Android mobile phones come with lots of impressive features. However, most people do not like Android devices due to the reason that they do not have several basic features. Some of these basic features include the hidden Wi-Fi password of the saved network. One cannot carry out this task without root access on that Android device. So, how to find Wi-Fi password on Android?

There are various ways for how to see Wi-Fi password on Android. Here, we are going to tell you about the most interesting ways to know the Wi-Fi password on your device. So, let’s begin with our methods without more ado!

Part 1: How to find Wi-Fi password on Android Manually

In the first part, we are going to discuss some applications that will assist you in ‘how to see Wi-Fi password on Android.’ These applications are ES File Explorer and File Explorer. The former application works perfectly without requiring root access, while the latter one requires root access to perform this task.

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Method 1: How to see Wi-Fi password on Android through ES File Explorer

Initially, you have to install the application on your Android device. This application is not a conventional file explorer. After installing ES File Explorer from Google Play Store, go through the instructions as listed below:

Steps on how to find Wi-Fi password on Android through ES File Explorer:

Using ES File Explorer, you can see the Wi-Fi password on your Android device in the following way.

Step 1: Locate Data

Firstly, you have to look for the root folder in the application. Here, look for the directory saying data. Under the folder ‘Data,’ select the option ‘misc‘ and then, ‘Wi-Fi‘ to look for the file ‘wpa _supplicant.conf.’ Ensure that your phone has the in-built HTML/text viewer before you move further.

Step 2: Watch the password

After opening the file, users will come across the SSID network and the password associated with it. Look for the Wi-Fi network that you need. Ensure that you do not edit anything as you may face problems while connecting your Wi-Fi if you do so.

Method 2: How to see Wi-Fi password on Android via File Explorer

As stated earlier, this application works only if your device has root access. It is very easy to find out your Wi-Fi password using this application. This file explorer application does not let you access the system files. Thus, it is recommended to go for ES File Explorer having root access. Once again, navigate to the folder ‘Data‘ and then, ‘Misc.’ Once done, go to the section Wi-Fi and open the file ‘wpa _supplicant.conf.’ From there, go to the section ‘Network,’ where you will find your preferred Wi-Fi network and retrieve its password.

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Part 2: How to see Wi-Fi password on Android via Applications

There are various applications that help you with ‘how to find Wi-Fi password on Android.’ With these applications, users can see and locate the saved password on their device. Wifi Password Recovery, Wifi Password Show, Amaze, and Wifi Key Recovery are such applications. Here, we will show you how to see the Wi-Fi password on Android using these impressive applications.

Method 1: How to find Wi-Fi password on Android via Wifi Key Recovery

Wifi Key Recovery works perfectly well with almost all Android devices. However, you have to understand that this application does not work as a hacking app. Instead, this application will assist users in recovering the password on their device if they have connected to some Wi-Fi networks before. After finding out the password, one can share it using a QR code or a message.

Moreover, users can even employ the application to restore or backup their existing Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, this application works on rooted Android devices only. In order to find ‘how to see Wi-Fi password on Android,’ check the steps given below.

Steps on how to see Wi-Fi password on Android via Wifi Key Recovery:

In order to search out the saved Wi-Fi password, go through the following instructions.

Step 1: Open Wifi Key Recovery

Firstly, you have to download and launch Wifi Key Recovery to find out your saved Wi-Fi password.

Step 2: Choose the password

Choose the Wi-Fi password that you like to recover. Tap on the Wi-Fi password, and the application will provide you with three options, such as show all, show QR codes, and copy the password.

Step 3: View the password

After choosing an option, Wifi Key Recovery will show you the password that you have chosen. If you tap on the option ‘Show All,’ the application will show passwords for all of your saved or connected networks.

Download on Google Play

Method 2: How to see Wi-Fi password on Android via Wifi Password Recovery

Wifi Password Recovery assists you in retrieving the password of Wi-Fi networks present in or around your area. However, you should not connect to a Wi-Fi network without the consent of its owner, as it will count as a crime. To find out the Wi-Fi password, follow the instructions listed below.

Steps on how to see Wi-Fi password on Android via Wifi Password Recovery:

Let’s start the process of identifying the password of the saved Wi-Fi networks!

Step 1: Tap on ‘Import Data’

Firstly, launch the app and tap on ‘Import Data,’  import the file ‘TCPDUMP‘ manually or using a third-party application.

Step 2: Start the attack

After loading the files, you can view the password through five kinds of attacks, including dictionary attack, word attack, mask attack, combination attack, and a hybrid attack. Then, try out these different password attacks for finding out the password of your saved Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: View the Wi-Fi password

Lastly, you need to view, save, or recover the Wi-Fi password. This application features password recovery such as time, dictionary, password, processor load, and speed. After the successful recovery, the information related to your password will appear in the file ‘Successful.txt‘. This file comprises the hash number, password, and SSID.

Method 3: How to see Wi-Fi password on Android via Wifi Password Show

On Google Play Store, there are applications that display the stored Wi-Fi passwords on your device. However, most of these applications require root access to your device to function. Here, we have come up with another great application that will help you with ‘how to find Wi-Fi password on Android’. The best part about this application is that it is available for free on the Google Play Store. On top of that, this application features no advertisements. It is compatible with Android versions like Android Pie. So, go for this application and find out the saved Wi-Fi password.

Download on Google Play

Method 4: How to see Wi-Fi password on Android via Amaze

Another effective way of ‘how to find Wi-Fi password on Android’ is through Amaze File Manager. For displaying the root content on your Android device, you need a file manager like Amaze. The CyanogenMod file explorer that comes as preinstalled on various Android devices does not open conf-files as text files. Hence, those file explorer applications cannot help you with ‘how to see Wi-Fi password on Android.’

Steps on how to find Wi-Fi password on Android via Amaze:

Step 1: Give access

In the first place, you need to grant access to an Amaze file explorer to access the root directory. You will find this option in the application settings at the bottom.

Step 2: Locate the file

Once done, you need to get into the directory. Here, you will first navigate the option saying ‘Data‘. After that, you have to select the option ‘Misc‘ and then, tap on ‘Wi-Fi‘. Within this folder, users will come across a file by the name ‘wpa_supplicant.conf.’

Step 3: View the password

The file ‘wpa_supplicant.conf‘ comprises of all your Wi-Fi networks in a very plain and simple text. Here, you will even come across the passwords of these Wi-Fi networks. So, have a look at the password of your desired Wi-Fi network.

Download on Google Play

So, make use of these applications if you are struggling with how to see Wi-Fi password on Android. It is pretty straightforward and quicker if you make use of an application to perform this task. However, advanced users or professionals can find out the password in plain text with the help of a file manager. The file manager displays the root content hassle-free. All of these methods are pretty easy for finding out the Wi-Fi password saved on your device. Try them out if you want to find a perfect solution on how to find Wi-Fi password on Android!

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