If you are an iPhone user, you might have seen the messages like iPhone Cannot verify server identityiPhone stuck on verifying update or “Update Apple ID Settings“. In general, many individuals want to ignore this message as soon as possible and use their phone. Regardless of the actions you take, you will find it difficult to get rid of the red color “1”. Well, if you need to get rid of this “Update Apple ID Settings” message, please read on.

From this point onwards, let’s discuss what you should do after seeing the “Update Apple ID Settings” notification.

Note: Switch to fix them if your Apple ID is disabled or there was an error connecting to the Apple ID server even you have a problem with ‘Update Unavailable With This Apple ID‘.

The reason for the message “Update Apple ID Settings” to appear

Many iPhone users wonder what exactly the message “Update Apple ID Settings” says. Before we explain how to fix the issue, let’s learn the basics of this issue.

Once you see the message “Update Apple ID Settings”, you will need to sign in to the Apple ID. After signing in, you will be able to use a variety of services related to the respective account. In most cases, “Update Apple ID Settings” denotes that you should enter the Apple ID password once again. After reentering the Apple ID password, you will be able to use the services without any issue.

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The action you must take when you see “Update Apple ID Settings” on your device

After seeing the message “Update Apple ID Settings,” you should take the action mentioned below.

Shouldn’t you worry as it doesn’t need you to do anything complicated?

  • Go to the “Settings” app on your device
  • Tap on the option labeled “Update Apple ID Settings”
  • When prompted to the next screen, tap on “Continue”
  • Now, enter the Apple ID password you use when you see a pop-up message on the screen

This should fix it if the case is normal.

As you would notice, the above process is a pretty simple one. It will not even take a minute to enter your Apple ID password. But, in specific rare cases, the aforesaid notification (Update Apple ID Settings) will not go away easily. The message will reappear on your device even after entering the password several times. In certain cases – making the situation even complicated – a pop-up message will appear with the message “an error occurred”. If you have faced this issue and needed to fix this issue, please keep reading. We will explain a reliable fix to this issue.

Determine if “Update Apple ID Settings” is stuck

You might be reading this article probably because you cannot get rid of “Update Apple ID Settings”. If you find the above message is stuck, that is because you cannot verify the Apple ID correctly. But don’t worry; there are plenty of other iPhone users who experience the same issue.

The above issue is discussed in numerous help forums, and many iPhone users have experienced the same. But you don’t want to look any further. In this article, we will help you to get rid of this annoying issue with ease. If you read the article on, you can learn how to diagnose and rectify the issue mentioned above.

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Determine if you have signed into the correct Apple ID on your iOS device

Many individuals use different Apple IDs. If you are one of them, there’s a good chance for you to confuse one Apple ID with another. That means you will enter a different password on an Apple ID you use currently. As a result, the system will not be able to verify the Apple ID. If that is the case, you can try this solution.

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and tap on the Apple ID name you intend to sign in. In this way, you can also see the Apple ID you have currently logged in. The current Apple ID is located towards the center of the screen.

However, if you have already signed in to the correct Apple ID and still have troubles, read on. To overcome this issue, you should simply go back to the Settings app and locate Apple ID. Then, you should scroll towards the screen and Sign Out. You should then enter the same Apple ID and choose to turn it off.

After that, you should tap on the “Sign Out” option located towards the right side (top) of the screen. However, if you need to keep a copy of the settings, turn on “Keep A Copy Of” feature. It can be done using the switch toward the right of the option. You can confirm the option simply by tapping “Sign Out” as you see a pop-up.

Since you have signed out now, you should sign in once again. To do this, you should go to the Settings app and Sign in. Then, you should enter the Apple ID and password once again. Tap the “Sign In” option located at the top right-hand side of the screen. You can now sign into iCloud. If the process prompts you to merge the data with iCloud, it is better to tap on Merge. Such an approach will prevent you from losing any of the data in your device.

Well, now you have signed into the iCloud. For most of the users, this method should work. However, if you still experience the issue, you shouldn’t worry. You can move to the next step and see if it fixes the issue.

Check for the iCloud services

In some cases, you will experience “Update Apple ID Settings” as a result of an error associated with iCloud. For instance, if the iCloud is temporarily disabled for some maintenance work, such an issue can occur. As a result of such an occurrence, you will not be able to log into the Apple ID as you used to do. In fact, that is a safety measure implemented by Apple. To make sure if there is a temporary issue, you should go to Apple’s official website. If that is the case, you should wait for them to fix the issue.

You can try any of the above methods to fix “Update Apple ID Settings” message. All the methods mentioned above are for free. So, if you come across such issue one time or other, you should try one of those methods.

Things you must do as a responsible iOS device user

If you are an iPhone user, there are some basics to follow. These basics will prevent you from losing important data and becoming vulnerable to various threats.

Avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots

You should not connect your iOS device to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Restaurants, libraries, airports, cafés, shopping malls, etc. offer these Wi-Fi hotspots pretty much for everyone. Although browsing the internet for free is a good facility, don’t forget the element of danger. These public hotspots are easiest targets of hackers. The devices connected to these networks can be vulnerable to identity theft etc. Your bank details, social media accounts, and other important details can become vulnerable easily through these networks. So, stay away from such.

Don’t jailbreak

Some iPhone users tend to jailbreak their devices to install third-party apps. We don’t recommend such an approach at all. Jailbreaking your iOS device will definitely make it an easy target of malware attacks and hackers. So, if you need to assure the optimal security of the device, you shouldn’t jailbreak it.

Keep regular backups

One of the most common mistakes people do is neglecting to create regular backups on their iOS devices. If you back up your iOS devices on a regular basis, the chances of losing your important data are minimal. For instance, if your device gets damaged physically, you’ll not lose your data as they are already backed up. The same theory works even upon a malware attack.

Use strong passcode

No matter how secure the Apple devices are, you should use a strong passcode on your device. Such an approach can make it even difficult for hackers to approach your iPhone.

Have an antivirus program installed

Be sure that you use a good antivirus program which is updated on a regular basis. Such a program will keep you away from Internet-based threats.

Well, that is all about fixing the “Update Apple ID Settings” issue and gaining access to your iOS device. Be sure that you don’t get panicked after noticing those issues. Instead, you should act more vigilantly and patiently. Moreover, don’t get your device repaired from random individuals who are not Apple’s service agents. If you need to Generate Apple App-Specific Password With iCloud, this article is just for you.

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