How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone X

Given the rise of iPhone users in the present decade, we have tried to cater to the larger audience by talking about general issues on iPhone X. If you have the new iPhone X device in hand and are starting to wonder how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X, you have come to the right place to find your solutions. This column will address your most asked music transferring questions and needs to put in new songs on iPhone X for your entertainment pleasure.

iOS users can employ the iTunes app as well, to transfer their music files from iDevice to iDevice. However, using iTunes is not always simple, and it may sometimes pose a number of issues while transferring your music files. This is owing to the iTunes’s tendency to transfer only purchased items, which mostly takes too much effort. Like most iPhone users, if you too have continually faced issues while using iTunes, then it is time to start searching for alternative measures. We have additionally included good methods for you to use so that you can efficiently learn how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X.

PART 1: How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X?

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices are brand new models by Apple. These have caught a lot of attention worldwide due to its easy to use features and fast processing systems. Additionally, there are up to date features in these devices, like augmented reality, intuitive gestures, full-screen design, super retina display, and many more, which have elevated these devices to the most popular and high technology status.

The dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) is a brilliant tool, provided by Wondershare for any phone to phone transfers. You can easily use this software to move music files from your iPod to iPhone X effortlessly. This program supports entire foremost iPod versions ranging from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and much more. Hence, while using this program, you will not have any problems while learning how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X. We have further enlisted a few prominent features of the dr.fone program for your handiness.

KEY FEATURES OF dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS):

  • It is fully supported on iOS 14 iTunes 12.6, and iPod.
  • This program can manage your contacts, videos, SMS or MMS messages.
  • It can easily make data transfers between different devices.
  • dr.fone can easily backup any songs, images, videos, contacts, audio, SMS, Apps and the like to the PC and perform restoring tasks.
  • It can easily sync your device.
  • It is the finest alternative to iTunes for managing iPhone 8 image files.
  • Goes with both Mac and Windows operating platforms.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Follow the steps below carefully, to learn how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X in easy and simple ways using dr.fone:

Step 1: Firstly launch and initiate the dr.fone program on the Windows or Mac PC.


Step 2: Next, Choose “Phone Manager” and then you must link iPod and iPhone X to the PC, and wait till dr.fone automatically detects the devices. You can choose your iPod as the source device from the upper left drop-down box.

Step 3: Having done this, visit the Music option from the toolbar, where you can see the entire list of music files saved on the iPod in special categories.

Step 4: You can just choose the audio files, which you want to transfer and tap on the ‘Export‘ icon on the toolbar. Otherwise, you can also right click on particular files and select Export. After this, you can easily transfer the chosen files directly from your iPod to iPhone X.

Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone X

PART 2: Steps to move your song files to iTunes from iPod?

From the previous segment, you have learned how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X using the dr.fone program. In this part, we are going to step up the task and learn about music transferring from iPod to iTunes directly. This is a perfect answer to those people employing iTunes on their PC having either Windows or Mac for listening to their favorite tracks.

Using the dr.fone software, you can also choose to rebuild the iTunes library after connecting your iOS device and accessing its audio files. You can rebuild your iTunes library, keeping the iPod as the source device.

You can learn how to transfer song files easily from iPod to iTunes by following the steps below carefully:

Step 1: You can start by downloading and installing the dr.fone program on the PC and connecting the iPod to the system. When the dr.fone program detects it on its interface, you will see a snapshot on its screen.

Step 2: To proceed, tap on the ‘Transfer Device Media to iTunes‘ option on the Home Screen.

Step 3: Doing this will launch a g pop-up box as the dr.fone program asks you for permission to detect the entire content of audio on the device. You can tap on the ‘Start‘ icon on the window to set off the process.

Step 4: You must wait for some time till the dr.fone program completely scans your entire device. After the scanning has been finished, you will receive a new pop-up message, of the different kind of data files on your iPod.

Step 5: From these option on the box, you can choose the types of data, which you want to move from your iPod to iTunes. Your audio content would be separated out into many categories like playlists, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and the like. You can make your preferred selection and tap on the ‘Start‘ icon.

Step 6: You can now wait and sit back. Very soon, the dr.fone program will mechanically move the chosen content on the iTunes app. As soon as the process is done, you will receive a prompt notification. You can simply tap on the ‘Ok’ icon so as to depart from the program interface.

With these easy to use steps, you can successfully learn how to make music file transfers to iTunes from iPod in fast time. These steps are quite simple and have proved efficient to a lot of users, seeking to learn how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone X. In addition, now that you have read the key features of the dr.fone program, you can use this program whenever you need to perform such tasks.

Alongside, the dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) program is a tool, worth mentioning in this respect. It is the finest and essential implementation to any such transferring task. From using the dr.fone program to make iPod and iPhone X transfers, you will be capable of moving your most wanted podcasts, playlists, tracks, and various types of music files from an iPhone X to iPod or vice versa along with iPod to an iTunes app without a glitch. From this direct transferring tool, you will also be capable of moving any data file among many different iPod devices. What’s more, this program can let you transfer any data files freely between your iOS device and any PC supporting Windows or Mac as well. The dr.fone program is not just limited to music files, but can also support various types of data like images, audio and video files, messages, contacts, notes, etc. You can download this tool to make day to day tasks a lot easier.