How to Perform Google Contacts Backup With Ease

When you own a phone, it means that you have to take extra care of all the pertinent data on it, with your contacts included. Performing an effective Google Contacts backup is a must.

Communication is no doubt the main reason why almost everyone on this planet owns a mobile phone. All of your contacts are very important not only for personal uses but also for business purposes. You will also need contacts for communicating with your families or loved ones when they live far away from you. On top of that, in the events of emergency situations, you will need the right contacts to call for help when the need arises. These contacts are also being used for transactions for sending or receiving money using your mobile phone.

Due to the obvious importance of contacts in your everyday life, it makes perfect sense to ensure that your phone contacts are backed up each time. This is so you can save yourself from the trouble of having to ask your family or business partners for their contact numbers each time you accidentally delete or lost their contact information.

Part 1:Google Contacts Backup – Backup Contacts from Google Phone to Other Phone or Computer by dr.fone.

When you want to perform a Google Contacts backup from your Google Phone like Google Pixel to another phone or computer, dr.fone toolkit for Android can help you out. dr.fone provides the best management options like data transfer, data backup, data management, as well as the Google Contacts Backup.

This particular tool can help you manage, backup, and transfer not only contacts but also videos, photos, music, SMS, and so much more on your device. After you have finished launching and connecting your device, the software will then display four various choices to help you in doing the exact thing that you want to be done. These options include Phone to Phone, Backup Photos to PC, Transfer iTunes Media to Device, and Rebuild iTunes Library. With the help of dr.fone, you will be able to restore and backup your contacts in your Google Pixel device in a matter of clicks.

Features of the best Google Contacts Backup Tool – dr.fone

As your one-stop solution for managing your contacts on your Google Pixel device, dr.fone comes with several remarkable functions that you can use to your advantage:

  • Transfer your photos between your Google device and your computer.
  • Delete photos on your Google Pixel.
  • Transfer photos between your Android or iOS device and your Google Pixel device.
  • Manage, import, and export your SMS and contacts, de-duplicate your contacts and reply SMS using your computer.
  • Backup your photos, music, contacts, videos, SMS, and others to your computer and restore them with ease.
  • You can also root your Google Pixel to take complete control of your device.
  • You can have a phone to phone transfer of your contacts, photos, music, SMS, and videos between two mobiles, both iOS and Android supported.
  • This is completely compatible with more than 3000 Android devices.

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Steps for Google Contacts Backup and Restoration with dr.fone – Transfer

So, how do you manage your Google Contacts Backup? How will you backup and restore your contacts on your Google Pixel device? Just follow the steps below:

1. Launch your dr.fone – Android Transfer then connect your device to your computer. Click “Transfer” mode, The application is going to recognize your device, and it will then be displayed in its primary window.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)


2. On its interface, choose Information. Select & choose the contacts that you would like to export. Click on Export then choose where you prefer to export your contacts from the different options to CSV File, to vCard File, to Outlook 2010/2013/2016, and to Windows Address Book. Your contacts will then start to be exported and once complete, just click on Okay.

3. For restoring your contacts from the backup, just go to Information then click on Import and choose where you would like to restore the contacts from the available options there. Choose the account where you like to manage and restore your contacts.

4. To import the contacts from the CSV and vCard files on your computer, you must browse the backup CSV and vCard file and choose the contact account.

How to Transfer the Contacts Between Android/iOS Device and Google Pixel

1. Open dr.fone – Phone Transfer, Select “Switch” mode. Then, connect the devices to the computer. Choose the source device from which you like to transfer the contacts.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


2. Select your contacts and choose “Start Transfer”. For instance, you may transfer the contacts from Android to your Google Pixel through choosing the options Export to Device and select Google Pixel directly.

Part 2: Google Contacts Backup – How to Export & Backup Google Gmail Contacts

If there’s anything that proven to be a highlight of various Google applications, it is probably the Google Contacts, the dynamic address book, and super-efficient system. Nowadays, it’s a web application, and Google Contacts had started as part of Gmail, and this enables the users to delete, add, edit, and categorize your contacts.

The list of contacts that you make with the use of Google Contacts may sync with your mobile device easily, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone. You also need to make sure that you set this up properly.

If you’re like some people out there who are also using Gmail, it’s bound that you have a big contact list that’s stored within the default menu widely known as All Contacts. The reason behind why your list is big is because it contains emails of each person you have ever emailed, called, texted or replied to with the use of Google Voice. This also contains information for those who contacted you through Google Chat.

Luckily, Google has given an efficient feature of categorizing all contacts. You may organize them into particular and separate groups for your family, friends, colleagues, workers, business, and so much more that will make it simpler for you to access a particular contact whenever you need through just a few clicks only.


It’s extremely simple to make Groups on the Google Contacts. The only thing you should do is through following the link and login to your Gmail account that you often use. Once you are done with the process, the next thing to do is proceeding to the menu section on the screen’s left-hand side. Choose the Groups and the option of the New Group for you to make the group that you prefer.


On the contrary, Circles are basically linked with your profile on Google+ and will contain contacts of everybody who are in the Google+ profile circles. In Circles, the tech giant also provides an option for users to categorize their contacts and when compared to Groups, this provides preset categories including Family, Friends, Following, Work, and Acquaintances. However, you may also make your own circles.

How to Export and Import Contacts

The export feature is a good problem solver if you wish to save time through not erasing some unnecessary entries in each of your groups in a manual manner. For you to use this, you have to follow the steps provided below:

1. On the left side of the menu of your Google Contacts interface, choose the option More.

2. Then, choose the Export option from the drop down menu.

3. In case you’re using the old version of the Google Contacts, you might get a popup window that will advise you to go to old Google Contacts and consider exporting. For you to do this, you only have to click on the option “Go to Old Contacts.”

4. After that, consider going to the option More and choose Export as shown on the interface of Google Contacts.

5. Then, on the popup window, consider selecting All Contacts and the Google CSV format as your options before you proceed and hit the Export button.

Performing Google Contacts backup does not have to be a complicated task. Just follow the directions provided above and read carefully the options you can consider, and you will surely get the results you want. If it’s still blurry for you, there’s no need to worry about because you can still backup your Google Contacts through the assistance of your friend or someone who have done the process before. In this way, you can guarantee that you will get the right steps properly and accordingly, leaving you with nothing but peace of mind.
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