How to Get Call History of Any Number Easily

How to get the call history of any number? Nowadays, it has become very significant to check the call history.

This enables you to know who all were contacted and at what time. It is very useful when you want to monitor your employees, catch your cheating spouse, and see with whom your kids are talking.

When you track call history, you get lots of advantages. However, the process of monitoring call history is not easy and comes with several limitations.

Also, it is a fact that many users have no clue about how to get the call history of any number. Gere is the entire procedure for you.

How to Get Call History of Any Number Easily

Is It Actually Possible to Get the Call History of Any Number?

Yes, it is possible to get the call history of any mobile number. To perform this task, there are numerous methods available out there, including an official service offered by the network carrier.

But, if you wish to monitor the call history of someone else, then please employ professional third-party call tracker applications.

Every solution comes with its own pros can cons. So, here’s a comparison table between the two. Keep these things in mind before you go further with how to get the call history of any number.

Pros/ConsCall History Tracker ApplicationNetwork Provider
Pros1. Perfect for secretly getting the call history of any mobile number without knowledge

2. It uploads the call logs in real-time

3. It comes with extra phone monitoring features

1. It is 100% secure and official

2. Most of these services come free for checking the call list of any phone number
Cons1. The application needs to be downloaded on the target device beforehand

2. Most of the applications feature their own subscription plans

1. It is not a convenient way to track calls

2. This method works only for people closer to you

3. Not every network provider offers a call history monitoring service

RequirementsNeed physical & prior access to the target smartphone for installing the applicationNeed the knowledge of the user account and the password for logging into the network provider site

After going through the comparison table, now read the article to learn more about getting the call history of any number.

How to Get Call History of Any Number Using Third Party Applications

If you have tried getting the call history through the network carrier but could not, you can try searching for tools available on the internet.

There are many capable tools available out there, which come with ground-breaking characteristics and advanced technologies.

One such amazing third-party tool is KidsGuard Pro. This is the best option when it comes to how to get the call history of any number.

KidsGuard Pro is an incredible smartphone monitoring application having productive features. It is very simple to operate and install this call monitoring tool. The best part about this application is that it works in stealth mode without the target user’s knowledge.

Unique Features of KidsGuard Pro:

  • With KidsGuard Pro, users can track all the outgoing and incoming calls and hack into an iPhone from a computer. This tool even shows detailed information about the caller.
  • As compared to other call history tracking tools, this tool is moderately priced at $8.32 a month.
  • The professional mobile number tracker app tool syncs the call log in real time. Users can access the data at all times, providing that their account stays valid.
  • This monitoring tool tracks real-time location, contacts, SMS, social media applications, and more on the target smartphone.

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Steps on using KidsGuard Pro:

Accessing the call log through KidsGuard Pro is easy, and its installation is too simple. Before you begin, users should make a new account and buy a subscription plan.

Step 1: Download KidsGuard Pro

Firstly, you need to access the target smartphone and unlock it physically. Visit a browser on that Android device and go to From there, download the KidsGuard Pro-Assistant application.

KidsGuard Pro

Step 2: Finish the setup

Next, you need to install its APK file and sign in to your account. Follow the instructions coming up on the screen to complete the setup. After that, the application icon will disappear from the phone’s home screen.

KidsGuard Pro

Step 3: Check the call history

Lastly, it’s time to check the call history through this application, including the detailed call record. For this, you can either use your mobile device or computer to open the official website of KidsGuard. Now, log into your KidsGuard account.

how to get call history of any number with KidsGuard Pro

Once both devices are successfully synced, the entire information will get transferred from the monitored device to the linked account. Now, you can check the target user’s call history in no time.

With KidsGuard Pro, you will enjoy access to all data on the monitored device, including its call history.

However, if you do not like the target device’s user to know about the tracking of their call history, you have to remove the download history on that device immediately. This is about how to get the call history of any number.

How to Get Call History of Any Number Using Network Provider

One can get the call history of a mobile number through a network provider. If you like to access the call history of somebody else and like to do it through the service provider’s website online, then you may find this procedure easy to follow.

However, first, you need to check the target device’s service provider. In many cases, the service provider’s name appears on the mobile screen’s top-left corner.

After that, you need to browse the official website of that network. Then, enter the correct ID and password, and you can see the entire call history linked to that mobile number.

Steps on how to get the call history of any number using Spirit’s provider:

Here’s taking an example of Spirit. If you want to check the Spirit number’s call history, use its self-service portal to get the call history and check the pending bills. Users can follow the instructions given below to get the call history of a Spirit mobile number.

Step 1: Visit the Spirit’s official website

First, users have to visit Spirit’s official website and then log in using the account of the target user.

how to get call history of any number Using Spirit

Step 2: Click on ‘My Account’

From there, you have to click on the page ‘My Account.’ Next, tap on the ‘My Bill‘ tab and then select the ‘See my bill‘ option.

Step 3: Look for ‘Call Details’

Now, look for ‘Call Details‘ and choose the mobile number.

Step 4: Check the billing history

After that, select the ‘Bill Data‘ option and choose the date for viewing the call information. Also, you can choose the ‘See Bill History‘ tab for checking the call logs of 24 months.


Steps on using AT&T’s provider:

Step 1: Sign in to the account

First, visit the official AT&T site and log into the user account through the ‘My AT&T’ tab.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Voice Features’ option

Next, you have to choose the ‘Phone‘ tab under the ‘My Plans‘ option and then choose the ‘Voice Features‘ tab.

Step 3: Click on ‘Call Logs’

Lastly, tap on the option ‘Call Logs,’ and now, you can see the call history or even transfer the detailed record to your device.

Steps on how to get the call history of any number using Verizon’s provider:

Step 1: Sign in to the Verizon account

Begin with logging into the ‘My Verizon‘ account online.

Step 2: Select ‘View Previous Cycles’

After that, you have to choose the ‘View Previous Cycles‘ tab.

Step 3: Choose ‘My Bill’

Now, keep scrolling down to locate the ‘My Bill‘ tab. Now, choose an earlier cycle from the listed menu.

Step 4: Select ‘Get the Details’

Lastly, choose ‘Get the details‘ and from there, select ‘Data, talk, and text activity.’

This is how to get the call history of any number using different service providers. All you need is the correct user ID and password linked to that specific mobile number. Only then will these methods work.


So, now you know how to get the call history of any number. It is so simple to access the calling details with the different methods we have discussed here. The network carrier method is effective and easy.

However, the only issue is to get the user ID and password for the linked account, which is impossible in many cases.

In that case, you should go with KidsGuard Pro. The setting up of this tool is simple, and you would not have to procure any ID or password.

This application comes with a free trial. Try out its free demo to know more about how to get the call history of any number and enjoy its amazing features!

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