How to Use TubeUnblock to Watch YouTube

Most countries are fortunate enough to have full internet access, but not everyone has this luxury. A few examples of countries that restrict YouTube access are North Korea, Turkey, Brazil, and there are a lot of others that we can add to this list. If we take into account that YouTube is the top video sharing site on the internet, it’s a pity, so many countries block it. If you live somewhere that blocks YouTube, look into TubeUnblock and discover how it can help you.

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What is a VPN?

VPNs come in various forms. Professionals will opt to use their own server and configure it themselves, but most users will instead use a solution like TubeUnblock.

A VPN is a network tool that reroutes your internet activity through a different IP address. As a result, when you’re browsing online none of the websites that you visit or data that you enter can lead back to you.

So, how is this useful for unblocking YouTube? Simply: when you go to YouTube, and an active VPN connection is in place, the block won’t be there. The entire process is more technical than this, but now that you have a basic understanding of VPNs you can start searching for one.

TubeUnblock – What is it?

TubeUnblock doesn’t work the same way that a VPN does, but don’t let this take away from how effective it is. Once you type the name of the video you want to watch, a search will be run to locate a mirror version.

Mirror versions are identical to the original YouTube video, but you won’t have to worry about unblocking so that you can watch your videos.

Of course, this isn’t the perfect solution. Not every YouTube video is available on TubeUnblock, and some videos by regular content creators upload can’t be found. Ultimately, most videos are either music videos or trending content – it’s clear there are a few disadvantages. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth checking out if you are struck with a YouTube block.


Reasons to Use TubeUnblock

Not convinced? Here are some of the top reasons to consider using TubeUnblock.

  • Browser extensions are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so that unblocking YouTube is quick and easy
  • Users don’t have to worry about an overly technical process; a mirrored YouTube simplifies everything
  • You can browse the videos on this website by searching, looking through a specific category, or by scrolling through trending videos
  • Access wherever you are, on whatever device you have, and on as many devices as you want to
  • It is completely free to use this website- Built-in download feature allows you to download your favorite videos with ease
  • Comment on videos in the exact same way that you would on YouTube

Some people actually start to prefer this YouTube unblock over YouTube itself. Don’t worry if TubeUnblock doesn’t appeal to you – there are more options you can choose from.

TubeUnblock Alternative – NordVPN

Going back to VPNs, if the previous method didn’t do you justice then consider NordVPN. This all-in-one VPN isn’t just suitable for YouTube, but you can use it for all of your privacy needs. After that, you are able to free download videos, if you still have a professional YouTube video downloader. All of the most notable features are below.

TubeUnblock Alternative – NordVPN
  • Pick from over 4800+ servers among 62 countries
  • Encrypt your online activity to stay safe against hackers
  • Budget-friendly as you can get a subscription for as little as $2.75/month!
  • Versions are available across Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android devices
  • Unblock any video proxy and instead block annoying ads
  • All personal data remains secure with additional protection
  • Unhappy with NordVPN? Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

There are pros and cons of using a VPN in comparison to a YouTube mirroring service, but it ultimately depends on what you prefer.

Overview of Unblocking YouTube

Unfortunately, there is only so much that we can do to access YouTube when it has been blocked. A VPN solution has a high success rate but if it doesn’t help, here are some tips to try instead.

Online Web Proxies

Web proxies work in the same way as VPNs do except they only have an online presence. This means that you don’t have to install any software or set anything up. It’s a matter of copying and pasting a YouTube link into the box, waiting for your connection to encrypt, and enjoying any video that you want to.

A quick search and you’ll find that there are various basic and advanced web proxies on offer. Unless you plan on using your own proxy servers or you want to use a proxy from a specific city/country, a basic option will do just fine.

Reconfigure Your Router

Depending on your situation you may be in a position to change some of your router’s settings. You’ll usually find the router’s administrator login information on a sticker or card and on the back of the router itself. With this, you can sign in and explore the settings.

Whenever a new router arrives, most of us just plug it in and leave it be. Usually, this isn’t an issue, and your router will work just fine. But, if you don’t want to use TubeUnblock, then it’s worth making sure that there aren’t any misconfigured settings.

Note: if you have no idea what you’re doing then don’t attempt to change any of your router’s settings. Making changes unknowingly could result in having no internet connection at all, so be careful.

Switch ISP

In some countries, ISPs intentionally block specific websites so that they can charge customers more to access those websites. Fortunately, there are plenty of ISPs who realize that this is wrong, so it’s not as common a problem as it could be.

Do some research and if you find that it’s your ISP who is blocking YouTube, consider switching. By staying with these ISPs you might notice that they start blocking more websites too, so switch now!

To Conclude

Go ahead and prepare either TubeUnblock or NordVPN so that you can enjoy all of the latest YouTube content there is. Whether your employer, school, or government add a YouTube block, VPN tools like these can unblock YouTube just like that. Other options, like reconfiguring your router, will work too although this will require quite a bit of expertise. For the safest, most reliable, and fastest results possible, install a VPN.


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