incredible alternative to GarageBand for Android users is Stagelight. It is a popular and powerful music producer for Android devices. With this application, you can create beats, blend loops, and create complete songs with multiple tracks like an instrument, vocal, drum, and audio tracks. The most admired one on Stagelight is Loop Builder. This option enables even novices to create music rapidly by arranging, triggering, and adding vocal, instrument, drum, or audio loops.


Stagelight also features in-built tutorials that assist in teaching novice music creators. You can look for tutorials and lessons on various concepts like creating a beat, editing audio, recording instruments, mixing, MIDI, and lots more.

In terms of instruments, Stagelight features up to nine diverse instruments like guitar, drum machine, electronic bass, synthesizer, etc. Additionally, you enjoy access to other amazing features that you expect from a competent DAW. These include music presets, effects, MIDI editing, etc. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it an awesome alternative to GarageBand for Android devices.

Price: Free

5. FL Studio

It is an incredible alternative to GarageBand for Android users. FL Studio is even available for PC. Here, you will find over 113 premium-quality instruments, sliced-loop beats, and drum kits, where each one comes with configurable settings. The application features lots of exciting effects like Reverb, Amp, Delay, Limiter, Mix, and EQ. Moreover, there are about 100 track sequencers along with instinctive editing options.

FL Studio

Meanwhile, you enjoy multiple options for a redo and undo for almost all editable displays in music sessions. FL Studio enables users to export and import MIDI files. Additionally, you can share your music files through Dropbox or email.

The application supports battery-friendly, premium-quality audio engine, which ensures that FL Studio employs the device battery’s fuel effectively. On the other hand, the latency of music entirely depends on the processing power of your smartphone.

Price: Free demo/$14.99

Download on Google Play

6. Caustic 3

This GarageBand for Android alternative is a kind of virtual rack mount of machines or synthesizers. One can slide among machines just by switching the slidebar down and up. Here, users can even choose one machine for playing by opting for the machine pad.

Caustic 3

Every machine features a virtual keyboard that enables users to create numerous effects, tones, sequencers, and parametric equalizers to alter the songs. For electronic musicians, this application is no less than a heaven. However, it is quite overwhelming for conventional musicians.

In its free demo, you do not enjoy the ability to export and save music files. To enjoy this feature, you need to buy the unlock key.

Price: Free

Download on Google Play

7. Audio Evolution

This GarageBand for Android alternative is an inclusive digital audio terminal. This multi-track music recording application comes with a similar approach as Walk Band. Audio Evolution is designed especially for advanced music creators. With this application, they can record outside audio like their live instrument playing or singing through the microphone or external devices for great results.

Audio Evolution

Apart from the in-built piano roll, users can employ exterior MIDI keyboard so as to record their songs. The application features MIDI feature, import audio, MIDI sequencer, countless redo and undo, use of loops and samples, are just some features to name here.

Moreover, they can even export their songs as premium-quality audio or compressed version for websites. Audio Evolution relies greatly on loops when it comes to creating music. With the help of a mixer, you can add numerous loops.

Price: Free demo/$6.99

Download on Google Play

8. Heat Synthesizer

Heat Synthesizer is another great alternative to GarageBand for Android users. This free demo version offers a massive range of features. It even has an active music community. Once you have tried its free version, you are all set to upgrade the tool to its pro version. This version even includes saving files to support.

Heat Synthesizer

Heat Synthesizer also offers a preset mutual manager, complete VST integration, three oscillators, sound generation machine having FX section, two filters, and lots of other features. With Heat Synthesizer, you can send MIDI events to the sequencer with the help of your Android tablet’s or smartphone’s keyboard. Meanwhile, you will love the application’s well-designed interface. If you have not checked it out yet, it is definitely worth a try.

Price: Free demo/$3.50

Download on Google Play

9. Walk Band

Walk Band is a perfect choice for people who like to focus on the visual instrument usage. This tool incorporates a piano keyboard having 88 keys with single as well as dual row medium. Moreover, there is also a duet player mode. The keyboard plays off five diverse sounds like organ, piano, synth, etc.

Walk Band

Walk Band’s guitar features various modes like solo and chords. Here, you will find three kinds of guitar sounds, pitch blend, and audio and MIDI recording. Its drum kit offers a drum pad mode, a wide variety of demo beats. Plus, there is a drum kit of five drums that works for dance, hip-hop, percussion, rock, and jazz.

The application even supports exterior MIDI keyboards through USB. Through Walk Band, you can connect the Yamaha Roland MIDI controller or keyboard. So, enjoy all these features with this GarageBand for Android alternative.

Price: Free

Download on Google Play

10. Remixlive

Remixlive comes from MixVibes, which is enjoyed, especially by drummers all over the world. The GarageBand for Android tool offers the remixing feature on the go. Hence, users can launch synchronized loops perfectly. With Remixlive, you can create music tracks within a few minutes. Its exclusive features include advanced editing, real-time finger drumming, six-beat pads, six live-controllable FX, and the skill to introduce songs from the music library.


Remixlive enables you to capture sounds from your smartphone’s microphone. One can even perfect these sounds and change their tempo. Additionally, you can play them in reverse mode. Once you have finished with all these things, you are free to share your creations through email or SoundCloud.

Price: Free

Download on Google Play

Now, you know what all alternatives to GarageBand for Android are available. Most of these applications are available for free, whereas you can try out the free demo version of other tools before settling on them. So, create music with these applications like never before!