Tumblr Audio Download | How to Download Music from Tumblr

Tumblr and Tumblr Audio Download

Tumblr is a widely used social media website, where users usually post visuals instead of writing something. The famous types of posts are GIFs and slideshows, and posting them is simple and quick. There is an easy dropdown menu for the latest posts, which allow for a diversity of special types of amazing posts, including audio and video entries. Commenting is different in Tumblr than other blog sites. The people who view your post can like and comment on it, which is quite similar to Instagram and Facebook. They can repost your blog on their blog, and they can also add a caption to it. You can also block users on Tumblr.

Though Tumblr offers you a variety of options to make an attractive site, promoting it can be quite tricky. It offers only one option to promote your site, which is linking your site to Google Analytics. Helpful tools like Statistics tracking and SEO are nowhere to be found. Without SEO tools, it becomes difficult to generate traffic for your blog. Tumblr is a blog creation site where you can see, read Tumblr content as well as create your own. It helps to create a community of people with similar interests. Users can share polls, images, videos, GIFs, and written content. Lack of SEO tools makes it difficult to promote your site outside the Tumblr ecosystem.

Tumblr is among the best social media platforms with approximately millions of users. You can share video, images, and other kinds of content to engage fellow users. Tumblr users can follow multiple bloggers of their choice. This app provides a feature to have a private blog. Tumblr was launched in 2007. While some people use this platform to showcase their opinions and ideas, while a few people utilize Tumblr to share their talent. There are times when we see some really good songs that are shared on Tumblr. These songs might not have a direct download link. So, if you want to download such music from Tumblr, this article is for you.

There are a few times when you don’t have internet access, so you will be forced to make a list of songs offline. However, every Tumblr audio that is shared does not give a link to download. In this article, we will take; you through 3 simple methods to download music/audio files from Tumblr.

Part 1: Tumblr and Its Features

The primary feature of Tumblr is the Dashboard. Tumblr’s Dashboard is similar to Facebook’s timeline. Users can like, comment, and share their content as well as other users. The type of content available on Tumblr ranges from quotes, links, images, audio files, and chat discussions. Tumblr is helpful for regular bloggers by giving them the option to schedule their posts, much like Wordpress.

It permits HTML editing for HTML enthusiasts. People who use Tumblr can have a personalized domain name. Users can also interact with each other via direct messages. They can also place tags to their posts to find the correct target audience.

Features of Tumblr

  • Schedule posts
  • Like, comment and, reblog
  • Customize page using tools
  • HTML editing
  • Text, quote, video files, and links are supported
  • Capable of tagging
  • Messaging
  • Customized domain name

Overall, Tumblr is a versatile, micro-blogging platform. Users can find people with shared interests and converse with them directly. Tumblr offers a community platform that helps people come together and share their thoughts.

Part 2: How to Download Music from Tumblr Through Add-ons/Browser Extension

This method will guide you to download any audio/music from Tumblr with the use of browser extension or Add-ons.

Steps to Download Music Via Add-ons/browser Extension:

For Firefox Browser

  • 1. Open your Firefox browser and download an Add-on called ‘Greasemonkey‘.
  • 2. Open Firefox, there will be a new icon.
  • 3. When you see the monkey icon, click on the ‘Enable’ option.
  • 4. Visit the official website of TumTaster and download the extension.
  • 5. Re-launch your Firefox browser.
  • 6. Open Tumblr.
  • 7. You will find a download option below every music post.
  • 8. Click on the download option and enjoy the audio.

For Chrome Browser

TumTaster extension is available for Chrome too. This will allow you to download music from the Tumblr app.

  • 1. Find the TumTaster extension and download it on your Chrome browser.
  • 2. Add the TumTaster extension on your browser.
  • 3. Launch Tumblr and search for any audio.
  • 4. You will notice a ‘Download’ option.
  • 5. Right click on it and choose ‘Save link as’
  • 6. This will save the music file to your local drive.

Part 3: How to Download Music from Tumblr Via Firefox or Chrome

Downloading music from Tumblr is a simple task if you use developer options, which are built in the latest browsers. If you are a Mozilla Firefox or Chrome user, follow the below mentioned steps to download music from Tumblr.

1. Launch Firefox or Chrome.

2. Open Tumblr and look for the audio that you wish to download.

3. Tap on the ‘Play’ button.

3. Right click on the music player.

4. Select ‘Inspect Element.’

5. Search for ‘< audio preload=”auto” >‘.

6. Tap on the HTML section to expand and copy it to src block.

7. Paste the URL in a new Firefox/Chrome window。

8. Tap on ‘Go.’

9. After these steps, the file will download itself. In case the music starts playing in the browser, right click on the music player and select ‘Save video as.’

10. This will download the audio.

11. Enjoy your music offline.

There is another alternate way to perform this process. This process is a very easy one but doesn’t work all the time.


1. Open Firefox, or Google Chrome.

2. Open Tumblr and search for the music

3. Launch developer console by either clicking on the F12 button or right click on that page and select ‘Inspect Element.’

4. Transfer to the ‘Network’ tab and wait for a while to load the requests.

5. Tap on the ‘Play’ option and see the URL for the audio

6. Right click on that link and select ‘Open link in new tab.’

7. Go to that tab.

8. Choose ‘Save video as’ for Chrome or ‘Save audio as’ for Firefox by right clicking on music player.

9. Wait for some time for the video to download.

10. As soon as the download finishes, listen to the music offline.

Part 4: How to Download Music from Tumblr with Desktop Downloader

iMusic application is one of the top-rated music downloaders for Tumblr. Songs on Tumblr can be downloaded easily using iMusic. It is accessible for both Windows and macOS operating systems. iMusic supports 10,000+ websites and can download music in just one click.

There are two ways to download Tumblr music with the help of iMusic. One method is, to copy and paste the URL of the music in this app, another method is to record the audio directly. It has an excellent feature that converts videos into audio files when you are transmitting music to any other device.

If you are an iTunes user, you will find out that iMusic does not need iTunes to transmit the audios which you have downloaded from Tumblr.

how to download audio from Tumblr Using iMusic

Features of iMusic

  • Supports the transferring of music between two devices
  • Android devices can use iTunes
  • Supports more than 10000 websites to download video and music
  • Delete any duplicate songs
  • Remove missing audio
  • Share your playlist
  • Arrange music library
  • YouTube is the source of a personal song
  • Fix covers and ID3 tags

Download iMusic Free

Part 5: How to Download Audio from Tumblr Using Online Methods

If you don’t wish to install any downloader on Windows or MAC, you can directly go online and download music from Tumblr. Some online downloaders allow you to download music without any third-party source. An online website, which is known as ‘DownloadVideosFrom.com‘, has an outstanding feature that lets you download songs from Vimeo, Facebook, and FC2 video websites to your PC directly. All you have to do is, enter the URL of music on the website and it will show you music to download. This website will help you to download files in MP4 HD, MP4, and MP3.

how to download audio from Tumblr Online

Part 6: Download Audio Using Extension

how to download audio from Tumblr Using Extension

To download Tumblr music in the browser, firstly, you will be required to download an extension in the browser. Firefox and Chrome have stores to provide extensions to users according to their needs.

After downloading an extension for Tumblr audio in your browser, you can download audio from Tumblr simply.

Part 7: Tumblr Audio Download Directly on Android

You can directly download music from Tumblr on your Android devices using downloader applications. There are multiple downloader applications available in the play store free of cost. For instance, a video downloader, which is for Tumblr, can save photos, videos, and audio from the app without any issues.

The video downloader application is free to access and very convenient to use. All you have to do is, play videos on Tumblr; you’ll see a share option of the downloader app. After clicking on the downloader app, you can easily download music from Tumblr.

Part 8: How to Download Music from Tumblr on iOS

In the App store, very few applications are available to download music from Tumblr on iOS. One application, named as ‘Tyblr’ is a good app that will help you in downloading the songs easily. Tyblr is a user-friendly app. It is easy and convenient to use.

To download music from Tumblr, download the Tyblr app, and open the Tumblr account. This app will analyze and provide the URL of the post that you are browsing. You just have to download that link.

Tumblr has one of the largest fandoms of popular culture. It is extremely famous among teenagers and youngsters. Tumblr lacks sharing options; its content can be easily found on multiple websites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Do you still feel that Tumblr audio download is a tough task? We hope that your answer is ‘NO.’ All the seven parts have briefly described the download process to ease your job of downloading music from Tumblr. Feel free to try the methods mentioned above to download music from Tumblr. Thanks for reading the article.


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