How to Backup Samsung Data to Cloud to Keep It Safe Everywhere

For many people, backing up your personal data to the cloud can be of great help to protect the precious data. Then you can feel free to reset Samsung Galaxy without losing data. The data stored in our local disk risks much higher danger than those stored in the cloud. Even if the local disk lost or broken, those stored in the cloud can still be brought back. For users of Samsung phones or tablets, Samsung provided a cloud service. But for some people, they do not know how to use this function to back up your Samsung data to cloud. So we wrote this passage to make some detail instruction about the usage of Samsung cloud service. We will also recommend some useful and user-friendly applications to help you backup your Samsung data to the cloud.

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The whole passage includes two main parts. The first part is using your Samsung Account to back up your data of Samsung devices. The second part is the top 5 most popular Android apps help backup your Samsung Galaxy data to cloud.

Part 1. Using your Samsung Account to back up your data on Samsung devices

As we say above, Samsung provided a cloud service to help the users of Samsung devices backing up their data to the Samsung server. Your personal data included logs, settings, MMS and SMS can be back up to the Samsung server. For the old users of Gmail account, it is just a piece of cake. Let us begin.

Set up your Samsung Account

Step 1. On the Settings of your Samsung devices, you will find the option of Accounts and Sync and click it. It will pop up a window and you need to click Add account.

Step 2. Click the option of the Samsung account. After that, you need to input your email address, passwords and something else to create a Samsung account.

Step 3. After you create a Samsung account, you need to sign in your account. Go into your Samsung account and click the option of Device backup. And then select the option of Backup.

Step 4. It will pop up a small window to ask what types of data you want to back up. You can tick those types which you want to back up. The types of data which can be backed up include logs, settings, MMS, and SMS. Then, tap OK.

Step 5. If this is your first time to back up your personal data to Samsung cloud, you can choose the option of Back up now. Or you can select the option of Auto backup to let your Samsung devices automatically back up your data once a day.

If you do not want to back up your data to Samsung cloud, you can also use the service of Gmail or other professional third-party tools to Backup Samsung Galaxy in 1-click.

Part 2. Top 5 most popular Android apps help backup your Samsung data to cloud

1. Helium App Sync and Backup

Helium App Sync and Backup can back up many types of data stored in your Samsung devices which include Galaxy S3/S2/S4. Those data that can be backed up include contacts, apps, call log, SMS, and data. What’s more, you can use this app without the authorization of the root. It also provides you a paid premium version which allows it back up your data automatically and erases those disturbing ads. Helium App Sync and Backup provides the option to choose back up your personal data to SD card or cloud storage. With Helium App Sync and Backup, you do not need to worry about the safety of your personal data. In a word, this is a brilliant backup solution for the users of Android devices. You can find your Helium App Sync and Backup in the link we provided below.

Download Helium App Sync and Backup from Google Play Store>>

2. Ultimate Backup

Ultimate Backup is very charming app cause it is a versatile app. It is not just only can be used to back up personal data in your android devices. It has some built-in functions include uninstaller and task killer. You can back up your data to some other cloud server which includes Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. What’s more, Ultimate Backup allows you to install some other plug-in apps to expand its function. And it is quite simple and clean. You can find your Ultimate Backup in the link we provided below.

Download Ultimate Backup from Google Play Store >>

3. Titanium Backup★ root

In the passage above, we already make some instruction about it. But this is the version that can only be used in the android devices which rooted. This version also has two different versions. One is free and the other one is charging. And the charging version provided more functions. Titanium Backup allows you to backup and restore the data of contacts, SMS and logs to the SD card. It even can backup apps and external data. You do not need to close the app when backup operates and the operation is quite simple. You can also let this application back up automatically. The pro version or you can call it the paid version provides more functions such as 0-click batch restores, syncing to Dropbox. You can find your Titanium Backup★ root in the link we provided below.

Download Titanium Backup★ root from Google Play Store>>

4. My Backup Pro

In part 1, we know that we can use the service of Samsung to back up our data. But sometimes it does not work very well. My Backup Pro can be used both on non-root Android and root Android devices. It can back up nearly every type of data to your SD card or cloud and restore to your android devices easily. You can find your My Backup Pro in the link we provided below.

Download My Backup Pro from Google Play Store>>

5. Super Backup: SMS & Contacts

Super Backup: SMS & Contacts is a great back up tool for your android devices. But it can only back up your data to the cloud server of Gmail or your SD card. The types of data that can be back up included non-Google calendars, call logs, apps, SMS, contacts, and bookmarks. You can also delete the files that you backup to prevent someone from restoring them without your authorization. There are some additional functions include schedule automatic backup and so on. You can also choose the folder you want to store your backup file to and set the time of your last backup. This option can be found in the Settings of your android devices. You can find your Super Backup: SMS & Contacts in the link we provided below.

Download Super Backup from Google Play>>

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