Why iMusic is the Best Google Music Downloader Now

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to access music stored on the cloud using a good Google Music Downloader like iMusic is an ideal choice. A relaxed way to listen to unlimited music is to use Google Play Music.

The service is a wonderful boon to music fans and is, without a doubt, the best of the cloud services for music present now. You can easily upload more than 20,000 songs to the servers at Google and with the help of Google Play Music app in your smartphone you can stream the uploaded songs. By the way, here is the complete Spotify vs. Google Music comparison for your reference.

And the best part is you will not use any storage space on your phone. If this is not sufficient and you want more, you can access the All Access massive library and play more songs. You need to just pay $9.99 per month for this service.

PS: iMusic will be your best choice if your FFMpeg Audacity Not Working.

Why do you need a Google Music Downloader?

Since it is not always possible to be online, it will be difficult to play music on your smartphone. When you are on the road on a long journey in some remote place or while on a flight you will not be able to get a data connection. At such times you will find it really helpful if you can access music you have stored so you can hear them offline as easily as when you are online.

Although Play Music app does have a function for offline playback where you can save the files to be played offline, the files which you have saved are difficult to access or transfer. This is because they are stored under obscure file names and in randomized folders. So, if you want to play the music in these files using another app or transfer them to another app it is not that easy.

Unlike the music play apps such as Cloud Player from Amazon and Match from iTunes, which let you save music, so you can enjoy them offline happily, Google Music app does not have the feature, unfortunately. You will not be able to download the songs from the app to your device unless you have purchased the songs.

So this is why you need a Google Music downloader. With a downloader, you can transfer music from the Google play app to your computer or add the music directly to your phone so you can hear music unhindered by connectivity issues.

The new Music Manager feature of Google lets you download songs from Google music to your system for listening when offline. You can install the latest version of the feature, open it and use the My Library feature present in the download tab.

In this article, you will know how to download songs, which you have uploaded or purchased from Google Play to your phone or system smartly.

Using iMusic – Music & Video Download

When you use iMusic – Google Music Downloader, you will be able to record all the free songs on Google Play with the same quality. So the music that you are able to hear online can be downloaded to your system with the downloader and from the system you can add the music from Google Play to your smartphone.

The Google Music Downloader is an apt choice, as you will not have to enter the name of the song, artist or album name or any other details. It will easily recognize the songs. The downloader is also the right choice if you have lost the music you have uploaded on Google Music accidentally.

Here are some of the important features of the music downloader

  • Efficiently transfer, download, and manage your music on both Android and iOS devices
  • You can also transfer music between two devices
  • It is possible to use iTunes with your Android device
  • The downloader enables you to use YouTube as the main source for your music
  • iMusic can download any number of videos and music as it supports over 10,000 sites, like download SoundCloud songs to iPhone X, Spotify to MP3.
  • You can share the playlist in your iTunes and even organize your massive music library in iTunes
  • The Deezer Music Downloads can remove the tracks that are missing and delete the duplicate songs
  • All ID3 covers and tags can be fixed

Method 1: Method to download Google Play songs for free by iMusic

Here are step by step instructions for downloading songs using iMusic – music downloader.

Download iMusic Free

  • The first step is to download iMusic Google music downloader. Install it and run it in your computer
  • Select the option, ‘Record’ present in the middle of the program window at the top portion.
iMusic - Record Music
  • Tap on the Record box present near the bottom.
  • Now go to Google Music app and select the music you wish to listen to and play the music.
  • iMusic Music begins to record the music simultaneously as you listen to it.
  • To stop the recording, you should click again on the record box.
iMusic - Recording
  • Now select, ‘iTunes Library’ present on the middle portion at the top of the program window.
iMusic - Recorded Music in iTunes Library
  • Click on the microphone icon now. This will help to find the song that has been recorded.

Method 2: Use Streaming Audio Recorder to download songs from Google Play automatically to MP3

The Streaming Audio Recorder is very easy and simple to use. You need to just press the record option and you can play the Google music you want. The ads and silence are smartly removed by the recorder.


Download Streaming Audio Recorder

This audio recorder is a perfect Google Music downloader, if you want to download Google Play songs for free and record them in your computer.

Another advantage of the audio recorder is it helps transfer all the songs you have downloaded from Google music app to your iTunes. You can also edit the data and make ringtones out of the saved songs too and do much more.

Part 3. Of the two methods which is the best

Here is a comparison to help you decide.

Similarities between the two

iMusic Music and Streaming audio recorder can record music from any stream online including music station, YouTube, online radio and any other digital source, which plays music on your system.

The downloaders are easy to use and need just a single click to get a perfect and smooth playlist downloading process.

Both Google Play music downloader programs can fix music cover and ID3 tags automatically when recording is done and add these to iTunes

The two programs are equally capable of downloading music from popular sites including YouTube.

However, Streaming audio recorder helps create ringtone audio and do the relevant edits, which iMusic is not capable of.

How iMusic differs

The following are the features that iMusic is capable of, but is not present with Streaming recorder feature.

  • You can choose from PC or MAC or from iTunes any music you want and burn them into a single CD
  • iMusic makes it easy to organize a whole music library. It analyzes automatically and cleans up the music files by performing tasks such as fixing faulty ID3 tags, including album cover, remove the tracks that are missing and delete the duplicates.
  • Complete backup and restoration of the music library are enabled with iMusic. You can now do a safe backup before you upgrade your iTunes and securely restore them whenever needed.
  • Transferring music is easy with iMusic. You can do it from any device and between devices and to any type of device including Mac, PC, Android or iOS
  • Discover playlist and pop music

With so many advantages, it is clear that iMusic – Music & Video Download is a perfect Google Music Downloader for your music playlists making it easy to listen to them anytime you require cool comfort.

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