How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail Directly

For some of you, you are probably enjoying the use of your iPhone device to the fullest without really any worries at all. But, did you know that being familiar with the best methods on how to sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail & transferred contacts from your iPhone to the computer can make things simpler and hassle-free on your part?

Why Need to Know How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail Effortlessly?

Any phone owner knows how important their contacts are. In fact, contacts are being considered as one of the most integral aspects of the software of a device. This is where you find the complete list of the numbers and other details of your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and other people and businesses that you deem are important for your everyday life’s activities.

Due to the massive importance of contacts, today’s phone users make it a point to use various services that can give them the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that all the important data on their phone will remain secure and safe at all times.

Here, you have to take note that the best and most reliable software you will be using is one that is not based on the cloud. Why is that? This is primarily because of the fact that software programs that are based on the cloud have the tendency to go through numerous problems and issues, some of which include data theft and other forms of manipulation.

Thus, there is an immediate need to ensure that all the contacts that you have stored on your iPhone will remain secure and safe all the time, and as far as reliable online services are concerned, Gmail is the number one name you can trust.

Backed by Google’s massive and all-encompassing power, Gmail has long been dubbed as the best if not the most secure service you can ever find these days. Gmail does not only store important contacts as it can also see to it that every piece of information will remain within a protected environment that is risk-free, secure, and safe. Gmail also performs the necessary tweaks on the contacts to ensure that the person who will save them will not encounter any problem when looking for a specific item. That is why it is not a big surprise that people are interested to know how to sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail or transfer contacts from old iPhone to the new LG G3 for the sake of keeping all of your precious contacts safe and secure.

To help you out, this short guide will explain to you the different techniques you can try together with their detailed usage so that you can choose the best method that will work for you.

Part 1: How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail: Use Third Party Software Like dr.fone

Many people can attest to the benefits that they experienced when they used dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) when trying to transfer their contacts from their iPhone to their Gmail account.

Benefits of Using dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

  • No need to access iTunes
  • Perfectly backup and restore your iTunes Library
  • Single click backup up iPhone, iPod or iPad to your PC / Mac
  • Transfer video or audio from your device to PC and iTunes
  • Direct transfer between iOS and Android devices
  • Delete videos or Delete photos by batch with just one click
  • Turn any video or photo into GIF images
  • De-duplicate any repeated contacts
  • Fix to optimize any ID3 tags, song information, and covers
  • Selective transfer of exclusive files
  • iOS 14 compatible

Steps to on How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail with dr.fone

1. Download and install the dr.fone tool. Proceed to connect your device to your PC to get to the main interface for syncing your iPhone contacts.

Download dr.fone – Phone manager (iOS)


2. Click on Information found on the top panel. It will then show you all contacts on all the programs

3. Choose the contacts one by one to make sure that all will be chosen to require export. Tap on Export found on the upper part of the windows. Choose the option to vCard file. After that, there will be a popup window that will show on our browser to the destination folder, which will let you save the contacts on your PC.

export iCloud contacts to vCard for Gmail

4. Once you succeed saving files on your computer, consider logging into Gmail using your account. Then, choose Gmail and proceed to the option Contacts found at the top-left corner. You’ll have to go to your Gmail’s Contact page.

5. Select the option Import Contacts. There will be a popup window. Pick File when adding a vCard file that’s already saved in your device and click the Import button for loading the contacts.

6. The chosen contacts are imported to Gmail effectively.

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail with dr.fone

Part 2: How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail Directly

This is a 1-step and very simple process that ensures that the contacts will be transferred to Gmail without the interference of any external apps and all work is done on the iPhone alone. The process includes the steps below:

1. The user as to tap the Settings and choose the option “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” to start the process properly regarding syncing directly.

2. On your next screen, the user has to choose “Add Account” to ensure that the email accounts that are supported by the device will pop up.

3. Google account should be selected from the next page.

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail directly

4. The user needs to ensure that the contacts are turned on. Once this process is completed and Google account was added heading back to your contacts, the screen will show that syncing has started automatically.

Part 3: How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail with Use of iTunes

iTunes is basically a program, which can be regarded as a breath of air for iPhone as the majority of its functionalities depend on this program. For you to know how to sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail with the use of iTunes, the process is easy and you only need to follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable for you to begin the process.

2. Launch iTunes software so it can detect the device easily.

3. Under the tab of “Info“, choose the option “Sync Contacts with Google Contacts“.

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail with iTunes

4. Enter your username as well as the password on your Gmail once the prompt comes out.

5. For clarification, the user has to visit the official website of Gmail and proceed to the section “Contacts“.

6. All contacts are basically imported to your Gmail directly.

Part 4: How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail with the Use of iCloud

Basically, iCloud is considered to be one of the finest programs, which make it possible for users to transfer not just their contacts, but also some media files, which have been stored on their iPhone. When transferring contacts, the users don’t need any complicated tools or methods because everything is provided by default to support the process. The steps for this process are as follows:

1. You have to visit the official website of iCloud and enter your desired details.

2. Choose the Contacts option.

3. All contacts will be displayed and synced with iCloud.

4. Consider Select All, so each of the contacts is chosen. After that, press cod button that can be found at the left corner. From the dropdown menu, choose the Export vCard option to export vCard file to your PC.

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail with iCloud

5. Then, you may import the vCard file that you have saved to Gmail for details, and you may follow the step 4 to 6 of Part 2.

Learning how to sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail is never hard if you keep those tips in mind. However, if you want the best method that will give you ease and peace of mind, choose the method of using dr.fone – iPhone Transfer. Designed to help you sync contacts on iPhone, there are other exciting features that you can take advantage of this software. In fact, you can manage or backup your contacts on iPhone using dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) easily. The only thing that you should do is to download it and give it a try. Just always follow the steps properly when installing and using dr.fone so that you will get your preferred results in the end.


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