How to Clear Cache on iPhone Efficiently and Reliably?

In general, Apple devices that function based on iOS offers a great deal of convenience to the user. In the long run, however, app functions on these Apple devices tend to collect various information. The purpose of gathering such information is to improve the overall efficiency of the device. Instructions related to apps stored in the Cache memory of the device. This is to retrieve the instructions faster instead of reprocessing. Nevertheless, over time, this information can grow into a large amount and occupy considerable space of your device. This process might eventually end up reducing the efficiency of the device.

Although Apple devices don’t allocate much space to background apps, the issue as mentioned above may persist. Clearing up the cache memory of your Apple device can ensure a faster and better user experience. So, it is always better to know how to clear cache on iPhone efficiently. Well, this article contains the solution to this answer. Read on if you wish to know how to clear cache on iPhone.

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Part 1. How to clear cache on iPhone (Safari Cache)?

You can find the Safari browser app on all the iPhones and iPads. This specific browser is developed in order to offer an exceptional browsing experience with uncompromised efficiency. Most of the iOS users don’t want to go for an alternative browser.

That is mainly because of the impressive speed and the security features it has. Other than that, Safari comes with a variety of options to offer a better user experience. However, to offer such a large range of features, Safari requires some space. It will utilize the cache memory of the device to store this information. After some time, however, you may need to delete this accumulated information in the cache memory. Well, here’s a guideline to clear cache on iPhone (Safari cache memory). In this case, you will be using nothing but the built-in Settings app on the device.

01. Launch the Settings app of the iPhone or iPad

As the first step, you should open the “Settings” app on your device. This icon is easily recognizable – it has the appearance of gear. This icon is located on the home screen of the iOS device.

Now, you should search for the Safari logo and tap on it.

03. Clear cache

After tapping on the Safari icon, you will be able to find several options. Just find “Clear History and Website Data“.

That’s basically it! This action will wipe out all the information like cookies, browsing history and other credentials.

Part 2. How to clear Cache on iPhone (All apps cache)?

When it comes to individual apps, it can be somewhat difficult to clean their cache one by one. In this case, you may try to uninstall these apps. But, there is a really efficient way to wipe out cache from individual apps and boost their performance.

01. First of all, you have to download iMyFone iPhone Cleaner. Select the appropriate version to match your computer (Mac OS or Windows).

Download iMyFone Umate Pro Free

02. At the completion of the download, you should launch the program and let it install

03. Connect your iPhone device to the computer

04. Now, you should go to the 1-click free up space tab and find “Junk Files” option. It will start to perform a scan.

05. You should now click on the “Clean” option. This process will clean the junk files including your device’s CACHE.

This feature doesn’t cost you anything at all. If you wonder how to clear cache on iPhone without costing anything, iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner is an excellent option.

Part 3. Cleaning the memory of an iOS device

Sometimes, your phone can get pretty slow if there are plenty of apps on it. In addition to that, videos and music files too can cause a significant impact on the speed. This is when you should consider cleaning up the memory of the iOS device and regain speed. When it comes to deleting music and video files on your iPhone, you can do it manually. You can go to the “Music” app and start deleting them manually. However, if you prefer a more convenient way, you can try a user-friendly app called iPhone Music Transfer. Apart from just deleting the files, you can use this software to back up those files. Later on, you will be able to restore the deleted items.

Part 4. Perform a deep iPhone cleanup via iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Cleaner

In addition to wiping out data from the cache, you can use iMyFone iPhone cleaner to perform a total cleanup. In fact, this respective product can offer you a one-click cleanup. As we are aware, cleaning up junk files is not an advance process. Such process deploys a really basic file deletion. However, if you expect to boost your performance well and increase the efficiency, you should use an advance tool. This is exactly when you should consider using iMyFone.

Here are some of the notable features associated with iMyFone.

  • You can clear your iPhone data, remove Apple ID from iPhone & clear up all the temporary files as well as the other junk files
  • It can find and clean hidden temporary files of more than 30 varieties
  • Other than deleting, it can compress the photos stored and acquire 75% more space without compromising photo quality
  • The one-click delete option lets you clean files in bulk
  • This tool can delete files permanently (anyone can recover manually deleted files)
  • It can also clean sensitive personal information such as deleting snapchat messages, text messages, other chat messages, deleting the email account from your iPad, memos, video clips, voice clips, recordings, screenshots, and fragments of the previously installed apps.

Download iMyFone Umate Pro Free

Here’s how to clear cache on iPhone and clear iPhone memory perfectly

01. Connect your iOS device to the computer

Launch iMyFone iPhone cleaner and install it on your computer. After the installation process is completed, you need to connect your iPhone device to the computer.

02. Scan

After connecting the phone, you should start the scanning process. Just click on the “Quick Scan” button and wait until it scans your Phone. At the completion of the scan, the software will display the types of files you can erase.

03. Clean

Now that you found the files that can be deleted, it is a matter of cleaning. Just select the type of the files and hit “Clean“.

Part 5. Clean your iOS device’s cache completely using dr.fone – Erase (iOS)

It is really common to see iPads and iPhones slow down a little after being used for some time. This might not cause a serious issue at the beginning. However, as time goes by, your iOS device will give you a really hard time. It is true that there are several causes to slow down the iPhone or the iPad. However, the apps you have installed on this device can easily consume a considerable amount of memory. Most of the time that can be the major reason to slow down the iOS device.

In general, apps accumulate large amounts of data that consume memory. Apart from that, files like incomplete downloads, accumulated cookies, etc. can slow down the memory. Therefore, you should take precise measures to optimize your phone in a timely manner. Although many people are aware of the importance of cleaning iOS device, only a few know how to do it.

Manual optimization of your iPhone or iPad may not be easy due to various reasons. However, you can optimize your iOS device conveniently using a sophisticated tool like dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS). This particular software tool can clean log files, temp files, cache memory, and other app-generated files. It is capable of detecting up to 6 types of files that can slow down your iOS device.


Here’s a list of features associated with dr.fone – Erase (iOS)

  • It can erase all content and settings on iPhone/iPad & permanently erase information available on iPhone and Android
  • It can remove deleted filed permanently from iOS systems
  • You can use this product to clear sensitive private date from iOS devices
  • It is a very effective tool to get more space and optimize your iPhone or iPad
  • This product supports both Windows and Mac

Download dr.fone – iOS Erase Free

At the completion of the cleanup, this software will display the results. It will show the regained memory. The system will start to work fine after such optimization. If you wonder how to clear cache on iPhone and iPad, these options can do a superb job. You may select the best option depending on your personal preference.