[HTC to Sony Data Transfer]: How to Switch HTC Data to Sony Xperia

Just purchase the latest smartphone such as Sony Xperia XZs to replace your old HTC, and have no idea how to deal with all your app, SMS, music, videos, and photos in the HTC? Some kinds of data such as music files, videos, photos may be very simple to transfer: just connect both your HTC and Sony Xperia Phone to your computer, browse them and transfer, easy. However, some kinds of data such as your contacts, SMS, and apps, cannot be so easy to view because of their special file format, let alone transfer them.

The problem can be solved perfectly by dr.fone – Phone Transfer, a professional phone to phone data transfer tool developed by Wondershare. It can help you not only transfer music, videos and photos from old HTC to your new Sony Xperia smartphone, but also copy all apps, SMS, and contacts to it. Easy-to-use is another advantage of the program, its interface is user-friendly, and what you need are just some clicks.

No more words, let's see how to use dr.fone Phone Transfer to transfer your phone data between HTC and Sony. There are two ways for you to have a choice:

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Transfer data directly from HTC to Sony

Step 1: Download dr.fone from the Internet. If you are a Mac user, you should download the dr.fone Mac version of it. Install it on your computer, and then run it.


Step 2: Choose the selection one – Phone Transfer – by clicking the Switch button. And then connect HTC and Sony devices to your computer. Your devices will be recognized later.

Content transfer from HTC to Sony

Step 3: Now you will see two devices are appearing in the interface. Make sure HTC is on the left and Sony is on the right. In the middle, you can choose the kinds of data you want to transfer. Tick off them, and then click the Start Transfer button. And the files you were chosen will be copied from HTC to Sony later.

htc to Xperia Phone Data transfer

This ways are so simple, right? Just try this powerful HTC to Sony Xperia phone data transfer tool – dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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