How to Copy Photos from Samsung Galaxy to iPad (Air/Mini/Pro) Without Data Loss

To have a better experience to enjoy your photos, you may want to import your photos on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7 to iPad, which has a bigger screen and higher resolution. There are two ways available for you. Check them out now.

Part 1: Sync photos from Galaxy phone to iPad with iTunes

As we all know, iTunes acts as a manager among all Apple products. It can manage all data on the iPad, iPod and iPhone. By using the sync function, you can transfer Samsung Galaxy Photos to iPad (iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Pro). Now, let’s see how to transfer pictures from Samsung Galaxy phone to iPad with iTunes.

First, connect both your Samsung Galaxy Phone and iPad with the computer via USB cables. Then choose photos and export them from the disk drive of your Samsung Galaxy phone on your computer. Next, launch iTunes. Thus, please make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer. Once launched, iTunes will detect your iPad automatically and display the content of it on the left sidebar of the main interface. To pop up the iPad management screen on the right pane, you have to click your iPad on the left sidebar. And then find the Photos on the top line and click it. Make the “Sync Photos from” selection and browse the exported photos on your computer. After it, press “Apply” button at the lower right corner. As you can see, the emerging small window will ask if you want clear all existing photos on iPad and sync those to your iPad. You just need to click “Remove and Sync”. Within a few minutes, it should be finished. Then you can enjoy your photos on your iPad.

Despite iTunes run properly in syncing photos to your iPad, there are still some limitations in it. For example, whenever you sync photos to iPad, iTunes removes all the existing photos in the Photo Library. In this way, you may suffer a great loss of photos, especially those on your iPad are original.

So, is there any other tools can help you move photos/pictures from Samsung Galaxy Phone to iPad without losing the existing photos on iPad? Sure. All you need is to download dr.fone – Phone Transfer. We are about to talk more about it in the subsequent part. Just keep going.

Part 2: Copy photos from Samsung Galaxy Phone to iPad without data loss

At the very beginning, please download dr.fone on your computer first. This tool enables you to transfer pictures from your Samsung Galaxy Phone to your iPad within one click. Just follow three easy steps and you will make it.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Launch dr.fone on your PC.

After downloading, install dr.fone on your PC. Then double click the icon of this transfer tool on the desktop to launch it. Please note that you have to install iTunes on your computer before you run dr.fone for Galaxy photos to iPad transfer.


Step 2: Get your Samsung Galaxy Phone and iPad connected with PC

Then connect both your Samsung Galaxy Phone and iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini with PC via USB cables. This transfer tool will display the devices on the main window once it detects them. You may notice one is shown as “Source” and another as “Destination“. If you want to switch the place of them, you can activate the “Flip” button. Besides, you can tick off “Clear data before copy” if you need to make room for the photos.

photos from galaxy to iPad Air

Step 3: Transfer pictures from Samsung Galaxy Phone to iPad

Before you begin the transferring process, remove the marks of contacts and music. We today want to move photos only, so just uncheck the corresponding marks.

samsung galaxy photos to iPad Mini

When everything is done, click the “Start Transfer” button. And a transfer dialog will pop up showing the percentage of the photo transfer. When the photo transfer is over, just click OK to end it.

Well done! Now, you can enjoy your photos on your iPad. Just tap Photos on your iPad screen to check them out.

Now that dr.fone – Phone Transfer is so wonderful, why not just download it now?

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer