How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone Completely

Why Need to Know How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone Completely
Instagram is a great way of sharing your pictures, Funny Instagram Bios,  Funny Hashtags, and life with your friends and family online. You can document your life’s precious moments and post them on a daily basis, and let people follow you and comment on their opinions on their moments. It is all fun and games when you post the pictures of your trips, your food, your shopping sprees, and the weird places you visit and discover. But all of that can turn nightmarish when stalkers and hackers get on your tail.

The lurking monsters of the internet that troll your page and use your personal pictures in their own malign motives only make your life hell. Their motivation is only to irritate you and harm you for fun. But sadly, no matter how much you complain and put on police cases, it is difficult to get your privacy back. And the only option that you are left with is to delete your Instagram account and all its content completely. You can, of course, make a new one later and encrypt it better but first, you need to get rid of the original one as you may also know something about Instagram Password Hack as well as what to do when Instagram Keeps Stopping.

And in the course of this article, we will teach you how to delete Instagram account on iPhone in detail by using two separate methods, both of which can come handy while deleting your account. Both of which are divided into their separate parts. So let us begin:

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Part 1. How to delete Instagram account on iPhone

You can delete your Instagram account with the help of two kinds of separate deletion. One involves in temporarily deleting your Instagram account, while the other lets you delete your Instagram account in its entirety. Both of these methods will teach you how to delete Instagram account on iPhone. And here is the first one:

a. How to delete your Instagram account temporarily

This method will enable you to delete your Instagram account temporarily. You can do it for many different reasons, including to focus on something much more productive, or to study for exams. Once you are done with whatever you wanted to do while you suspend your account, you can just restore it whenever need be. To learn how to delete Instagram account on iPhone temporarily, you will need to follow the given steps below.

Step 1: The first step is to open the Instagram application from your iPhone and then log into your profile.

Step 2: The second step on how to delete Instagram account on iPhone is to go on the top right corner of your profile. Open it and you will have the option of your account which will contain ‘Saved‘, ‘Story Settings‘, ‘Edit Profile‘, ‘Change Password‘, ‘Two-factor Authentication‘, ‘Posts You’ve Liked‘, ‘blocked Users‘, ‘Switch to Business Profile‘, and finally the option of ‘Private account.’

Step 3: Click on the edit profile option and locate the option of temporarily disabling your account. Once you have located it, you will need to click on it.

Delete Instagram Account on iPhone temporarily

And so your account will be deleted temporarily.

The application will also ask you a reason for doing so, which you can answer by choosing the following options:

  • Just need a break
  • Trouble getting started
  • Created a second account
  • Privacy concerns
  • Want to remove something
  • Too busy/ too distracting
  • Can’t find people to follow
  • Too many ads
  • Something else

Choose the option that is viable to you as Instagram will act upon it accordingly. But whenever you feel like coming back to Instagram, all you will need to do is enable your account again and you will receive all of your content back on your Instagram account quite easily.

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b. How to permanently delete your Instagram account on your iPhone

This is the type of deletion that is entirely serious. As once you go through with it, you will lose all of your Instagram content and will not come back from it. All of your memories, messages, and connections will be lost, never to come back. Whatever may be your reason, you have to be completely sure that you absolutely want it. So here is how to delete Instagram account on iPhone permanently, just follow the given steps and you will be successful in your endeavor.

Step 1: Open the official Instagram website on your iPhone and log into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Locate the section of ‘Delete your Instagram account‘.

Step 3: Click on it and then choose the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account as mentioned before and select it.

Step 4: Re-enter your password in the box below and then click on ‘Permanently Delete My Account‘.

Delete Instagram Account

Your account will be permanently deleted with all its content. But after deleting it all of your data, your comments, your chats, and your connections will be lost forever. But there is a way through which you can just erase all of your Instagram data only on your iPhone to just protect it from hackers without deleting your account permanently. And so, let us move the method to learn how to delete Instagram account on iPhone without deleting the account permanently.

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Part 2. How to delete your Instagram data and fragments from your iPhone permanently

This is the method through which you can delete your Instagram data without deleting your Instagram account personally. This method is perfect if you think your phone is compromised and you especially need to delete all of its data on your phone. But all that cannot be done by simple iPhone settings but instead, requires the help of external software that is specially designed to do such a task.

This software is called the iMyfone Umate Pro, which is one of the most popular data eraser software specially created for iPhone and iOS devices. It is used to delete your iPhone data permanently and so can be used to delete your iPhone data specifically.

Here are few of the iMyFone Umate Pro’s features:

  • It will erase all of your data and will delete everything with just one tap of a button, and no one will be able to recover it again.
  • It will erase all of your files from your iPhone permanently and will leave no trace on your device.
  • The software can be used to erase thumbnails, passwords, pictures, cookies and even text files from any of the chosen applications.
  • The software can also be used for deleting private fragments created by third-party applications including Instagram, Kik, WhatsApp, snap chat, etc.

So with further adieu let us learn how to delete Instagram data using this software.

How to erase your Instagram data using iMyFone Umate Pro

And here are the steps you can follow to learn how to delete Instagram account on iPhone with the use of iMyFone Umate Pro:

Step 1: The first step you need to follow is download iMyFone in your computer and install it.

Download iMyFone Umate Pro Free

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Delete Instagram Account on iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro

Step 3: Open the software and select the option of ‘Erase All Data‘ mode.

Step 4: tap on the ‘Erase‘ option and type the word ‘delete‘ in the confirmation box.

All of your Instagram data will be deleted from your iPhone, but your Instagram account will be accessible with all of your data intact. It is our hope that both of these methods have helped you understand how to delete Instagram account on iPhone.

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