In this blog post, we seek to cater to the music entertainment needs of Galaxy Note 8, who need to know how to add specific music files to their Samsung devices. This is specifically when trying to get song files from the iTunes app. More often than not, users come to a blank when their Galaxy Note 8 does not get recognized by the iTunes app. Mostly; the problem arises when they are not able to make iTunes sync to their Galaxy Note 8 devices. Therefore, we have now decided to deal with the process on how to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8 and to transfer music from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes, in trouble-free and efficient ways.

This issue on the subject of compatibility between iTunes and the Android devices Galaxy Note 8 is, in fact, a common issue, which has been mostly asked by Galaxy Note 8 users. If you find this issue to be similar to what you are facing on your Galaxy Note 8, then you have come to the right place to find the best solutions. If you too are employing the iTunes app to tune into your much-loved songs, then there are chances that you may sometimes face setbacks of various sorts while trying to sync iTunes tracks to your Galaxy Note 8. This issue is typically faced by the Galaxy Note S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 device users as well.

For your convenience in trying to transfer song files to and from Galaxy Note 8 and iTunes, we have specified a new and efficient program for your use. This program can perform any device to device file functions easily, without wasting your time or data. The step by step methods in the following segments below will teach you how to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8 and how to transfer music from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes, in easy to use and resourceful ways.

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PART 1: How transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8?

Galaxy Note 8 is the most popular and high processing model device by Samsung. With its solid and robust feel, the device has caught the attention of Samsung loyalists all over the world. Due to this device’s popularity, we have dedicated this article to deal with the greater audience seeking answers to common problems, which are regularly encountered while using the Galaxy Note 8 device.

For your convenience, while making such music transfers, we are commending the dr.fone – Android Transfer program by Wondershare. It is the most widely used and popular program used by most smartphone users. It contains the most proficient and amazing features, which you can effortlessly employ to deal with such file transfer tasks. This program can be used by you while making the sync between iTunes and the Galaxy Note 8 device.

The dr.fone Transfer program is a must-have tool for learning how to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8. Also, we have a list of its key features, for your handiness.


  • Be fully supported on Android 10.0 and iTunes 12.X.
  • It is the finest alternative to iTunes for managing files.
  • It can easily make data transfers between different devices.
  • This program can manage your contacts, videos, SMS or MMS messages.
  • It can easily sync your device.
  • dr.fone Transfer can easily backup any songs, images, videos, contacts, audio, SMS, Apps and the like to the PC and perform restoring tasks and vice versa.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

Follow these steps below carefully to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8 & achieve satisfying and effective results from the dr.fone app:

Step 1: You can begin by going to dr.fone official website and downloading it on the PC. After effecting its installation, you must launch dr.fone your computer and click “Transfer” so as to progress the sync.

Step 2: Then you must link your Galaxy Note 8 device to your PC and wait for some time till the dr.fone interface detects it. Then, tap on the ‘Transfer iTunes Media to Device‘ icon on the main screen.

Step 3: This will display a new pop-up box, where you can choose the type of media file, which you want to move from the iTunes app to your Galaxy Note 8 device. If you want, you can selectively choose your preferred data files or select the whole library to be transferred.

Step 4: Once you have made your choice, tap on the ‘Transfer‘ icon to start the process.

Step 5: You must now wait while dr.fone syncs the iTunes songs to Galaxy Note 8. When this is completed, a prompt notification will be shown on-screen.

Through this method, you can successfully know how to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8.

PART 2: How to transfer music from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes?

Now that you have learned how to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8, we can now proceed with doing the reverse method, i.e., how to transfer music from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes. Just like we have used dr.fone as an apt tool for transferring files from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8, we can also use the same for moving file data from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes, in a full proof way. You can also remodel the iTunes music library with the Galaxy Note 8 device as the source. Follow the steps below carefully to learn the method using dr.fone:

Step 1: You can start by connecting your Galaxy Note 8 to the PC and launching the dr.foneprogram. Very soon, dr.fone will mechanically sense your smartphone and display its snap on the program main screen.

dr.fone (Mac)
Step 2: Among the various options on the interface, you must tap on the ‘Transfer Device Music to iTunes‘ option under “Transfer” Mode.

dr.fone Transfer (Mac)
Step 3: This option will display a pop-up window to ask for your affirmation. You can simply tap on the ‘Start’ icon to start the scanning process on your Galaxy Note 8.

Step 4: After the device scanning, the interface will provide with the option of selecting your preferred data types to be transferred from your Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes.

Step 5: From the given options, you make your choices and tap on the ‘Copy to iTunes‘ icon once more to remodel iTunes library.

Step 6: From this point, you must simply wait while dr.fone transfers your chosen data from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes. As soon as the process is done, you will be prompted through a screen notification.

Through this method, you can successfully know how to transfer music from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes.

Through this useful advisory, you will be capable of transferring any song file or other preferred files, without any problem, between your Galaxy Note 8 and iTunes. Other than syncing your music files, you can also use the dr.fone program to transfer any type of media file, ranging from your images, contacts, playlists, video and audio file, such as Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photos to PC.

The various features of dr.fone – Transfer (Android) make it an apt tool for performing any device to device tasks as well. This tool can save your valuable time along with ensuring that there is no loss of data. However, if you would like to Download Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iTube Studio is your best choice.

Now that you know how to transfer music from Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes and how to transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 8, you can share and help your dear ones as well.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)