How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number Easily?

The purpose of this article is to explain how to track an iPhone by phone number. We composed this article in order to help millions of iOS device users across the globe.

It is true that a considerable number of individuals tend to lose their iPhones due to various reasons. It can be their busyness, carelessness, or some other reason.

Regardless of the reason, losing your iPhone can be one of the most frustrating experiences you would come across. Of course, you will have to bear the monetary cost of your iPhone (which is quite expensive).

But, in most cases, users are worried about the personal and sensitive data stored on the iPhone. So, it is vital that you find your iPhone at your earliest.

You should never worry at all if you lose your iPhone. That is because we are going to explain how to track an iPhone by phone number. Also, there are ways to access data that are stored in your device from a remote location.

If you know how to track an iPhone by phone number, it can be handy at any given point. That means, even if you or one of your friends face such an incident, this information can be very useful.

The most important thing is that there are several options to consider depending on the type of information you have. Okay… let’s take a look at the methods then.

Part 1: How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number using a Common Method

Have you searched how to track an iPhone by phone number and failed to find a solution so far? Have you already lost your device and looking for a remedy? Or, are you looking for a solution before it actually happens? Whatever the reason is, we have a solution for you. Also, the good news is that there are even free methods to do this.

Nevertheless, we suggest you try the official method offered by Apple itself before looking for other options. You can use the phone tracking service provided by iOS itself. This option is available under the name “Search my iPhone”. This method is pretty efficient, and it is speedy as well. However, this option works under one condition – the “Search my iPhone” option must be enabled beforehand. If not, we suggest that you read the options mentioned below.

The best way to get your phone tracked through number is to use a number locator. There are several good apps that can locate your device through the phone number. However, there is a free tool called Number Locator which can help you with the good. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow in order to track your device using Number Locator.

  • Open Number Locator and provide your correct phone number in the given field.
  • You should be able to see your device now on a map.

Since the above is a free tool, you should expect some limitations when you use it. But using this tool doesn’t cost you anything. So, just try it before moving to other options.

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1) iMap

iMap is a very user-friendly and handy tool that can track the iPhones of friends and family members. To track their devices, you will only have to use the phone number. You will then get the location via your mobile number or email. Also, IMAP offers a real-time location of the device in real-time and for the past 30 days.

How to Track an iPhone By Phone Number with iMap

Here’s how to do it.

  • Install IMAP to start tracking the iPhone location.
  • Sign up for an account and select your visibility (All, Friends, No One). This is found under location sharing settings.
  • Go to the option “Map” and then tap on add icon so you can invite friends.
  • Start tracking the devices that already use iMap.

2) mSpy

mSpy is another notable option that lets you track the activities of someone else’s phone. Through this software, you will be able to track their texts, location, emails and even call logs. In addition to that, it gives you access to a web-based control panel. Through this control panel, you are capable of monitoring pretty much all the information on the target device. So, mSpy is a superb option if you intend to track pretty much every activity on a target device.

how to track an iPhone by phone number via mSpy
  • Go to the mSpy official website and subscribe to the app.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and then install mSpy on the device.
  • Register for a mSpy account and then monitor the target iOS device.

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3) GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker is a handy tool that lets you experience real-time GPS tracking of the target smartphone. Also, it let you access the history of the location of the device for the past 24 hours. Please note that this tool works on iOS 8.0 and newer versions.

how to track an iPhone by phone number via GPS Tracker
  • Download GPS Tracker software and then go for e premium subscription plan.
  • Sign up for the GPS Tracker account and then enable the location sharing option.
  • Monitor and track a target iPhone.

4) Mobile Number Location Tracker

Mobile Number Location Tracker is special software that comes with the ability to track the iPhone through its number. You can track its location in real-time. Well, the beauty of this tool is that it lets you track the device for free. That means you don’t have to pay anything to track a mobile device if you use this tool.

how to track an iPhone by phone number via Mobile Number Location Tracker
  • First, sign up for a Mobile Number Location Tracker.
  • In order to track a certain device’s location, be sure to press “Contacts”.
  • Start viewing the location of the target device (based on the dates).

With this tool, you will be able to track mobile numbers that are located in USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Part 2: Tracking an iPhone Online using Phone Number

Apart from the methods mentioned in the previous part, there are online tools to track iPhones. In general, tracking an iPhone using these online tools is very convenient. Since you don’t have to install any software, it is a fairly convenient process. To track a device, all you need is the phone number of the target device.

In fact, there are several tools to track a smartphone online through its number. There are several advantages associated with these online tools, and they are mentioned below.

  • It can track the location of a phone through phone number utilizing GPS.
  • It assures the safety of the device and the number.
  • Usually, most of these services are for free.
  • You don’t have to download any software into your device to use these services.

If you are looking for a recommendation, GPS CellPhone Locator is one of the trackers you can find. It can track the number precisely, and it works on Windows, macOS, and Android systems perfectly. Thanks to its massive database (from pretty much all the countries), our success rate it high. Since you don’t have to download any of the tools, the hassle is minimal. If you are interested, you can simply visit The only catch here is that you have to take a survey to enjoy this service.

What is the Best Solution to Track an iPhone Remotely?

It is true that tracking an iPhone through its number is a good solution. However, that is not the only method to track an iPhone. There are other ways to track a smartphone regardless of its location. Some of these tools necessarily help you to access all the data stored in your device if it is lost. This is when a tool like KidsGuard Pro comes to play. Due to obvious reasons, we have identified KidsGuard to be the best phone tracking software in the market. So, if you wonder how to track an iPhone by phone number, this would be a great alternative.

Reasons to Select KidsGuard

  • It is a simplified tool that comes with the ability to track more than 29 data types.
  • Apart from calls and messages, it lets you track other aspects such as browser history.
  • You can use this tool to track the device by GPS location.
  • This option works perfectly on all the browsers and devices.

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How to Track an iPhone’s Activity using KidsGuard

Now, let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide to track an iPhone using KidsGuard.

1. As the first step, you should sign up for a KidsGuard account using their official website. You will have to provide basic information such as an email address. Then, you should use a password as well. After that, click on “Sign Up” to create your account.

Sign up KidsGuard Account

Sign up KidsGuard

2. Then, you should verify the iCloud account of the target user. Then, input “Name of the target device’s owner“. You should also enter the age of the owner of the target device.

3. Then, make sure that you verify the iCloud ID. Click on Verify. The target iOS device must have an activated iCloud backup so you can monitor the data.

4. Now that you have verified the iCloud ID, you will see a web-based control panel. This option would display all the activities and apps installed on the target device. You can now access pretty much everything on the respective device.

how to track an iPhone by phone number via KidsGuard

So, that’s how to track an iPhone by phone number. Hope you’d like this article.

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