How to Erase iPhone X without iCloud Password Completely

When you want to erase your iPhone X because you either bought it from a friend or simply want a fresh start unless you know the iCloud password of the linked iCloud account, then you will have to find out how to erase your iPhone X without an iCloud password.

Even if you’ve just lost your iCloud password or simply forgot it, you’re going to experience a lot of issues, and you won’t be provided with full access to Apple services such as iCloud, the iTunes Store, Apple Pay, the iCloud panel, and in this case, you won’t be able to erase your iPhone X.

Now, you might be thinking that learning about does resetting iPhone to delete everything & how to erase iPhone X without the iCloud password is easy to do, however, resetting your iCloud account can be a dreadful process. Depending on how you set up your iCloud account security, you will be asked to:

  • Enter your email address, a previous account password, or the answers to selected security questions
  • Verify two-factor authentication
  • Verify two-step verification

This might sound like a somewhat simple process, but with consideration to how your iCloud account is linked to a lot of different things, Apple is very strict when it comes to iCloud security.

With this in mind, our focus in this article will be on how to erase iPhone X without an iCloud password, and by the end of this article, you’ll have gotten back into your iPhone X without any issues.

Also, you may want to know how to change or delete the iCloud account.

Method #1 – Contact the Previous Owner

While most people have bought themselves a new iPhone X and therefore won’t have to learn how to erase iPhone X without the iCloud password, if you bought your iPhone X from someone else then your best bet is to contact the previous owner.

After contacting them, there are a few steps that they can follow to give full access to the iPhone X and remove their iCloud account from the device.

Step #1 – Have them go onto a computer and log in to the online iCloud panel.

Step #2 – After logging into the iCloud panel, they should click on the “Find my iPhone” feature from the menu.

Step #3 – Next, they should click on the “All Device” menu and select the iPhone X from that menu.

Step #4 – Lastly, they can either click on “Remove from Account” or “Erase iPhone“.
If you ask them to use the “Remove from Account” option, then their iCloud account will simply be removed, and any data that is on the device will remain intact. The device will restart shortly after and once it has loaded up, the iCloud account will be unlinked.

However, if this doesn’t work the first time and you ask them to click on “Erase iPhone“, all of the data that is stored on the iPhone X will be erased (this includes any data that you have recently put on it). Of course, this isn’t the optimal approach, and using DirectUnlocks is your best choice, although you can always use this method.

Method #2 – Using iCloud Unlock Tool

By using this method, there’s no need for you to learn how to erase iPhone X without the iCloud password. The thing is when you use this website, you are handing the problem over to someone else to take care of it for you, and after a few days, you’ll be able to get access to the iCloud account and erase the iPhone X yourself.

Step #1 – Start by going to the DirectUnlocks website on your computer.


Step #2 – From the website, click on “iCloud Unlock” which can be found on the navigation menu on the left side.

Step #3 – You will now be prompted to enter the IMEI of your iPhone X as well as your email account.

Step #4 – Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Step #5 – On the following display you will be asked to enter your payment information, and after doing so, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

After a few days, you will be sent an email that contains everything you’ll need to get access to the linked iCloud account. The only downside to using this method is that rather than learning how to erase iPhone X without an iCloud password, you’ll be paying someone else to do it for you.

Learn more about DirectUnlocks

Method #3 – Using the Settings App to Erase iPhone X

For the final method that we are going to show you, we will be looking at how to erase iPhone X without an iCloud password using the “Settings” app.

This method won’t work for everyone, and unless you have iOS 7 installed, there’s no chance that it’ll work for you.

Step #1 – Start by unlocking your iPhone and launching the “Settings” application.

Step #2 – From the list of settings that are shown, tap on “iCloud” followed by “iCloud Account”.

Step #3 – In the box that is shown, enter a random number and tap on the “Done” button.

Step #4 – iCloud will tell you that your username or password is incorrect. Tap on the “OK” button followed by “Cancel“.

Step #5 – Next, tap on “Account” and remove any text that is in the “Description“, then tap on “Done“.

Step #6 – iCloud will no longer request you to enter a password to access your account. Swipe down to the bottom of the iCloud menu and tap on the “Delete Account” option.

Step #7 – Verify that you want to erase your iPhone X by tapping on “Delete” followed by “Delete from My iPhone” to remove the data.

Step #8 – After a few minutes, the iCloud account will no longer be linked with your iPhone X and all of your iCloud data will be removed.

This is a very straightforward method, but as we said before, only iPhone users with a specific version of iOS 7 will be able to use these steps. If you realize afterward that there is data that you wanted before you erased your device, then you can simply sign in to your iCloud account again, and the data will be synced.

Which Method Should I Use?

Deciding which method you are going to use and how to erase iPhone X without iCloud can be difficult as each method has its benefits.

However, with consideration of how many extra features you get access to when using Directunlocks, we recommend that you use DirectUnlocks to erase your iPhone X if you don’t have the iCloud password.

As you can see from above, you get access to a wide range of helpful storage management tools and rather than struggling to download another app, using the 1-Click Cleanup feature can give you that extra boost in storage!

To Conclude

When you want to learn how to erase your iPhone X without iCloud password, then the best method that you can use is DirectUnlocks.

Not only does this program allow you to exceed the boundaries of iCloud, but also remove any default iOS apps, erase data that you had previously deleted but that could be recovered, and erase any third-party applications which you have had trouble removing from your iPhone X.


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