Know-How to Install IPSW without iTunes

Apple has successfully launched the release of latest and much-awaited iPhone versions. iPhone X and iPhone 8 series has been equipped with the latest technology and never-seen-before characteristics. Are you in search of the most laid-back way to install IPSW without iTunes, or even make upgrades? You have come to the right article to handle your queries. We can be introducing you to the most appropriate way for doing so on an iPhone device without making use of the iTunes app.

Prior to heading to the rest of the article, you must know a little something about IPSW. The IPSW file is a separate file format that is employed for directly installing the firmware of iOS to the iDevices like iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. The IPSW file can be easily downloaded on the PC and can later be used for installing the matching firmware on the iPhone device. Let us start with discovering the ideal recommended toolkit for effectively installing the IPSW file on the iPhone device without the iTunes app.

Follow the segments below as know-how to install IPSW without iTunes:

SEGMENT 1: Ideal Tool for Installing the IPSW File on the iPhone device without iTunes

To install IPSW without iTunes, the utmost convenient technique for doing so is with the use of the iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery program. This toolkit is very dependable and can competently make use of the IPSW file for installing the firmware on the iPhone device in simply a matter of minutes. Distinct from iTunes, the program performs an outstanding job of saving your precious data throughout the entire process. The iMyFone program is a reliable and fully risk-free Recovery tool for the iOS System. The following are some chief structures of the program.

iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery Key Features:

  • The program can be easily used to install IPSW without iTunes, wipe the iPhone device clean, secure iTunes errors, for instance, unlock disabled screen, error code 4013, iTunes error 9 or the iPhone error 9iTunes Error 7, and many more of the kind.
  • iMyFone is essentially a system recovery toolkit that can effortlessly repair the numerous system problems without any loss of the data.
  • The program supports in fixing the iOS problems too, for example,
  • Fixes ample iOS problems, for instance, iPhone Not Vibrating, white screen issue, black screen issue, Videos Won’t Play on iPhone,  App Store Not Downloading, being stuck on the Apple logo and the recovery mode, device freezing issues, restarting loops, and all that.
  • The iMyFone Fixppo program is compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • This system recovery is also compatible with the latest iOS 13 version.

Learn more about iMyFone Fixppo

Follow the easy to use steps below to know precisely how to install IPSW without iTunes:

Step 1: You must initiate by downloading this iMyFone Fixppo program tool via its official site. Then start running the app and connect your iPhone device to the PC using a USB cable. Then, tap on the ‘Standard Mode‘ option to initiate the installing procedure.

Step 2: Now, put the iPhone device in the Recovery or DFU mode using the assistance of the provided instructions on the window of the program interface.

Step 3: Subsequent to entering into the Recovery mode or the DFU mode, you would perceive your device icon. Tap on the ‘Download‘ icon near it.

Step 4: After downloading the device firmware, click on the button of ‘Start‘ to successfully begin the installation. You must wait until the process is completed. Having gone through these steps, you have now effectively restored the iPhone device with the IPSW file exclusive of the iTunes app.

SEGMENT 2: Backing up the iPhone device Before Installing the IPSW file

A regular backing up of your iPhone device is always recommended by experts. This is so that you’ll keep your device data secure and safe from malware and accidental deleting occasions. Most iOS users have a propensity for ignoring this important fact and then agonize over it later. Before you install IPSW without iTunes, we will still suggest that you first backup the iPhone device, so as to evade any loss of data.

In this segment, we are presenting a comprehensive backup answer for the iPhone devices, with the help of iMyFone iTransor (formerly name: D-Port Pro). This tool can perform a partial or full backup (conditional on your requirements) of your device data on the iPhone device, and interestingly, this can be achieved without allowing you to spend any money. It is an absolutely free app that can be used for any iPhone back up tasks. Here are a few chief features of the iMyFone D-Port Pro program.

iMyFone iTransor (D-Port Pro) Key Features:

  • The program can restore a solo app selectively, for instance, WhatsApp, SMS Messages, WeChat, and so forth, will be supplemented in the device updates. Also, it can restore new iPhone X from iCloud backup selectively, restore iPhone X from iTunes selectively.
  • It can restore iPhone selectively from iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • Any prior stored backup on the iPhone device will not get overwritten while the program creates a fresh backup.
  • Using the program, you can easily extract and read desired data from iCloud,iTunes, and iMyFone backup.
  • It is compatible with virtually all iPhone devices together with iPhone X, iPhone 8, and also with latest iOS version like iOS 13.

Learn more about iMyFone iTransor

Using the iMyFone D-Port pro software to Selectively Backup iPhone

Step 1: You’ll need to download iMyFone D-Port Pro via its official site, and install the program on the PC and run it. Prior to starting the procedure, make certain to connect the iPhone device to the PC using a USB cable and link the device to the interface.

Step 2: After you have made the connection successfully with the iPhone device and computer, you will receive three options on the interface’s left panel. Select the option of ‘Backup & Export from Device‘ and select how you desire to back up the iPhone device.

Step 3: On the following screen, tap on the button named, ‘Back Up‘ for initiating the process of the device backup.

You must hang around for a while till all your messages are backed up on the PC.

Just remember that at present, you can backup only the Whatsapp, WeChat, SMS Messages distinctly. More types of data can also be supported in the program’s upcoming version. Such backups can be separately restored to the iPhone device at your convenience.

These are just the apt solutions to install IPSW without iTunes. You can confidently use the easy to use steps for solving your particular dilemma. The iMyFone D-Port Pro software is the ideal program to make use of, for successfully installing the IPSW file on the iPhone device. You can now use these fixes to solve your own and the iOS problems of your friends and family.

The iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery program is a fully safe program tool that can be efficiently used to install IPSW without iTunes. What’s more, you can employ this program on virtually any iOS device and can be used on the up to date iOS version as well. This efficient program can be made use of, to secure a large number of iOS-related issues on your device.

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