How to Transfer Files from HTC to a New Android Phone

If you find your HTC phone goes slow and inefficient, you may want to buy a new one, since science and technology have been developed at such a high speed. But what would you do with the data on your old phone? Are you going to abandon all the important contacts, messages, audios and videos? Not exactly, I think. You would probably manage to transfer data from HTC to your new Android phone.

Usually, you can connect both of your HTC & new Android phones to your computer and do data copy and paste between them. Well, it is easier said than done. I am afraid there are a lot of people who can not really do this properly, always with a matter of trial and error. That is why I suggest that you take a few minutes to read this article to make it clear and more efficient. People, in particular, with a host of data files on your old phone should pay your highest attention on data protection.

A professional HTC to Android data transfer tool is needed. I would like to recommend one to you hereinafter, the dr.fone – Phone Transfer. It is a multi-functional application providing various functions to help you with phone data management. You can transfer all the data of your choice from your old HTC phone to the newly purchased Android phone with dr.fone in just one click, data including messages, contacts, calendar, call logs, music files, videos, etc. The advantage of it is that you can save a lot of time and energy comparing to its counterpart. And it is reliable and on the safe side.

Download dr.fone & install it on the computer. Be careful when you are selecting the versions, for there are two different versions of Windows and Mac.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

After installing it, it is time to learn to transfer data from HTC Phone to New Android Phone now. It will be much easier if you follow these steps:

Step 1. Make Connection

Connect both the HTC & new Android phones with USB cables to your computer. As soon as you plug them in, the software will recognize them automatically and intelligently.


Step 2. Select Content to Transfer

Then you can see the primary window pop up and either of your phones will be “Source” and another “Destination”. Make sure the HTC one is made as the source. In the box, you need to choose what kind of data you want to transfer and check them to back them up at first.

HTC to new Android Data Transfer

Step 3. Start to Transfer Data from HTC to New Android Phone

In this point, you need just to click on “Start Transfer“, and it will begin to transfer the data that you chose from HTC to Android Phone. Meanwhile, you can see how it is going on through the Transfer Progress box, and you reserve the right to call it an end before it is do. Or after it finishes, click “OK” to get your confirmation. It is important that both phones are properly connected without any disconnection, or you may lose some of the data forever.

Sync data from htc to android phone

See, how convenient it is! You can now do it by yourself with your phones ready. Most Android phones can be supported with dr.fone – Phone Transfer, and just check it here.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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