HelloSpy Review – Learn Everything About HelloSpy

HelloSpy is popular mobile spyware, which lots of people use these days. Now, many users buy a spying tool for monitoring the smartphones of their family members.

Indeed, such a tool is useful for discovering lots of secrets. This is what HelloSpy helps you achieve. The tool is packed with many amazing features.

The homepage of HelloSpy asserts the claim that this tool is the most powerful smartphone spy software in the world. It definitely sounds confident. This advanced spying tool offers various useful features. Also, it is very easy to set up and install this parental control app. So, is this application that good?

Here, we will provide a detailed and honest description of this application. Now, read this review to know more about this tool, including its special features, subscription plans, advantages, and more.

What is HelloSpy?

HelloSpy is mobile device spyware, which is designed for staying informed about smartphone activities of someone. This monitoring tool comes with amazing monitoring features to monitor a number of tasks and actions carried out on iOS and Android devices.


The spyware allows you to read all the sent, received, or even deleted text messages on the target device. Also, this amazing tool lets you see the record of outgoing and incoming calls. It tracks GPS location along with the routes.

The best part about this spying tool is that users can keep an eye on the target user’s social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. It is compatible with Android, iPad, and iPhone devices.

Subscription Plans of HelloSpy

HelloSpy offers a free trial for two days. During this trial, you can check whether this tool offers you what you are looking for. This seems a really nice offer.

The monthly subscription to HelloSpy will cost users around $29.99. It even features another subscription plan, which is available at $89.99 for six months.

Advantages of HelloSpy

  • It takes around 5 minutes to set up the application.
  • The application works in stealth mode. The icon of the app would not be shown on the target device.
  • This spying tool updates the information about the phone’s activities every five minutes remotely.
  • All the data is highly protected and stored securely, which only you can access.
  • The tool features 24/7 multi-lingual customer support.
  • It is a budget-friendly application, where the rate is less than $1 a day.

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How Does This Spying Tool – HelloSpy Work?

To track someone’s device, you need to install HelloSpy on the target device. You need to physically access the smartphone that you like to track for installing this tool. Once you have installed and launched the tool, this monitoring tool will start gathering data from the monitored device.

HelloSpy transfers all the found data and information to the Control Panel of users. This panel acts as a personal online portal, which enables users to check the collected information by the spyware anytime, anywhere. For transferring the activity logs to the Panel, this monitoring app requires an internet connection. This means the target phone needs to be connected to the internet at all times.

What Features Make HelloSpy The Best Spyware?

HelloSpy has sufficient features for ensuring the entire scope of smartphone activity tracking. Here, learn about all the amazing features of HelloSpy and find out how they can be useful to you.

● GPS Location Tracker

This monitoring tool features a GPS location tracker, which is important for parents. Most parents are always curious to discover where their kids wander after school. After installing this application on their kids’ devices, they will find out their location immediately on the Control Panel.

● Spy Text Messages

The spyware lets you read both received and sent text messages on the target device. You can go through the message’s contents and also get details like contact information and date and time. This monitoring tool stores the texts on its server so that users can even read the deleted texts.

● View Videos and Photos

With the help of this monitoring tool, users can view all media that is stored on the target device. Not just that, but this impressive application lets you check all the received and sent photos and videos on the monitored smartphone.

● Call Recorder

This spying tool records all outgoing and incoming calls to let parents know with whom their kids are interacting. The application tracks the phone activity at all times to start recording the call whenever it takes place.

● Monitor WhatsApp Messages

The tool allows users to read WhatsApp texts that the target user exchange with others. HelloSpy displays the texts in the Control Panel along with the timestamps and contents.

● Track Browser History

HelloSpy enables users to check all the site addresses that the user visited on the target device’s web browser. This spyware shows the URLs opened in a specific order with the time they were entered.

● Monitor Social Applications

Using spyware, users can keep an eye on the social media applications installed on the target smartphone. The applications that can be monitored through HelloSpy are Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and others.

● Remote Uninstallation

If you do not want the target user to know about this application, then uninstall it remotely. All you need to do is enter your HelloSpy account credentials to get rid of the spyware remotely and distantly.

● Other Activities

The tool lets you track other activities happening on the target smartphone. With this tracking tool, you can monitor the installed applications, Wi-Fi network, emails, calendar, contacts, and whatnot!

So, these are all the features that this spying tool offers. This tool can track each and every activity happening on the monitored device without the knowledge of the target user. Now, let’s see how you can install this application to make use of its monitoring features.

How to Install HelloSpy

It is very easy to install it on the target device if you own it. It just takes three steps to install HelloSpy on the target Android device. Let’s have a look at the steps below:

Step 1: Device Configuration

To install the application flawlessly, you have to ensure that the target device has an active internet connection. Plus, allow installation from unknown sources and switch off the phone’s scanning for security threats from the device’s Settings.

Step 2: Installation

Users have to download the apk file of HelloSpy and install it on the target device. After the installation is done, restart your smartphone.

Step 3: Register the Device

Now, you have to create a new account or log into the existing account from the smartphone that you like to track.

After installing and setting up the tool, you have to enter the Control Panel for checking the gathered activity.

For monitoring someone’s iOS device using HelloSpy, the target device needs to be jailbroken. We have to warn you that jailbreaking the latest iPhone models is nearly impossible. So, it is better not to try jailbreaking devices for preventing security threats and other potential dangers.

Unfortunately, this spying tool does not offer a no-jailbreak version for iOS users. So, it can be risky for the OS to jailbreak and install HelloSpy on iOS devices. We do not suggest iOS users try to jailbreak their iPhones.

Is It Legitimate to Employ HelloSpy?

HelloSpy can be bought by users who own the device that they like to monitor. Any other application of this spying tool is prohibited. Users are entirely responsible for ensuring that their use of this tool does not contradict the applicable laws in their country.

If you have doubts or any queries regarding the use of HelloSpy, then it is recommended to consult any legal consultant.

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Final Verdict about HelloSpy

So, this is all about HelloSpy. Now, you know about its special features, different subscription plans, and how to set up this monitoring tool.

This spyware lets you monitor various activities on the monitored device. From Viber texts to contacts, users can use this spy tool for finding the darkest secrets of someone.



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