[100% WORKING] How to See Who Someone Is Texting?

Do you wonder how to see who someone is texting without necessarily accessing their device physically?

Well, some individuals might say, at a glance, that it is an impossible task. However, the truth is that monitoring someone’s text messages is absolutely possible.

We have composed this article explaining the most practical ways to get it done.

Why do people wonder how to see who someone is texting?

It is completely natural for any human being to have some doubts about their closest one’s behaviors. When you love someone very much, you want their fullest attention. Also, you don’t want to have any doubts about them.

Well, what if you want to know with whom your spouse is texting in your absence? What if you have the slightest doubt about his or her text messages and want to clear it 100%?

If that is the case with you, you will start wondering how to see who someone is texting. You cannot necessarily access their phone physically all the time as it becomes a disturbance to them. So, you should find a way to monitor their text messages discretely.

how to see who someone is texting

For those who wonder how to see who someone is texting, the solution is to use an SMS tracker. Thanks to modern-day information technology, there are plenty of apps to monitor SMS remotely. We will explain more about those apps in the following section of this article.

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Things you can expect from a good SMS tracking app

As mentioned before, tracking someone else’s text messages have become rather a convenient task these days. All you need is to find the right kind of software. The modern-day app market comprises various apps that claim to have the ability to track SMS. With that said, mentioned below are the main things you can expect from a good SMS tracking app.

  • They give you the opportunity to track inbound and outbound SMS.
  • They can track even the deleted text messages on the target device with ease.
  • Apart from tracking text message content, such an app can see other details like name and date.
  • The conversations can be tracked without them knowing.
  • Apart from tracking the text messages only, it should be able to track other instant messaging apps too.

Best tools to track someone’s text messages remotely

In this part, we have included a list of the best tools to track someone’s SMS remotely. In fact, we did a considerable amount of research to find these apps and analyze their features.

01. How to See Who Someone Is Texting via KidsGuard Pro Easily

KidsGuard Pro has reserved the top position of this list due to various obvious reasons. In fact, this tool comprises plenty of handy features, and it matches the entire criteria we have mentioned above. This special tool can track the messages on both Android and iOS devices without any issue. It can hack a Samsung phone easily. The advanced algorithm associated with this tool lets you track everything pertaining to the target device.

Apart from just tracking the SMS content, it can track other information as well. For instance, it can track the sender’s name and timestamps. More importantly, this tool tracks and displays the data in real-time. Once the installation is completed, KidsGuard Pro becomes hidden on the target device so the user cannot identify it. In other words, it doesn’t leave any app icon on the home screen of the device. So, you don’t have to worry about getting caught by the owner of the target device.

The captured data will be transferred to an online dashboard. You can view that dashboard through any web browser on any computer.

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OK. How to see who someone is texting using KidsGuard Pro?

Well, in this section of the article, we explain how to see who someone is texting using KidsGuard Pro. You should follow the steps below and get it done.

01. First, you should visit KidsGuard Pro official website and create an account on it. Then, you should get the target device and download the “KidsGuard Pro-Assistant” app on the device.

KidsGuard Pro

02. After that, please tap on the downloaded file and install it. Then, you can follow the on-screen commands and get the process completed. In addition to that, the installation file should be deleted once the installation is completed.

KidsGuard Pro

03. At the completion of the installation, you can leave the target device alone. Then, you can visit the official website of KidsGuard Pro with the same account credentials. Then, you will be able to synchronize your mobile with the same account through this dashboard. Just grant the permissions to start the synchronization. It will take some time to finish the synchronization process.

Once the process is completed, you can track the messages that are sent and received on the device. To do that, you should simply select the option called “Messages,” which is located in the left bar. Although the installation is very simple, the tracking process is very advanced. Thanks to the friendliness of the user interface, you can easily monitor the activities of the device.

How to See Who Someone Is Texting with KidsGuard Pro

Other things you can monitor through KidsGuard Pro

You should know that KidsGuard Pro is a one-stop monitoring app. It comprises plenty of features to monitor pretty much everything on the target device. In addition to text messages, it can monitor more than 30 activities. For instance, it can track calls, real-time location, social media apps, browsing history, contacts, etc. With that said, mentioned below are the most notable actions that can be tracked with this powerful app.

  • Ability to track the real-time location of the target device.
  • Configuring a geofence on the target device.
  • It can record inbound and outbound calls made on the device.
  • You can view its contacts.
  • You can track all social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Track the browsing history of the device as well.
  • It can be used to collect screenshots on the device as proof of certain activities.
  • It can access both photo and video files stored on the target device.
  • The Powerful keylogger feature can track all the keystrokes typed on the device.

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02. How to See Who Someone Is Texting via XNSPY

XNSPY is another highly effective app for those who wonder how to see who someone is texting. The user interface of this tool is impressive. Although it is very simple, a large number of advanced features are included in it. Those smart tracking tools can monitor the target device regardless of its location. More importantly, this tool is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It even allows you to view all the conversations that are deleted by the respective users.

How to See Who Someone Is Texting with XNSPY

03. How to See Who Someone Is Texting via Appmia

Appmia is another superb option for those who wonder how to see who someone is texting. This app is powerful enough to track various mobile-related activities performed by target users. You’ll be able to access the device in real-time using this tool. It has a comprehensive text message tracker that can monitor all the inbound and outbound messages on the device.

How to See Who Someone Is Texting with Appmia

04. How to See Who Someone Is Texting by MobiStealth

You can use MobiStealth as a powerful app to track the text messages on a given target device. This app can monitor both inbound and outbound messages on that device you are monitoring. When it comes to the installation process, it is very simple. Adding more value to this app, it comes with social media app tracking ability as well.


Reasons to choose KidsGuard Pro as the best option

Well, there are plenty of reasons for us to choose KidsGuard Pro as the best SMS tracker to see who someone is texting. Although the other three tools show a great deal of success, the functionality of KidsGuard Pro is impressive. Please find below some of the most significant reasons for us to pick KidsGuard Pro as the best option.

01. Discrete operation

This special tool has the ability to track the target device in stealth mode. So, even the target device will have no clue about the app. However, other apps are as not discrete as KidsGuard Pro.

02. Excellent Compatibility

This can be one of the greatest benefits of this app. In fact, KidsGuard Pro doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root iPhones or Android devices, respectively. This app functions perfectly on all the iPhones and Android devices (even the latest versions).

03. Very affordable pricing

KidsGuard Pro comes with a very affordable price. It is available in three plans. A monthly plan is available for $29.95. The three-month plan is available for $49.95. Their annual plan costs only $99.95 (which is the most affordable one). Compared to competitors, this is a significantly affordable plan.

04. Excellent customer support service

The customer support service they offer is excellent. They offer both live and email support to help all the queries.

Bonus tip: How to track a person who has already texted you?

What if someone has texted you with an unknown number? In that case, there are several ways to track them down. Mentioned below are a couple of tricks you should know in order to get it done.

Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of options for us to acquire the required information. Google should be the most impressive way to acquire any type of information you need. This means that you may be able to acquire the information related to the called number through Google. Just type the calling number on Google and search. However, you shouldn’t rely heavily on this option. But if you are lucky enough, that can return some exciting information.

Perform a reverse directory search

02. Use an online phone tracking tool

There are plenty of websites to track the location of a phone through a contact number. For instance, you can use a website like FreePhoneTracer.com. Just go to that website and enter the respective mobile number you intend to search for. Then, you will be able to find information like the country and the city of the respective user.

Use an online phone tracking tool

03. Contact the carrier

You may even contact your carrier and look for some help.

Contact the carrier

Please note that all of the three options mentioned above may or may not succeed.

Well, that’s how to see who someone is texting. So, use one of the tools mentioned in this article and get rid of your doubts.


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