How to Track WhatsApp Messages to Protect Your Kids

Technology has taken over the manually operated things that earlier used to be time-consuming, tiring, expensive, and most important of all, impossible to attain. Nobody could have ever thought in the past that there would come a time when people will connect to each other through call and video despite the long distances. Today’s technology has been taken to next level that was unimaginable for an ordinary person. These advancements have not only made life convenient but also allowed humans to remain well-aware of their surroundings and the people living close by or far. We are using most of the social media applications for connectivity, and it has become important for parents to know How to Track WhatsApp Messages.

However, while technology is proving to be beneficial in terms of reducing human efforts and increasing the social connections, it has also scared people for their loved ones either being too naïve to handle the social media madness or any person misusing the given authorities such as a company’s employee. For this purpose, technology has again surprised us by skilled professionals creating a software application, KidsGuard, which serves the purpose of monitoring the mobile movements and other things related to it, especially how to track Whatsapp messages. This way, a cell phone can now be considered as a safe platform for youngsters to use because of this mobile information tracking system called KidsGuard.

1. How to Track WhatsApp Messages with mSpy

It is a reliable app that will allow you to track the messages of your loved ones. Assure that you follow the given steps properly if you want to track the messages.

1. Select one of the packages and register to mySpy so you can download the application.

2. Access the dashboard of mySpy where you will get the option of WhatsApp. Click on it, and you will get all the related information about calls and messages.

3. It will allow you to view the location and other information of the target device.

Try mSpy

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2. How to Track WhatsApp Messages with KidsGuard Pro – The Most Reliable Way

KidsGuard can be used on both the mobile operating systems, i.e., iOS and Android. This software is fully compatible with these OS and delivers a satisfactory outcome as well. If you’re thinking to start with it and make an account on it for further procedure, then here is a complete guide for you which is explained in a step-by-step tutorial with tips and techniques to make it more interesting and advanced.

1. Visit the site:

First things first, Visit the website and make a deep observation of the home page with the necessary information mentioned it which will help in understanding the mobile monitoring system better.

2. Click ‘Try it now’:

Click on the ‘Try it now‘ option and get started with the detailed procedure that will follow the final outlook.

3. Create an account:

Create an account of your own by putting the required information including your name, email address, and password.

Sign up KidsGuard Pro

Sign up KidsGuard

4. Choose the OS:

Once done with making the account, choose the OS from which you’ll be using the software that can be either iOS or Android.

5. Purchase the subscription:

After that, you’ll be asked to purchase the software. This is a positive to trust the application as good things are not for free.

6. Enter details of your child:

The details of your child or the employer need to be entered on the next page which includes name, age, and operating system.

7. Make necessary security changes in the target device:

The necessary security changes in the target device include:

  • Enabling installing apps from unknown sources.
  • Disable protection. By doing this, the target device will not be informed of cybersecurity threats.

8. Download the software to the target device:

Download KidsGuard in the device through and choose ‘Slide right to download‘ option to finish with it. The target device will ask for confirmation, so you need to approve it before going ahead.

Download Kidsguard for Android

9. Review the instructions:

Review the instructions for enabling the monitoring service in the base device that could be either PC or mobile.

10. Fill the login page form:

Back to the target device; fill the login page with the appropriate information asked for. The form will ask you for the account details that you made on the launcher device.

KidsGuard Pro

11. Permit usage access:

This can be done by activating the ‘system update service‘ which allows the target device to give access to the launcher for monitoring.

12. Approve the requests:

A list of the requests will be shown on the screen after the other which is:

  • Access your contacts, calendar, photo, media, and other files.
  • And access to the phone application, the messages application, especially how to track Whatsapp messages.
  • Access to the device’s location.

13. Agree to the terms:

Agree to the terms, conditions, and the mentioned possibilities on the next page to start.

14. Click ‘Start monitoring’:

Click on ‘Start monitoring‘ and now you’re all set to track the target device’s activities and movements in the mentioned applications, mainly social media.

What is so special about KidsGuard Pro?

There are a number of factors that make KidsGuard different from the other monitoring apps which are mentioned below.

  • A summary of the mobile’s recent location, phone calls, and messages is given on the home page after logging in.
  • Every small detail is provided by clicking one of the applications, for example, call timings, caller’s name, and call duration, etc.
  • You cannot only view the messages but also use the application from your device as well.
  • It shows you a complete map if the target device’s current and past locations.
  • You can also capture the screenshots of the information of the target device which lets you have proof of it.
  • Browser history can also be checked which is the biggest of parents to the young kids.
  • Access to the photo gallery allows you to view the pictures and for an HD view, you can download the picture as well.
  • You can block the certain application on the target device which you feel are inappropriate for your child.
  • A restriction can also be put on mobile usage.
  • There is a ‘Keyword Alert’ option available on the software which instantly indicated you for the words that you’ve selected for the danger zone.
  • Answers well to the popular query of how to track Whatsapp messages, hack Line password, Snapchat hack iPhone, and hack Instagram account.

How to track Whatsapp messages?

Whatsapp is a social media application that can be easily tracked with the help of KidsGuard. Apart from the other chatting social media platforms, Whatsapp is the most used by both kids and adults. Therefore, it can be misused badly by inappropriately interacting with people who can be otherwise harmful to the reputation and user’s wellbeing. By clicking on the Whatsapp option, you can easily view the notifications, keyboard logs, and screenshots. Facebook and messenger have a somewhat similar system for reviewing and monitoring the latest social media activities.

How important is to monitor mobile activities?

The importance of monitoring mobile activities can be summarized in the following points:

  • Keep an eye on the cyberbullying that your child might be facing.
  • Make sure that your child does not get involved in appropriate activities.
  • Ensure that your child is safe from the online predators.
  • Keep an eye on your child’s friends list.
  • Make the screen time limited.
  • Help in finding an answer to how to track Whatsapp messages.

Does this mean none of the online information is secure?

As much as we hate to admit it, yes. Online information is never safe no matter how much of an expensive phone you buy or the install original software from your operating system. There can be one way or the other which can cause your online information to get leaked. However, everything has its sets of drawbacks and positive aspects. This certainly does not mean that you stop making use of the technology that can benefit you in a lot many ways. Therefore, it’s all up to you, whether to make the most of it or to misuse it which can later cause trouble as well.

What are the other key benefits of being a KidsGuard member?

  • 1. Get a properly systemized way to look into your child’s cyber movements.
  • 2. Purchase the subscription; therefore, it makes sure not to disappoint its users.
  • 3. Get too many additional options such as picture downloading, and also controlling the screen time limit.

All in all, KidsGuard has proven to be beneficial for the parents and business owners by fulfilling all its claims of providing a foolproof opportunity for monitoring mobile cyber activities, especially how to track Whatsapp messages. The systematic procedure says it all of the software being professionally operated with the intention of making it simpler and convenient for its users.

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