How to Hack Wi-Fi Password in Samsung Phones or PC

The smartphones seem useless when you are not able to access Wi-Fi on them. The Wi-Fi is quite needed to make efficient use of these smartphones.

These devices are called smartphones due to their smart features that can are accessible only through a Wi-Fi connection.

This leads us to the question; how to hack Wifi password? There must be a million reasons coming to your mind right now as to why you would need to know ways for hacking a Wi-Fi password.

In this article, you will get many answers on how to hack Wifi password. Without these ways, you cannot connect other devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

For instance, if you wanted to connect your laptop or smart television to Wi-Fi but forgot the password to it, what would you do in these situations? Or while sitting in a café, you want to access Wi-Fi, how are you going to find what the code is?

The obvious answer to these questions is to hack Wi-Fi on your Samsung smartphone. By hacking, you can retrieve any password to the Wi-Fi network and connect to the same with ease.

Not only smartphones, but you can also perform the hacking task on your computer as well. There are several options for you to perform this hacking task on your smartphones like Samsung.

In order to perform the hacking of the password on your computer, you can make use of the one efficient way recommended on this blog.

Part 1: How to hack Wifi passwords on Samsung mobile phones

You can perform the hectic task of hacking the Wifi password over your Samsung devices using these five best applications. These applications are available for free on the play store.

These hacking applications will aid you in retrieving any password to your Wi-Fi on Samsung mobile phones. The applications that will help you to do so are as follows:

a) Aircrack-ng

Using this application, you can find out any Wifi password, test your network connection, and ensure your network is safe from hackers. It was designed by multiple developers of Android as to port this application from iOS. This app is the perfect answer on how to hack wifi password!

How to Hack WiFi Password with Aircrack-ng

Special features of Aircrack-ng:

  • It provides full support and full documentation.
  • It protects against PTW attacks.
  • Offer fragmentation mode.
  • It supports multiple platforms at one time.


It is available for free.

b) WPA WPS Tester

Originally, this application was designed to look for weak spots on a network in order to protect the network from attacks. But now this application has the ability to perform hacking functions also.

It uses those weak spots in order to grant access to Wi-Fi networks. It is one of the most known hacking applications to hack Wi-Fi passwords for Android users.

How to Hack WiFi Password with WPA WPS Tester

Special features of WPA WPS Tester:

  • It tests any Wi-Fi network.
  • Reveal information in the coded form regarding Wi-Fi.
  • It retrieves the password on the device.


It is available for free.

c) Rooting the device

It is one of the easiest as well as quickest ways to retrieve the password of any Wi-Fi network.

In order to root your Samsung device, you should take the help of some high-technological person as doing this on your own could result in any problem that will make your device useless.

If you have sufficient knowledge about rooting phones, then you can go ahead with it. In order to view a Wi-Fi password, you need the help of a third-party application.

Special features of rooting the device:

  • It gives you super control of Admin features on your device.
  • It reveals the password on your device.
  • You can control and customize all the options on the device.
  • It helps to hack the password of Wi-Fi in Samsung phones only.


It is available for free.

d) Amaze File Manager

After rooting your phone, you can make use of this device for completing the hacking process of Wi-Fi passwords. Once the device has completed the rooting process, you need to download the application Amaze File Manager on your phone.

It gives you access to your Samsung device to view all rooted files. After you get file locations, you can see the Wi-Fi password in a simple texted format. In order to make this application work, you have to root your Samsung device first.

How to Hack WiFi Password with Amaze File manager

Special features of Amaze File Manager:

  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It functions on multiple tabs.
  • Offer services like AES encryption or decryption.
  • It provides root internet explorer.


It is available for free.

e) WiFi Key Recovery

This application is also the best for hacking Wifi passwords on Samsung devices. It is available on the Google Play store for free of cost.

In order to use this application, it is compulsory to have your phone rooted in the first place. It does not occupy much space on your device due to its compact size. It offers the only feature of hacking Wi-Fi passwords on your device.

Special features of WiFi Key Recovery:

  • It gives no advertisements.
  • Work well on almost all devices.
  • It supports the dev.


It is available for free.

The best alternative to the above applications: KidsGuard

There are various applications available that give you information on how to hack the Wifi password on your Samsung smartphones and help you to do so. But it would be confusing for you to choose one out of all choices.

Then, it is time to go for the best one available in the market. One such application is KidsGuard – powerful computer monitoring software, which also offers an easy way to hack Wi-Fi passwords. I would recommend this mobile tool that will help you out in hacking a device without even knowing.

Through this application, you not only hack wifi passwords but can also make use of this app’s other special features.

KidsGuard helps you to give access to all the information like messages, call logs, other apps, and photo galleries. With these the best monitor apps, you can view private browsing history on iPhone, and even block porn on iPhone to protect your kids. 

It offers a wide range of monitoring tools such as GPS tracking, web-browser details, call, and message apps monitoring, and so on. You can access the Wi-Fi network of that device very easily.

In order to use all these special features of KidsGuard, you have first to download this application. Install this software on any Samsung device and sign up for the same in just three easy steps.

You can view the demo for Android & iOS Devices in order to know how it works.

KidsGuard Pro helps you to hack Wi-Fi passwords in an easier way on any device. It saves you a lot of time as well as your efforts. It does not harm your device in any way and keeps it safe from potential dangers. Now, download this application to make full use of it.

Sign up KidsGuard

Part 2: How to hack Wifi password on a computer

How to hack a wifi password on a computer? Is this question keep popping out on your mind? Now, it is easy to hack wifi passwords on a computer through CMD.

Using this Command Prompt, you can hack the password of any Wi-Fi password. It has become so easy to access passwords by CMD, that you can perform this task not only via phones but on computers also.

In order to hack the Wi-Fi passwords on your computer using this feature of Windows, it is important to have a connection at least once in the past on your computer with the same Wi-Fi network.

This process is quite illegal to use, and it is advised to have prior permission from your neighbor or friend in order to perform this task. However, this is one of the good ways to know the Wi-Fi password in case you have forgotten it due to its complexity.


This process will work on routers with old hardware and not compatible with new ones. There are generally two types of security in Wi-Fi such as WEP and WAP. Through the Command Prompt, you can hack both these securities very easily.

WEP forms Wired Equivalent Privacy which is a widely used security system of Wi-Fi across the globe. It pops up at the top in the encryption menu of control panels in many routers. It uses encryption of 128 and 256 bit, even though it is highly vulnerable. You can hack this easily through the command prompt.

WPA forms Wi-Fi Protected Area that is the best alternative to WEP as designed by the Wi-Fi Alliance due to WEP’s higher vulnerabilities. It was designed in the year 2003 with encryption of 256 bit. In 2006, the updated version WAP2 was introduced. It is used worldwide in many colleges and offices.

It is not an easy task to hack such Wi-Fi networks. You can still perform this tough task if you have previously got connected to the network but then got disconnected from it. In order to get started with ‘how to hack wifi password’, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the software

To perform the task, you need to open the command prompt on Windows as Administrator.

Step 2: Type the following text

After opening the administrator, type “Netsh WLAN show profiles”.

Step 3: Type your network profile

After typing the above-mentioned text, type your Wi-Fi profile name after it and then type “key=clear”.

For example, it goes like this:

netsh WLAN show profile BVhce5-t7SUE key=clear

Step 4: Go to settings

You need to go to the security settings where you will find the password to the Wi-Fi network, which would be present next to the key content.

If you have followed these steps correctly, then you will definitely get the password of your Wi-Fi network. You can hack any Wi-Fi network through this method if you previously used the same Wi-Fi on your computer system.

If you have not accessed that network before in the past, then sorry but this will not work for you. It is not even worth trying this method in that case.

To Conclude:

Hacking has become so easy with the above-mentioned applications and software, but it is recommended to use them only in favorable conditions.

If you have forgotten the password, then these methods would be beneficial for you to know the password to your Wi-Fi network. Hacking of any type is illegal, and it is better to stay away from it as far as possible.

For your advanced smartphones, you can go for KidsGuard Pro, the best monitoring application available for both Android and iOS devices. It is highly recommendable due to its best performance.

So, I hope that you have got many answers to the question posed at the beginning of this article, ‘how to hack Wifi password‘. This task of hacking can be easily performed on both Samsung devices as well as on Windows computers.

On smartphones, you have many applications to choose from to perform this task while on computers, the choice is limited.


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