How to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

Apple has been one of the leaders in technology ever since the release of the iPod Touch. Since then, they’ve done nothing but amaze us time and time again with their innovative products. The sleek designs, flawless performance, and overall functionality of Apple products are fantastic. But, as of recently, there have been some complaints about iPhone camera not working.

Some people choose to use their iPhone primarily for photography and this is why camera issues can be so disappointing. There are a lot of different camera problems that you, as an iPhone user, might experience and as such, we’re going to explain how to fix all of them.

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Problem #1 – iPhone Camera Flash Not Working

A common camera problem is that the flash isn’t working. This can be due to a range of different things: your iPhone may be overheating or an iOS update could be interfering somehow. First, you should check if your iPhone’s flashlight is working.

#1 – Unlock your iPhone and swipe upwards to open the control center.

#2 – Tap the flashlight icon and check if the light activates.

#3 – Next, tap on the camera icon and the camera app, check if the flashlight at the top-left is set to “on”.

#4 – Lastly, go to “Settings > Location Services > Camera” and make sure that it is set to “Never”.

This will narrow down the problem and you can see if it is just the camera app or if the light is actually broken. If it’s broken, contact an Apple store. Similarly, you should make sure that your iPhone isn’t overheating and perhaps even try restarting it.

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Problem #2 – HDR Button Hidden on Camera App

Another common problem is that the HDR button disappears from the camera app. This is only an issue with the iPhone 7 and earlier, as later models can detect HDR automatically. Fortunately, this isn’t that difficult to fix and you can use the steps below to do so.

#1 – Open the Settings app and go to “Camera”.

#2 – If the “Auto HDR” slider is enabled, tap on it to disable it.

#3 – Launch the camera app and the button will be shown.

Some iPhones will decide to detect if HDR is available automatically. If this happens and you don’t want it to, use the solution above to disable the automatic setting.

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Problem #3 – iPhone Camera Showing Black Display

This is probably the most upsetting iPhone camera not working problem to experience. Unlike most camera problems this completely prevents you from taking photos and is more than just an inconvenience. Here are a few things to try to fix iPhone front camera not working because of a black screen.

1. Examine both the front and back cameras. Make sure that they are clean and that nothing is covering them. You should try video calling on an app such as WhatsApp or FaceTime and if the camera works fine on these, the problem is limited to the camera app.

2. Force close the camera app. To do this, double-click your iPhone’s home button and when the app browser appears, swipe up on the camera app. Reopen the camera app and see if the problem is persistent.

3. Force restart your iPhone. You can do this by simply holding down the “Volume Down” and “Power” keys at the same time, then releasing them once the Apple logo appears.

4. Erase your iPhone completely. Make sure that you back up all of your data on either iCloud or iTunes, or it will be lost. Head over to “Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings”. After entering your passcode and confirming this is what you want to do, your iPhone will be wiped. Alternatively, you can try the “Reset All Settings” option which will only reset the device’s settings and your data will remain.

Most of the time you can fix the black display by just restarting your iPhone. However, if that doesn’t work, one of the other fixes should.

Problem #4 – Camera App Missing

Although this is obscure, your iPhone camera not working could be because the app itself is missing. This is usually a result of human error and thus you can locate and fix the problem with ease. Here are two possible fixes:

1. Use the search feature to find the camera app in case you have accidentally moved the app.

2. Go to “Settings > General > Restrictions” and check if the “Camera” app has a restriction. If it is, tap the slider and enter your passcode to disable the camera restrictions.

Unless you previously enabled restrictions, it’s unlikely that this will be the cause. But, if you have been using this iOS feature, it could be why iPhone front camera not working.

Problem #5 – iPhone Camera Not Focussing

When you take a photo using your iPhone camera, focusing won’t always be a requirement. Some people use the feature out of habit while others depend on it to enhance their photos’ quality. However, being unable to focus your camera can significantly decrease the photo quality. Here are a few tips on fixing this problem.

1. Tap on the area you want to focus on more than once. You can also try tapping slightly harder as the touch screen could be the problem.

2. Turn off your iPhone, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on. This will reload the iOS which will verify that it is installed properly and if not, it’ll be fixed.

3. Inspect the lens of the camera that you are using (front or back). Make sure that the lens doesn’t have a scratch and that it is clean. To fix small scratches you can apply toothpaste to the scratch, wait an hour, then remove it carefully with warm water and a clean cloth. You can also go to an Apple store.

Focusing problems are usually due to hardware and therefore you might struggle to fix it on your own. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to try some of these fixes, though.

Problem #6 – iPhone “Cannot Take Photo” Error

When your iPhone back camera not working and you see the “cannot take photo” error, it’s usually a storage issue. Below are some of the things that you can try to eliminate this error.

1. Instead of using the default iPhone camera app, download one from the App Store. This is a temporary fix and will only allow you to take a small number of photos, but it’ll remove the error.

2. Open the Settings app and select “General > iPhone Storage”. From this menu, you will be able to see which apps are filling the most iPhone storage. A few ways to free up some storage are: move your photos and videos to your computer and delete them from your iPhone, delete some apps, and delete old texts and emails.

It should go without saying that deleting a few texts and emails won’t make a huge difference. However, if you are texting someone a lot then your chat history will start building up.

Problem #7 – Camera App Freezing When Switching Between Front and Rear Camera

Is your iPhone front camera not working when you switch between front and back? Or perhaps it’s the back camera that isn’t working? This is, unfortunately, quite common among the newer iPhone models. The 3 common fixes for this are:

1. Force restart your iPhone by holding “Volume Down” and “Power” until the Apple logo appears.

2. Open the “Settings > General > Restrictions” menu and enable the “Camera” slider.

3. Double-click the home button and swipe up on the Camera app to close it.

Again, this is a relatively easy problem to fix. If these don’t work, reinstalling the firmware by factory resetting could be worth trying.

Problem #8 – Blurry iPhone Camera

The final problem that we’re going to address is if you have a blurry iPhone camera. Below are a few of the solutions that we have found can help fix it.

1. Use a clean towel to clean the camera lenses.

2. Force close any other apps that you have open.

3. Open the “Settings” app and head to “General > Reset” and choose “Reset All Settings”.

4. When you take a photo, change the camera mode to “Auto”.

Cleaning your lens might seem obvious, but it would surprise you how many people touch their lenses without realising and add smudges to it.

General Fix for iPhone Camera Not Working

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Steps to Fix iPhone Camera not working with Fixppo

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#3 – From the main menu you must select “Standard Mode“. If this method isn’t successful, then you can try “Advanced Mode” using the same steps.

#4 – Put your iPhone into DFU Mode using the on-screen instructions. Be sure to select the specific iPhone that you have so that the correct instructions are shown.

#5 – Once your iPhone is in DFU Mode (or Recovery Mode) then some information about your device will be shown. Verify that the information is correct and click “Download” to continue.

Note: if you think any of the information is wrong then you should change it accordingly.

#6 – iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery will download the necessary firmware and after it has done so, click on “Start“.

#7 – The new iOS firmware will now install on your iPhone to fix the problem.

iPhone Camera Not Working with Fixppo

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To Conclude…

Fixing your iPhone can be stressful, and we completely understand. We believe that all of the fixes we’ve explained to you in this guide can fix your iPhone camera and if not, iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery will. Aside from ‘iPhone camera not working‘ & ‘iPhone front or back camera not working‘ you might also be experiencing other iPhone problems and if so, this is the program for you. Nonetheless, we hope that one of the methods above can help you to fix your iPhone’s camera.

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