Many iPhone users want to use customized ringtones on their devices. In fact, having personalized ringtones that can express feelings is an exciting feeling for any iPhone user. Well, the good news is that it is totally POSSIBLE to have your favorite songs as ringtones. More importantly, free iPhone ringtones can be downloaded from websites. If you are an iPhone user, this must be really good news for you. The purpose of this article is to explain several ways to download free iPhone ringtones.

Although free iPhone ringtones do exist, most of the resources remain unrevealed for novice users. However, we have done some extensive research for you and intended to expose the best resources. So, if you are an iPhone user who needs to have some exciting ringtones, this article will be handy. More importantly, the methods we mention in this article are completely legal.

Segment 1. Best 05 websites to download free iPhone ringtones

Let’s begin by emphasizing the best five websites to download free iPhone ringtones for your device.


This is a really impressive website that offers a range of free iPhone ringtones in MP3 and MP4 formats. Moreover, this website offers ringtones for both iOS devices and Android devices. The ringtones they offer come under different categories. Hip-hop, country, Disco, Rock, R&B, Silly, Funny, etc. are some of those categories. The interface of the website comes with a very friendly appearance. Navigation through the available options is pretty easy with this website.

02. is another rich resource that comes with a massive range of ringtones and other stuff for your smartphone. Apart from beautiful and exciting ringtones, they offer a large range of wallpapers and games for Android devices. Many iPhone users consider as the best resource for ringtones. They offer their ringtones for free. You can download free iPhone ringtones on your computer, QR code and through the mail. In addition to their web-based resource, they offer a very friendly mobile app to download ringtones.


Mobile9 is yet another website that offers a large range of free iPhone ringtones. Their website is designed to be user-friendly. In addition to the ringtones, they have a bank of wallpapers, videos, games and various other stuff for smartphones. All the products they offer are free of charge. Mobile9 is more of a community that comprises a large number of users.

04. Melofania

If you like to create ringtones online, you shouldn’t miss a resource like Melofania. Apart from creating ringtones online, you can download the available ringtones on your phone using this website. Searching for ringtones is pretty easy if you use this website. In addition to that, this comprehensive tool allows extracting preferred sounds from YouTube.

05., just as the name suggests, is a resourceful website that comes with various free iPhone ringtones. This respective tool allows you to listen to the ringtones before downloading them into the iPhone. Such an approach keeps you away from wasting time over downloading unwanted ringtones on your iPhone. This website comprises of highly popular ringtones. However, Freetone doesn’t allow you to download ringtones without the assistance of iTunes or another iOS transfer software.

Segment 2. Download free iPhone ringtones without using iTunes

iTunes 12.7 and newer versions don’t come with the option called “Tones”. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot set ringtones anymore. There is a way to get free iPhone ringtones without the assistance of iTunes. In this case, however, we will have to use a special tool called iMyFone TunesMate.

There are always limitations when it comes to creating ringtones in your iOS device. Moreover, it can be a tedious task to create custom ringtones on your device. So, having a powerful tool is compulsory if you intend to download free iPhone ringtones without iTunes. That is exactly when iMyFone TunesMate comes into play. This respective software comes with a range of tools to manage the files in your iOS. It helps you create custom ringtones using any song you like and save the result directly on iPhone. In addition to that, this tool can download free iPhone ringtones easily on your device without any hassle.

Most notable features associated with iMyFone TunesMate

  • TunesMate allows you to create custom ringtones using any song of your preference
  • Let you make custom ringtones either in iPhone or computer
  • It is compatible with all the music formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, WMA, etc.
  • It has very accurate tools to cut the exact section of the song and make it your ringtone
  • TunesMate makes it possible to transfer ringtones to iPhone without affecting the existing data
  • It can transfer existing ringtones from the iPhone to the computer (or hard drive) and computer to iPhone
  • It fix iTunes WiFi Sync Not working & iPhone not showing up on PC easily

Download iMyFone TunesMate Free

A. How to transfer free iPhone ringtones – the step-by-step guide

01. Open iMyFone TunesMate on the computer. Then, connect the iPhone to the same computer.

02. Now, click on the tab labeled “Music” on the top. Select the option called “Ringtones” located in the left sidebar.

03. Now, click on the “Add” option and select “Add File“. Make sure that you locate and select the ringtone in your computer to synchronize it to the iPhone.

At the completion of this simple process, you will be able to see the ringtones in your iOS device.

B. How to make a personalized ringtone for your iPhone

Here’s how to create a personalized ringtone on your iPhone using your favorite song.

01. Open iMyFone TunesMate on the computer. Connect your iPhone to the same computer using the original USB cable.

02. Now, click on the option labeled “Music” at the top of the menu. Then, select the option called “Ringtone“.

03. Click on “Ringtone Maker“.

04. Now, you can select a song from “Local Music” option or “Device Music“. When the song starts to play, you can decide the part you are going to use as your ringtone.

05. Now, you should click on the option called “Ringtone Audition” to preview the ringtone you created. Then, you should save the created ringtone on the iOS device or your computer. To do this, you can either select “Save to Device” or “Save to PC” depending on your preference. Since you are going to save a ringtone for iPhone, you should select “Save to Device” option. The ringtone you have just created will appear on your iPhone.

C. Reasons why iMyFone TunesMate is the best to handle free iPhone ringtones

Here are some good reasons to consider iMyFone TunesMate as the best tool to deal with ringtones.

  • Using TunesMate gives you a really convenient user experience and eliminates all the complex processes.
  • It allows you to synchronize the iTunes library with the iOS device seamlessly without causing any data loss.
  • As opposed to iTunes, you can use TunesMate to export all (purchased and non-purchased) music files. iTunes supports only the purchased files.
  • You can use TunesMate to share the purchased files with anyone, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.
  • Transferring files using iTunes can be done selectively or as a batch transfer.
  • As of today, iMyFone TunesMate is considered to be the best tool of its kind by many experts.

Get iMyFone TunesMate Free

Segment 3. How to set free iPhone ringtones on your device

Here’s how to set a ringtone on your iPhone device after transferring.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu of your iPhone (from home screen).
  • Go to the tab labeled “Sounds” and go further down to find the option “Sound and Vibration Patterns“.
  • Select “Ringtones” to see the available ringtones. Choose the ringtone you have just added.

That’s it.

Well, that is the most convenient and reliable way to download and set free iPhone ringtones. We hope that you enjoyed our article. Good luck!