Tracking an iPhone hasn’t always been a possibility. Jailbreaking an iPhone involves removing the iOS system’s user restrictions, thus giving you a lot more access. On the other hand, Android is an open source system which makes it significantly easier to bypass the restrictions. There go, tracking an Android device isn’t as difficult a process. Now, keeping these things in mind, learning how to track an iPhone from an Android phone has been many people’s focus in recent weeks.

What many people don’t realize is that tracking an iPhone from an Android phone doesn’t require jailbreaking. In fact, no third-party software needs to be installed at all! In this article, we’ll be explaining how to start tracking and the steps for doing so.

About Tracking

A common misconception about tracking other people’s mobile phones is that it’s completely illegal, but this isn’t true. There are more situations where it is legal than those are not. Parents, for example, can track their children’s phones to make sure they don’t fall victim to cyberbullying. This is just one example, other’s include employers wanting to monitor their employees and spying on a friend if you’re worried about them.

As you can see, tracking can be useful in various situations. Now that you know why. Let ‘s take a look at what tools there are and how to use them.

Solution #1 – How to Track an iPhone from an Android Phone with KidsGuard – The Best Monitoring Solution

Amongst all the solutions, KidsGuard Pro is the most effective way for phone tracking. With a plethora of useful spying features that are easy to use, you simply can’t go wrong with it. The KidsGuard dashboard allows users to track their target’s activity remotely, but other features include:

  • Track and view the real-time GPS location of any Android or iOS devices. It’s an app to track phones without them knowing
  • It can hack iPhone text messageshack Tinder account, and browse social media activity from platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and others
  • See information about the target’s calls and contacts
  • Access calendar information, notes, and voice memos
  • View all of the apps that your target installs and add restrictions to them
  • View your target’s browser activity

That’s not all you can expect from this Samsung voice recorder – KidsGuard. If you want to find out more about KidsGuard, then check out the iOS demo, where you can see the features in action. To begin tracking your target with KidsGuard, you’ll need:

  • To purchase a premium subscription for your KidsGuard account
  • Temporary access to your target’s iPhone and their iCloud account
  • Access to your own Android device to access the KidsGuard dashboard
  • Roughly 10 minutes out of your time for the setup process

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Got each of these things ready? Fantastic – the next section will cover the installation process.

How to Track an iPhone from an Android Phone with KidsGuard

Now that you have the above things, let’s begin. As we said above this will take about 10 minutes, but it might be safe to set aside a little extra time if you aren’t tech savvy.

Step #1 – First you need to create an account on the KidsGuard website. You can do this here and sign up with a premium subscription afterward.

Sign up KidsGuard Account

Sign up KidsGuard

Step #2 – Follow the account setup steps until you reach the KidsGuard Setup Wizard. You’ll have to enter the target’s name and their age group and select the iOS device type.

Step #3 – Next, sign into the same iCloud account which your target has signed into on their device.

Step #4 – They will likely have Two-Factor Authentication on their account so you’ll also need to accept the request that appears on their iPhone.

Step #5 – After you sign in and authenticate the sign in request, you can sign into the KidsGuard dashboard using your account.

That’s the basic gist of setting up KidsGuard. Learning how to track an iPhone from an Android phone is relatively simple with this guide and to make things even better, you can use the KidsGuard dashboard on any Android device too.

Solution #2 – Free Solution to Track an iPhone from an Android Phone

You might feel that KidsGuard isn’t for you, or perhaps you can’t afford a subscription, and this isn’t a problem. Free solutions are available, and while they don’t yield the best results, they’ll help you to get insights on your target’s iPhone activity.

With this first free solution, we’ll be focussing on iCloud accounts. People don’t realize just how much activity iCloud accounts collect and this makes them perfect for spying. So, one particular feature of the iCloud platform is Find My iPhone. We’re going to be explaining how to turn this setting on and how to access the collected information via your Android phone.

Step #1 – Take your target’s iPhone and unlock it.

Step #2 – Open the “Settings” application and tap on the user’s name at the top of the menu.

Step #3 – Select the “iCloud” feature, swipe down to the “Find My iPhone” feature, and turn it on if it isn’t already on.

Step #4 – You can now return the iPhone. On your own Android device, open a browser app and head over to

Step #5 – Using your target’s iCloud account information, sign into the iCloud dashboard.

Step #6 – Click on “Find iPhone” and at the top of the screen, press “All Devices” and then select the iPhone you want to track.

From the screen you are now looking at, you can see the live location of your target. Some limitations of this are that if the device runs out of battery, it’ll stop tracking, and you’re also only able to view the GPS location. Now, if you go back to the main iCloud dashboard, you can also see notes and calendar data too. However, some people choose not to sync this information with their iCloud account in which case it won’t be made available to you.

Solution #3 – Tracking an iPhone using Google Timeline

And finally, you might decide that Google Timeline is the best way of learning how to track an iPhone from an Android phone. Many iPhone users will be familiar with the irritable notification “Enable Your Google Location”. Accepting this will allow Apple to collect information about your GPS location and pass it onto Google. This is a well-known fact, but not many people realize that you can actively see the location data that they collect.

If you open up Google Timeline on your computer, you’ll see a map. On this map, you’ll be able to view everywhere that you’ve been with your iPhone, and a few other useful pieces of information too.
Likewise, you can sign into the Google Timeline tool from your Android device and see this map from there. You’ll need the email address from your target’s iPhone, but once you have that you’ll be able to see where they are at all times.

Curious about how to do this? On your Android phone, go to the Google Timeline page and from the top left menu, tap “Today” or select another day. Swipe through the list that appears, and you can see where your target’s been that day.

Reasons to Use KidsGuard

Now that we’ve shown you all of the best options consider which one would be of the most useful to you. We find that KidsGuard is the best tool to find out how to track an iPhone from an Android phone, and here’s why.

Versatile. Unlike other tracking tools, KidsGuard is multipurpose. It isn’t limited to one particular situation or a single form of tracking. Instead, it is useful in lots of different situations and comes with features which we believe make it a one-stop monitoring tool.

Accessible Dashboard. After you setup KidsGuard for the first time, you’ll never have to access your target’s device again. From that point onwards, you’ll have full control of the tool from the accessible dashboard. You can enable and disable certain features, view the data that it’s tracking, or even add more devices to monitor.

Extensive Features. Most importantly, KidsGuard is constantly receiving updates. These updates frequently include new features so that users get as much use out of the tool as possible. It’s also worth remembering that you can monitor more than one device from your KidsGuard account!
The accessible dashboard alone is enough of a reason to use KidsGuard because most monitoring tools are limited in this regard.

To Conclude

Understanding the ins and outs of tracking an iPhone can be useful in various situations. Parents might want to monitor their children whereas others might want to track their spouse. Thus, by knowing how to track an iPhone from an Android phone, you might find it more useful than you initially think. Our recommended solution is KidsGuard.

The others that we’ve shown are better for tracking the location of your targets, but KidsGuard provides a much deeper level of insight allowing for text message and social media monitoring. Different situations require different tools, however, so perhaps try them all out!

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