How to Delete Instagram Photos / Post You Have Posted

You have ended up reading this article probably because you were searching how to delete Instagram photos. Well, the good news is that this article reveals the answer to this question. So, read this article till the end.

There are more than one billion active users on Instagram, and the number is getting bigger and bigger. If you are among this massive crowd, you are entitled to a ‘Photo Feed.’ Even if you have not posted anything on it, the feed will be available. However, in general, most of the users fill their photo feeds with various types of photos. Some of them have a couple of photos while some may have thousands of photos. As a general practice, however, Instagram users generally upload photos constantly to their Photo Feed. These images can be of various contents ranging from personal photographs to beautiful sceneries.

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Why should you learn how to delete Instagram photos?

As time goes by, the number of pictures can mount up in an Instagram account. As a result, managing those images will be tedious. Even if you use third-party tools to manage these graphical contents, it will still be a tiresome process. Due to various reasons, you may want to delete some of the images you have already uploaded to Instagram. Depending on the number of images your Photo Feed has, the difficulty of the task might vary.

There is no shortage of reasons for an Instagram user to delete photos in their Instagram Photo Feed. Apply this situation to yourself. Sometimes, you may capture a selfie, and you are impressed with it at once. Then, you upload it to your Instagram Photo Feed. A couple of hours later, you notice a ‘not-so-good’ characteristic of it. Then, you will need to delete it. Or, there is a photobomber in your image which you didn’t notice at the time of uploading. If not, what if you need to leave all the memories behind and start fresh? Likewise, there can be plenty of reasons to delete photos. So, learning how to delete Instagram post can be handy for you at any time. Don’t worry; we will explain the same very soon after exposing some important details about it.


Deleting the Instagram photos of your account is a totally personal decision. However, what if Instagram is the only place where those images are saved, and you need them later on? That’s a risk, isn’t it? Sometimes, we will delete images without thinking too far and regret one day about it. So, we strongly suggest you make sure that you really need to delete those photos. Even if you do, it’s a very smart approach to back up the images or videos before deleting them. Well, creating a backup of the images or videos is a personal choice, though. This paragraph is just a recommendation. We have just explained the possible consequences and solutions for it.

When it comes to the deletion of individual images or videos, it is not rocket science on Instagram. Deleting a single video or an image which you have uploaded mistakenly can be done with ease. Also, there are times that you need to get rid of all the photos and freshen up your account. Don’t worry. We will discuss both of the scenarios in this article and provide solutions as well.

Regardless of the reason, you can actually get rid of the images. But remember that you can delete those images from your Instagram account, cloud, and the devices you own. Oops… what does that mean? In fact, someone from the other end of the world can save your Instagram images on their devices.

Needless to say, you cannot delete them. If they have already taken screenshots or downloaded your images, there is nothing you can do about it. They only way to delete those images is to request them to delete your images they have saved politely. The truth is that we cannot guarantee if they live up to their word. Again, this is an important tip to remember before uploading an image into Instagram or another social media platform. There is no shortage of incidents linked to wrongfully used images in social media platforms. Have this friendly warning in mind when doing ‘photoshoots‘ for social media.

How to delete an Instagram post (individual photo)?

If you want to know how to delete an Instagram post (an individual photo), this is the section to read. The truth is that deleting a single Instagram photo is a very simple task for any user. But what you remember is that you can do it through your mobile app only. In other words, you cannot delete an Instagram photo through their website. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s the same account with the same images and posts even if you are using different methods to visit it. So, the deletions you perform will affect the web-based Instagram profile too.

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Mentioned below are the steps to delete an Individual photo from your Instagram account.

  • Get your mobile and launch the Instagram app.
  • Tap on the ‘Home‘ icon.
  • Now, expand the photo you intend to delete from the account.
  • Now, tap on the ‘three-dotted‘ icon (located at the upper right-hand corner).
  • Tap on the option labeled ‘Delete.’

It’s that simple!

How to delete Instagram photos (multiple photos) at once?

When it comes to deleting multiple photos simultaneously on Instagram, the method is different. In fact, Instagram doesn’t have a feature to perform such a task. Nevertheless, there is one method to get it done. We will explain it below for your convenience. However, if you want to delete a large number of images, you should opt to a third-party app.

Let’s see how to do it now.

Whenever you want to delete a considerable number of images, you should launch Instagram on website. Now, you should find all the images that should be gone. Then assign each of these images with a hashtag. Make sure that these hashtags are unique and no one has used them before. Make sure that all these hashtags are saved in the clipboard first and then past them to each picture.

After tagging al the images, you should go to the app. You already know that you cannot delete images through the web. In the mobile app, you should perform a search using the hashtag. Now, all the pictures (which you intend to delete) will appear in the search pretty quickly. You don’t want to scroll up and down anymore to do it. You can not delete these images (one by one) using the app. Although this is not the 100% perfect solution, it can save you some time, and it is free.

How to delete all the images from your Instagram account?

There are times where some individuals want to delete every single image on their Instagram account. Well, if you face such a situation, you obviously need the assistance of a dedicated app. Luckily, there is no shortage of apps for this purpose. Nevertheless, let’s focus on two of those apps for the moment (for iPhone and for Android).

  • InstaClean for iOS
  • Cleaner for Instagram (for Android and iOS)

Both of these apps allow you to unfollow and delete in mass-scale on your Instagram account. So, managing your Instagram account is made easier with these types of solutions, isn’t it?

InstaClean for iOS

As mentioned, InstaClean is available for iPhones only. Apart from deleting all the photos, it allows you to approve the following requests (all of them) as well. In addition to that, it can be used to mass unfollow. The basic version of InstaClean is free. However, if it is necessary, you can go for additional features for a price. Mentioned below are the steps do a mass delete Instagram images.

how to delete Instagram photos with InstaClean for iOS
  • Launch the app and log into it through Instagram credentials.
  • Tap on the icon labeled ‘Media.’
  • Tap on all the pictures and posts that should be deleted.
  • Now, tap on the icon appears like a trash can.
  • Tap on ‘Delete‘ to confirm the action.

Download InstaClean for iOS

Cleaner for Instagram (for Android and iOS)

This is an app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Just like the previous option, the basic version of Cleaner for Instagram is free. In fact, the free version lets you perform 50 actions, and then you will have to go for the Pro version. In addition to deleting photos, it also lets you manage followers on a mass scale. Besides, there are other several Instagram-related actions to perform with this app. You may follow the steps below to mass delete Instagram photos using this app on an Android device.

how to delete Instagram photos with Clean for Instagram
  • Open the app and use your Instagram credentials.
  • Tap the icon labeled ‘Media.’
  • Tap ‘Quick Select‘.
  • Then tap on ‘Select All.’
  • Select the option labeled ‘Actions.’
  • Tap on ‘Delete.’
  • Tap on ‘Start Now‘ to confirm the process.

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Well, that’s how to delete Instagram photos as well as how to delete an Instagram post on your account. If you like this article, please leave us a comment below. Thanks!