How to Open Pattern Lock In An Easy Way – Full Guide

This is a classic problem that smartphone users run into on occasion. Deciding to change your password after a friend found out what it was, or factory resetting your device and deciding to set a different password. Regardless of why you’ve forgotten your password, it’s upsetting not knowing how to open pattern lock.

You’ll be happy to hear that if you’ve forgotten your pattern lock, it isn’t the end of the world. There are plenty of solutions that will help you get back into your Android device, and in this article, we’ll be showing you the most effective ones.

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Fix #1 – How to Open Pattern Lock Using dr.fone – Android Unlock

First, we suggest trying dr.done – Android Unlock. By using this program to learn how to open pattern lock & bypass the Android lock screen, you’re ensuring that your data remains untouched. Whether you have a pattern, fingerprint, passcode, or password lock, Dr.Fone can remove it in just a few seconds.

The key feature of this program is that none of your personal data is removed. Rather, only the device’s settings are reset so that the passcode is no longer there. To use Dr.Fone – Unlock, follow the steps below.

#1 – Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer.

Download dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

#2 – Launch Dr.Fone and from the main menu, click on the “Screen Unlock” feature.


#3 – Using a USB cable, connect your Android phone to the computer.

#4 – After Dr.Fone has detected your Android device simply click on the “Start” button.

#5 – Before unlocking your device, you’ll be prompted to put it into “Download Mode“. Instructions on how to do this will be shown on-screen.

Note: To do this, turn off your phone and then hold the Home, Power, and Volume Down keys simultaneously. Your phone will load up the BIOS menu and from here, simply click the Volume Up key and you’ll have entered Download Mode.

#6 – Click “Start” when you’ve entered Download Mode. Dr.Fone will now download the recovery package and use it to reinstall the Android operating system without harming your personal data.

How to Open Pattern Lock Using dr.fone – Android Unlock

This is without a doubt the most effective and quickest solution out there. In comparison to the other methods that show you how to open pattern lock, Dr.Fone is the easiest. Regardless of the type of lock that you have or the Android device you are using, Dr.Fone is the tool for you.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

Fix #2 – How to Open Pattern Lock Using Android Device Manager

Next up, Android Device Manager is another solution. This is a platform which hasn’t been given enough credit, but which can be used as the Android equivalent of “Find My iPhone“. With ADM, you simply sign into your Google account and any of the devices that are connected to your account will be shown. From here, you can lock the device, erase it, or make it ring so that you can find it.

With these features, you’re able to discover how to open pattern lock. Follow the steps below to find out how you can do this.

#1 – On a computer, go to the Android Device Manager website and sign into your account.

#2 – From the list of devices, select the one which you want to unlock.

#3 – Three options are going to be shown on your screen. For this solution, click on “Lock“.

How to Open Pattern Lock Using Android Device Manager

#4 – A form will now be shown. Enter a new lock screen password, confirm this password, and click “Lock” again.

#5 – If you take your Android device and enter the new passcode, it should now work.

#6 – Once you’ve regained access to your device, make sure that you go to “Settings > Security” and set a new password that you can remember.

Android Device Manager is a very useful platform which is underused and doesn’t get enough attention. There are a lot of useful tools on this platform and if you haven’t taken a look at it already, make sure that you do so.

Fix #3 – How to Open Pattern Lock Using “Forgot Pattern”

Do you still have an older version of Android installed? If your device has Android 4.4 or earlier installed, then you can use this simple method. No third-party tools are required, and you can do everything involved directly from your phone.

#1 – Intentionally enter your pattern wrong repeatedly until the “Incorrect pattern” pop-up is shown on your display.

How to Open Pattern Lock Using "Forgot Pattern"

#2 – At the bottom of the screen tap on “Forgot pattern?“.

#3 – Multiple unlock options will be shown. Tap on “Enter Google account details” and then tap the “Next” button to continue.

#4 – Enter your device’s Google account information, and after a few seconds, your passcode will be removed, and you’ll have access to your Android device again.

This is an amazingly useful Android feature, although it is only available on older versions of Android. Make sure that after following these steps, you change your password to something that you can memorize easier!

Fix #4 – How to Open Pattern Lock with “Samsung Find My Mobile”

For those of you who have a Samsung Android device, this solution is designed specifically for Samsung devices. The “Find My Mobile” service is directly from Samsung, and it can be used to wipe your device if you lose it, change your passcode, find the GPS location of your device, and includes a lot of other useful features too.

The only downside that there is to this solution is that only Samsung users can use it. However, it is very similar to the Android Device Manager.

#1 – On your computer, go to the Find My Mobile website that can be found here.

How to Open Pattern Lock with "Samsung Find My Mobile"

#2 – You’ll be asked to enter the account details of your Samsung device; do so when prompted.

#3 – All of your Samsung devices will be listed on the left. Click on the relevant device and then click “Unlock my screen“.

#4 – Simply click the “Unlock” button, and after a few seconds, a message will be shown on your Samsung phone alerting you that it has been unlocked.

This is as straightforward as it gets. The only problem is that if your device isn’t from Samsung, you won’t be able to use this solution.

Fix #5 – How to Open Pattern Lock with Safe Mode

Safe Mode is also another option that you have when considering how to open pattern lock. There are no risks of using Safe Mode as it is already a built-in feature of the Android system. Thus, your data will be safe. It’s worth taking note that if you’ve chosen to use the native Android locking features, then there’s a chance that Safe Mode won’t yield the results that we’re hoping for.

#1 – Press and hold the “Power” key to bring up the reboot menu.

How to Open Pattern Lock with Safe Mode

#2 – Tap and hold the “Power off” option that is listed. Don’t just tap it, this is important.

#3 – After a few seconds of holding this option, the “Reboot to safe mode” option will be shown. Tap on the “OK” button, and your phone will now restart in Safe Mode.

Note: you can see if your device is in safe mode as there will be “Safe mode” written at the bottom of the display.

#4 – Once your Android device has loaded up again, the lock screen should be removed.
This may not always work as it depends on your phone and the version of Android that you have installed. That being said, it’s always worth trying as there are no risks in doing so.

Fix #6 – How to Open Pattern Lock by Factory Resetting

Lastly, if absolutely none of the solutions that we have shown you in this article have helped, your only option is to factory reset. By doing this, all of your personal data will be gone, and there is no way to retrieve it. This is why it’s important to take regular backups.

While we aren’t able to use the standard factory reset features (because we can’t unlock the device), there is a factory reset setting in the BIOS menu.

#1 – Put your device into Recovery Mode. You can do this by holding the Home, Power, and Volume Up keys simultaneously until the recovery menu appears.

#2 – Using the volume keys, select “wipe data/factory reset“. Confirm the selection.

How to Open Pattern Lock by Factory Resetting

#3 – After confirming that you want to factory reset, all of your data will be wiped, and your device’s settings will be reset.

#4 – Set up your device as if you had just purchased it, and the passcode will be removed.

This method should only be used as a last resort. Our goal is to show you how to open pattern lock without data loss. However, that isn’t always an option.

To Conclude

We’ve covered a wide range of different solutions in this article. We are confident that regardless of the Android device that you have, one of these solutions will teach you how to open pattern lock. If all else fails, factory resetting isn’t too difficult, and while it will erase your personal data for good, it’ll get you access to your device again. To minimize the risk of data loss, it is our suggestion that you use dr.done – Android Unlock first. Similarly, you should also consider taking regular data backups so that if you do have to factory reset, only the very minimal data is lost.


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