How to Unblock YouTube Videos on Your PC/Phone

YouTube is one of the biggest social platforms that exist on the internet. It has been around since 2005. So many social media platforms have come and gone but, YouTube has stood the test of time. To protect the platform, it has to be sometimes restricted, which is why it was blocked in countries outside the USA. Owners of the content can decide the geographical location where the video could be viewed. It means that if someone outside of that location wants to view the video, then they might have to unblock YouTube videos otherwise they would miss out on the content.

If you try to view the video from a blocked location, then a message would appear on the screen that would say “This video is not available in your country.” This happens because your location would be easily tracked through the IP address.

1. How you could unblock YouTube videos with the help of VPN

A VPN is software that allows you to access sites or apps that are blocked in your location. Using Wi-Fi spots that are open ensures to keep your identity anonymous. You can say that it acts as a moderator between you and the server. It is able to mask the blocked YouTube videos from your ISP, which results in you being able to access the videos without facing any problems. Speed, performance, and reliability are three of the main aspects that are to be considered while you use a VPN to unblock YouTube videos.

Unblock YouTube Videos with VPN


You may want to unblock YouTube at school. It can be because you need to look up information for an assignment or it could be a DIY project that you need help with. The VPN is able to mask the IP address so it could not be traced back to you along with encrypting the data that is transferred online. Using NordVPN would also mean that you would be able to go right past all the annoying ads and useless information. This would happen while the VPN works to unblock YouTube (Let’s fix the YouTube Picture in Picture Not Working issue easily).

NordVPN is one of the best options if you are looking for something to protect you against data security and identity theft. YouTube is one of those platforms that collect all the information regarding the person who is surfing through their videos. But, with the help of the VPN, you would be able to safeguard your information while you access whichever video you want to see. Also, if you prefer to keep YouTube videos, please try YouTube video downloader.


  • With the help of NordVPN, you are able to unblock YouTube videos and also unblock other video proxy access other websites that may be blocked in your geographical location.
  • Your identity would be safe as long as you use public Wi-Fi.
  • NordVPN is also pretty good at blocking all sorts of annoying advertisements that ruin the whole experience.
  • Your IP address along with other important data is kept safe from being accessible to scammers etc.
  • With just a single account, you can use six different devices across various platforms.
  • It can make sure that there is no consumption of the bandwidth even when you are on international trips.
  • NordVPN basically helps to provide you with VPN apps, IPs, and proxy browser extensions so that you can watch unblock YouTube videos without any problem.


1. In order to use NordVPN, you will have to download it first from the official NordVPN website. Once you do that, you can go ahead and click on the “Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter” and then press on Next. Now, click on the Install button so that the app or the software so it can get installed on the computer.

2. Once the software is downloaded, open it on the PC. You will need to sign into your account and then click on the Quick Connect button. This will help a connection to be established with the server, which means that you will be one step closer to being able to unblock YouTube. When you can see that the pinpointing to your country has turned green, then you are good to go.

Unblock YouTube Videos Using NordVPN

2. How to unblock YouTube videos with the help of proxy

There are other ways in which you could unblock YouTube if you are from a place where it is banned. One of the efficient ways to go about it is through the proxy websites. These proxies help to reroute the request through another computer.

There are two types of proxy servers, private and public. You have to pay an amount if you want to use the private one but, they do offer more stability and also reliability. They are also great when it comes to assisting you in bypassing foreign websites with restrictions and allow you to unblock YouTube videos. You are granted anonymous access so that you can read or access information from all across the world without any problem.


  • They are not reliable as hackers could hack them any time that they want to.
  • Your data could be leaked or misused by the scammers once they are provided to the proxy.
  • You cannot skip within the video if you are watching YouTube videos.
  • In most of the cases, they simply protect the browser instead of the traffic that is using the browser.
  • Some of the proxies are able to pass-through the IP address. This can make you vulnerable and put the privacy at risk.
  • If you want to use email, third-party apps, and browser separately, then you will have to configure them accordingly each time.


1. One of the first things that you will have to do is search the internet for the right proxy site using which you would be able to access websites and also unblock YouTube videos.

2. Let us take the example of Once you go to the website and click on the YouTube button that is in the middle of the screen, you would be able to unblock YouTube and browse through the videos.

Unblock YouTube Videos with Proxysite

3. How to unblock YouTube with the help of browser extensions

While we are on the topic of learning ways to unblock YouTube videos and other websites, browser extensions are also good options that should be considered.

A lot of the times, YouTube and other websites are blocked on the school premises or at college so that there would be fewer distractions. But, with the right tools, you would be able to unblock the websites. You will need a trustworthy browser so that you can start the process. With the help of Google, it should not be hard to find a website. You also get a faster speed.


  • You do not have the option of being able to choose a specific location while you are browsing the web. It is an automatic process.
  • It does not require any kind of permission and connects to the blocked websites by itself, which can put your privacy at risk.


1. You will have to download and then install it on the PC. Now, go ahead and click on the friGate3 extension icon. Then configure it to whitelist the channel where you want to view content.

Unblock YouTube Videos with friGate3

2. The next step would require you to turn on the friGate3 and then you would be able to access the unblocked sites like YouTube.

Among all the options that we have shortlisted and mentioned above, NordVPN is one of the best and the safest options that you could go for. Not only can you access all the websites and apps that you want to but, you would also be able to protect your IP address along with protecting the privacy.

It is not uncommon for institutions to block websites like YouTube on campus. Watching one video after the other can be very time-consuming. Blocking the website also allows the institution to have more control over what people are watching and doing. But, there is so much of informational and educational content on it as well that may benefit the students, which is why they often take the help of third-party apps or proxy websites to unblock YouTube videos and other websites.


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