How to Clear Cookies on Mac – the Fastest Way in 2022

When you browse the internet like any other user, you might get notifications related to cookies pretty often.

The Cookies are s special type of data bundle that is stored on your Mac. They are saved on the Mac by the browser, which is used to access the internet. Depending on the website you browse, the amounts of cookies used can vary.

Some websites store large amounts of cookies, and they will be used for various purposes in the future. At times, cookies can become a problem, and users want to know how to clear cookies on Mac.

We know that the word ‘cookie‘ is not a new term for you. However, do you know the functionality of cookies? Can they become problematic, or are they useful?

Many websites use cookies to store different types of information on your Mac (especially about the browsing session).

To make things clearer, we are going to list down some of the most frequently asked questions about cookies. These questions and answers will explain the functionality of the cookies very clearly, and the reasons to clear them.

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Q1: I get a notification about cookies. What are they?

Almost every person sees at least a couple of notifications about cookies every day when they browse the web. In simplest terms, cookies are a small bundle of data files. These small files store different types of information related to the user.

For instance, cookies comprise input and sign-in information, browsing activities related to specific sessions, search history, etc. Cookies convert such information into text files. Then, those text files are stored on the Mac. When you visit the same website once again, the data stored in cookies will come to action.

Whenever you visit the same website again and again, you will see that it displays similar search results. These search results are similar to what you searched during the previous browsing session.

The same scenario can be applied to filling out online forms and signing in on a page again. That means cookies reuse the saved data to make browsing faster and more convenient for the user.

So, for now, we say that cookies are a pretty useful aspect that makes internet browsing a friendlier experience.

Q2: Are there different types of cookies? If so, what are they?

Yes. There are different types of cookies, and they are used by websites for different purposes. All the websites we access have a specific set of cookies, and those cookies come in various types.

However, to give you a clearer idea, we will explain it regarding only three major browsers. Namely, those browsers are Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

As you may already know, Chrome Safari and Firefox are the most widely used browsers. So, we assume that the vast majority of our users depend on one of those browsers. These browsers usually store a considerable number of cookies. Over time, cookies can gather in large numbers, and as a result, you are required to delete them regularly.

When you use the aforesaid browsers on a frequent basis, the amounts of cookies gathered can be very high. These cookies comprise settings, personal preferences as well as user information. In a nutshell, these cookies can be considered the essence of the previous browsing sessions.

There are many websites that practically obey the Privacy Law for Cookies. This law is introduced by countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom to protect users’ privacy.

So, the websites that obey the Cookie Privacy Law disclose the fact that they are using cookies. So, the user can either agree to the usage of cookies or not. With that said, here are the main types of cookies we intend to discuss.

01. Session Cookies

Session cookies are stored for a specific, short session on the web browser you are using. These cookies are saved on a temporary basis, only for the period, you keep the browser open. That means, these cookies get automatically deleted once the browser is closed.

Session cookies pose a minimal threat to your privacy because they get disappear without leaving any trace. So, we can say those session cookies are the most innocent type of cookies. These cookies don’t collect, store, or share your personal information.

02. Persistent Cookies

The most significant characteristic of persistent cookies is that they are ‘Persistent.’ They don’t get deleted by themselves even if you close the browser. However, persistent cookies require manual deletion. Your hard disk will be occupied by persistent cookies to store your personal information.

So, deleting persistent cookies on a frequent basis is exceptionally important for those who are concerned about privacy.

Q3: Can cookies be dangerous?

Now that we have a general idea about cookies and their functionality. Let’s dig a bit deeper. In this paragraph, we intend to explain the reasons for you to delete cookies on your Mac. In other words, we explain why every user should know how to clear cookies on Mac.

It is true that cookies help you in achieving a better browsing experience in general. Also, a single cookie file does not exceed 4 kilobytes. However, over time, cookies can gather in large numbers and consume a considerable space of your hard disk. The more websites you visit, the more the cookie files gather in the hard drive.

In addition to space-related issues, cookies can put your privacy at risk. As we mentioned before, cookies store information like search history, login information recommendations, etc. So, these cookie files can easily be acquired by the other users in the same network.

In addition to that, other input information can be available for third parties who can access cookie files. So, it is needless to mention that cookies are exceptionally risky because they comprise personal information. To avoid making cookie files available for third parties, you must delete them as soon as possible.

So, at the bottom line, cookies can be dangerous because they pose various issues to your privacy. However, you can minimize the risk significantly simply by knowing how to clear cookies on Mac.

How to clear cookies on Mac using the manual method

Now we are ‘addressing the elephant in the room‘; how to clear cookies on Mac? In this section of our article, we explain how to delete cookies on three leading web browsers. Namely, we explain how to delete cookie files on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

There are a few manual ways to get rid of cookies on your Mac and eliminate potential security threats. Depending on the type of web browser you use, the steps used can differ slightly.

How to clear cookies on Safari on Mac

  • First of all, launch Safari from ‘Menu Bar‘ and choose the option called ‘Preferences.’
  • Then, go to the option labeled ‘Privacy‘ and then click on the option called ‘Manage Website Data.’
  • As the last step, click on the option ‘Remove all,’ and you will see that cookies are deleted.
Safari Preferences

How to clear cookies on Chrome on Mac

  • Launch Chrome and click on the ‘More‘ option located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the option called ‘Settings‘ thereafter.
  • You can then click on the option called ‘Show Advanced Settings‘ and then go to ‘Clear browsing data.’ This option is located under ‘Privacy.’
  • Once the window is popped up, you should choose ‘Cookies and other site plugin data.’ Then, you should click on ‘Clear browsing data‘ and delete cookies files on your Chrome browser.
Clear Browser cookies and other site data

How to clear cookies on Firefox on Mac

  • Go to the Firefox web browser and choose the option called ‘Preferences‘ and then go to ‘Privacy.’
  • You will see the ‘History‘ option there. Just click on it and choose the ‘Use custom settings for history‘ option. Then go to the ‘Show Cookies‘ option as well.
  • Now, you have two options. You can either delete cookies separately or delete all the cookies at once. To delete all the cookies at once, you should choose the option ‘Remove All.’
clear firefox cookies

Those are the steps to delete cookies on Mac. However, the process can be pretty long and time-consuming, especially when you have to do it frequently. Accessing the settings of the browser and deleting cookies manually is not the fastest and most efficient method.

However, the good news is that there is a faster, more efficient, and more convenient method to do it. Did you know that there is special software that can delete cookies with a single click? It is called CleanMyMac, and it comes with various handy features for the convenience of Mac users.

Bonus: is it possible to disable cookies on Mac?

In simplest terms, YES, it is possible! Deleting cookies can be a frustrating task for many individuals. So, disabling cookies on Mac can be a very productive way to address it. To do that, you should access the settings of your web browser and disable cookies.

Let’s take the Safari browser as an example and learn how to disable cookies through the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Safari browser and click on ‘Menu Bar.
  • Go to the ‘Preferences‘ menu.
  • Then, choose the option called ‘Always Block‘ so the cookies will not store any of your data.

However, as a result of this process, some of the websites may not function normally. Those sites demand the use of cookies to function properly. In that case, you can choose the option called ‘Allow from the current website.’ This option will allow only the respective website to store cookies.

Conclusion on How to Clear Cookies on Mac

So that’s how to clear cookies on Mac and get it back to its optimal performance. In addition to that, deleting cookies is pretty helpful in terms of securing your online privacy.

If you find it difficult to delete cookies through the manual method (like any other user), use CleanMyMac. It is a tool that can clean cookies as well as other junk files to optimize your Mac’s performance.

Also, you can disable cookies on your web browser as a precaution. We appreciate it if you can leave us a comment about the information we shared in this article.


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