How to Use Where’s My Droid App and What Are Its Best Alternatives

Where’s My Droid is a special app that can help you locate your lost Android phone easily. But, Where’s My Droid isn’t the only tool that can recover lost phones. With this article, we intend to reveal how to use Where’s My Droid and its best alternatives.

Losing your Android can be one of the worst nightmares these days. Your Android smartphone is a highly versatile device that consists of various personal information. Your bank details, social media profiles and a plethora of other personal information may be stored in your device. Losing the phone definitely incur an additional cost as you have to buy a new one. But, more than that, losing data stored in your phone can cause irreversible damage. When in wrong hands, your personal information can pose a serious threat to your identity too. That’s exactly why Android users start to panic a lot after losing their phone.

Introduction to Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is a very handy app that is developed by Alienman Technologies LLC. This particular app has gained considerable popularity over the recent past as a powerful Android phone finder. Where’s My Droid lets you track your lost or stolen Android phones using GPS tracking or through a message.

With the assistance of this tool, you can find your Android device if you misplace it. This app can increase the volume of the ringing volume enabling you to locate the phone. The option is activated through a message you send to the device. Apart from that, it can locate the phone with the assistance of the GPS system.

Features of Where’s My Droid

Here are some of the significant features associated with Where’s My Droid.

  • It can find your phone simply by ringing it at a high volume with a vibration
  • This app can utilize the GPS system to locate your phone
  • It gives you an alert with the real-time location if the battery is running out
  • It prevents information by utilizing a passcode protection system
  • You can add users to blacklists or whitelists and grant/restrict texting permission
  • You will get a notification upon changing the SIM card

Downloading Where’s My Droid and using it

You can find Where’s My Droid App on Google Play Store. Downloading and installing the app is a very simple process.

01. Lock the Android device

As soon as you realize that the Android device is stolen or missing, you should be sure to lock it. That is to assure the safety of your personal information stored on your phone. So, you should lock the device simply by sending the lock attention word and PIN number. The built-in lock attention word is WMD LOCK 1234. You can customize it to match your preference.

02. Start tracking the device

The best and most effective method to track your lost phone is to use GPS location. You can send a text to get the exact location. Just like the previous option, GPS location comes with a default term too. WMD GPS is its default GPS attention word. Now, you should click on the tab dedicated to location. Now, you can select accurate or quick location access buttons depending on the requirement. Be sure to check if the device is on the move (you can check it by updating the location).

03. Acquire your phone

You can now get a precise idea about the location of your phone. As you get closer to your phone, you will be able to use the ringer and hear it. But, if you are still not sure about it, you can make use of the camera and see the surrounding remotely.
If you get to know that the device is with someone, you shouldn’t approach the person alone. Instead, you should call the legal authorities and ask for help. If you suspect that your data is under threat, you should send WMD WIPE command. This process will erase the data completely.

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Alternatives to Where’s My Droid

As a matter of fact, Where’s My Droid is not the only phone locator available in the market. In fact, there are some better alternatives to Where’s My Droid in the context of features. In this section of our article, we reveal the best alternatives to Where’s My Droid.

mSpy – the best phone tracker alternative

mSpy is considered to be one of the best phone trackers & Samsung voice recorder available in the market due to various reasons. This specific tool comes with a large range of tools to keep a track on lost or stolen Androids. mSpy comprises a sophisticated technology that can track the real-time location of any Android device. As long as the device is switched on and connected to the internet, you should track it using mSpy is simple.

In addition to working as a lost phone tracker, this respective tool has various other abilities. This is a highly versatile monitoring system that can track all the activities takes place on the target device. You can call it a spy app too. For instance, you can use mSpy to track activities related to all the social media apps on the target device. Also, it can track down call logs, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat and other social media and messaging apps.

mspy - Where's My Droid App alternative

To provide a glimpse of this tool’s abilities, here’s a list of features.

Pros of mSpy

  • Simplified user-interface that can be used even by a novice user
  • You don’t need to root the device to install mSpy on the target device
  • Real-time updates on the web-based dashboard
  • Instant notification system to alert the details on the map and web

Cons of mSpy

  • It is not a free tool

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Family Locator – GPS Tracker

This is another impressive tool that comes as an alternative to Where’s My Droid app. You can use this tool to stay connected with all those who matter to you. The real-time GPS locator associated with this tool makes it an impressive option. One of the most notable aspects of Family Locator is that it is available for feature phones as well. That means you can use Family Locator to track non-smartphones too.

Family Locator - Where's My Droid App alternative

Already, a large number of users have tried this product and left excellent reviews. But, compared to mS, Family Locator GPS Tracker stay behind regarding features.

Here’s a list of features of Family Locator – GPS Tracker

  • It comes with a sophisticated alert feature to notify the arrivals and departures of circle members
  • Can track lost or stolen phones easily
  • It is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices used today
  • The excellent alert notification system that utilizes a GPS tracking method
  • It offers real-time location alert

Pros of Family Locator

  • Very accurate and reliable phone tracking system
  • It offers a free text service for all the circle members
  • They offer a 24 X 7 assistance

Cons of Family Locator

  • Some of the users complain about occasional errors in the notification system
  • Constant advertisements that hinder the user-friendliness of the tool

What is the best alternative to Where’s My Droid?

By far, the best alternative to Where’s My Droid is mSpy. We have observed various phone monitoring tools in the market, and mSpy stands ahead every one of them. The large range of features associated with mSpy makes it different from other tools.

If you use mSpy as a phone monitoring tool, you can experience a plethora of benefits. For instance, it comes with a stealth mode operation. The user of the target phone will not be able to notice that a spy app is being installed. Since you don’t have to root the Android device to install mSpy, you don’t compromise the target device’s safety.

Important Note:
It is true that you can use spy apps like mSpy to monitor the activities of someone’s device. However, as a responsible citizen, you mustn’t use such a tool to violate another individual’s privacy.


If you use a smartphone, you must be able to assure its safety all the time. You should use a strong password to prevent third-parties from accessing your phone. Be sure to have a phone tracker software like Where’s My Droid installed in your phone as a precaution. Also, be sure to perform timely updates on your OS and have a good antivirus app installed. If you are concerned about your data, avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots at shopping malls, restaurants, etc.