Transferring data from BlackBerry devices to other places without its Desktop Software can be difficult enough, much less transferring all your BlackBerry-style contacts, text messages or other types of personal data to a totally different platform. Although some closed, proprietary operating systems such as BlackBerry and iOS can keep your individual data safer and prevent your device from attacking by malicious virus, they also bring about some difficulties of data transfer and management. If you need to copy your personal data from BlackBerry to new-purchased iPhone, it will cost you lots of time on copying the data to computer from BlackBerry with its Desktop Software, and then transferring them to iPhone via iTunes. However, some types of data which can be identified on BlackBerry, may not be identified and used on iOS again. So what you need to consider about is not just how to transfer, but also how to convert the data format so that they can be used on the other platform.

How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to iPhone 6S / 7 Effortlessly?

If you have been casting about for a capable smartphone data transfer tool to help you make all the complicated process simple, you may as well try this transfer program – MobileTrans for Windows. MobileTrans is a very powerful data transfer tool known for its efficiency in transferring data between portable devices even though they come from different platforms. It absolutely supports transferring BlackBerry data to iPhone without too many additional steps and gives you the power to manage and back up your personal data easily.

Now let's get back to the topic. In the next section of this article, I will show you how to transfer your contacts, text messages, music, videos and more from BlackBerry to iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 (Plus) with just some simple clicks. But before that, you need to download MobileTrans and then install this BlackBerry-to-iOS data transfer program on your computer firstly. And the explicit tutorial is as follows.

Download MobileTrans

Tutorial: How to transfer data from BlackBerry to iPhone 6S/7 Plus via MobileTrans

From BlackBerry OS 6,7 (Backup) to iPhone 6S/7 Plus

From BlackBerry OS 10 (Backup) to iPhone 6S/7 Plus

Step 1: Back up your BlackBerry and then export the BlackBerry backup file.

Firstly, back up your BlackBerry data with BlackBerry® Desktop Software for BlackBerry OS 6.x, 7.x or BlackBerry® Link for BlackBerry OS 10.x, and then create a backup file for all the data saved on your BlackBerry phone.


Step 2: Launch BlackBerry to iPhone 7/6S Data Transfer – MobileTrans on computer

Run MobileTrans on your computer, click “Restore from Backups” in the Home page of the program. Then select “BlackBerry” from the appeared buttons. Then you will go to the data restore window.


Step 3: Restore BlackBerry data to iPhone 7 or 6S Plus with created BlackBerry backup file

In the left column, the program has scanned and shown all existing BlackBerry backup files there. Just choose the one you just created. Now connect you iPhone 6S to computer with the Lighting cable and your device will be shown on the right column. And then in the middle, you can check the contents you need and restore the data from the backup file selectively.

Finally, click “Start Transfer” button, and then the program will start restoring all BlackBerry backup data to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus.

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